Author Topic: Beyonce Brings Black Panther Chic, Black Lives Matter Message to Super Bowl Half  (Read 3769 times)

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Heard on Alex show today while driving, so I did see who it was but he sounded familiar; he was ranting about the Beyoncé playing the part of the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Now I understand and know that the Black Lives Matter Movement has been co opted by George Soros and it's ultimate goal is not good. However his defense of the police and the shooting of innocent people was applauding.  Now he used his best example to glorify his position, Michael Brown, making unfounded accusations that he was a strong arm thug and caused the police to shoot him!
Michael Brown was kill without a trail, jury or judge by a police officer acting outside of any legal position, except that granted to him by people like this person reasoning.
I have heard all the rhetoric and accusations and the truth is the officer at best was seeking Mr. Brown to comply to his orders, regardless if it was lawful or not, non compliance to a lawful order is merely a class B misnomer, and the last time I looked it was not punishable by immediate execution. 
See Michael Brown will always be innocent because he was never found guilty.
The ranting of people like this is sickening and needs to be called out because he was wrong wrong wrong.
I wish I could have dialoged with him on air I would have ripped him a new one. 

Comply or Die is NOT the Law!
What do you under-stand?