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Solutions Discussed On The Fed Issue
« on: October 10, 2011, 10:38:57 am »
Chanting 'END THE FED" is NOT enough to get anything done.  As Tarpley very wisely pointed out WE THE PEOPLE have to have a 'war plan' going into this battle of who issues the currency.   That is ONLY ONE LEVEL OF THIS MATH PROBLEM.  The OTHER ISSUE that needs to be EXPOSED and the public needs REAL education on is the CAFR system.   The system of how WE THE PEOPLE 'manage the money.'

The CAFR system is an effective system to raise tax payer capitol that COULD BE USED to benefit the general welfare of any given community.  The 'general welfare' is NOT exclusive to i.e. food stamps, the general welfare most definitely means jobs, business, research, development... as well.

I am going to keep harping on the CAFR while in discussion with 'end the fed' topics, because currently NON ACCOUNTABLE third parties are in control of vast sums of public money UNDER STEALTH, ACTING AS GOVERNMENT.  If you understand that not even the fed can make any moves WITHOUT this SHADOW GOVERNMENT'S authorization behind the CAFR you then understand where the 'authority behind' banking and big NWO corporate systems really lies.   It's the people's responsibility to get a clue and a handle on this ability government currently has.

Non Violent Strategies for Nationalizing Federal Reserve System

Money Changes
October 10, 2011
The proper way to begin this is to honor the sacrifice of time, energy, jail, and risk of physical harm that protesters on Wall Street have made. Their sacrifice and commitment has opened doors and been a catalyst to move people to action in this country and now all around the world. Successful financial and banking reform depends on those protests continuing just as they are on Wall Street and expanding slightly to encompassing the New York FED.
There are many differing viewpoints about what kind of banking and monetary system ought to replace the existing failed system. Protest strategies to get there in many ways depend on what kind of vision of reform one has. The ideal next step is to place universally accepted demands from the 99% on the table which prompt action and change. But there is a legitimate fear of being specific about reform plans and creating a divided movement. As well there is fear among conservatives that the movement is controlled by liberals. All of those concerns may be valid, but equally true is that these protests can go in any direction right now. The Occupy protests may be the best and only window of opportunity to institute a change to practices of the 1% who control the international banks and the Federal Reserve System.
The Occupy movement does not need detractors or critics so much as it needs leadership and simple plans which remains true to the 99% principles and unites liberals, conservatives, and independents while adding momentum for change rather than subtracting. Part of the basic non-violent principles of change are to be the change you want to make and to withdraw one’s personal energy from the problem they wish to solve. With all that being said there are some concrete things that people all around the country can do to support the Occupy Protests and have a positive effect.

Call for the liquidation and dismantlement of the New York FED which has been the biggest enabler of Wall Street greed and theft. Include calling on the President to do so by executive power and military force.
2. Demand Cities, Counties, States, and Union Pension funds withdraw their over 1 trillion of deposits from Wall Street and New York mega banks. Since many protests are being made at state capitals or city halls this is a demand that local government officials have the power to remedy and they can do so immediately.

3. Pressure the local Federal Reserve Districts to support the dismantlement of the New York FED and for all other Federal Reserve Districts to become a part of the US Treasury under US government control. As many protests are at small local Fed Branches with no allegiance to big banks, wouldn’t it be an effective use of the protest to at least try getting them on board with the protest movement?
It is important for people to realize that there are many bankers and officials in the various smaller Federal Reserve Districts who would agree with all three of these points and who do support the protests. They can use a protest of their Fed Branch as an opportunity to show their support. It could not be discounted that some of the small Fed District boards might vote to succeed from the Parent FED in order to be part of the US Treasury.
Instead of the 99% continually being undermined by the rules of divide and conquer it is about time that those same principles be used on the 1%. Target the big New York banks and Wall Street and at the same time make alliances with small Fed Districts and their independent and community banks who are competitors and want to see the abuse by the monopoly Banking cartel in New York come to an end.

Of course more reform is going to be needed beyond this but sometimes in war you have to neutralize the common enemy first and then the victors will have the power to determine the reforms. This plan ends the National FED and eliminates the powerful New York FED who with the power of its member banks is true controller of the whole Federal Reserve System. Additionally, it allows the banking system as a whole to stay functional and absorb the financial shocks during the shut down of the New York FED and the transition of central banking powers to Federal government. In addition to uniting most of the 99% it would unite and bring support from the 99% of bankers who are small, local, and independent.

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