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Washington • The Occupy Wall Street protests that are spreading to cities throughout the nation, including Salt Lake, may be peaceful now, but Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, expects them to turn violent soon.

"They’re alarming, and I’ll tell you we are going to get more of it. We are going to have riots in this country because of what these people are doing," Hatch told Utah reporters on Thursday.

He said the protesters are egged on by President Barack Obama’s populist push for his jobs bill and union leaders like James Hoffa, who said this about tea party Republicans at an Obama rally last month: "President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong."

Hatch also took umbrage with Obama for saying at his Thursday press conference that unless Congress takes action on a jobs program, "the American people will run them out of town."

Hatch said he thought the comment was unnecessarily inflammatory, creating a politically unstable situation when Congress is forced to reduce spending and therefore cut back on government programs some people now rely on.

"They are going to get people very angry and sooner or later people who basically are dependent upon the federal government and are about to be cut back, yeah, you are going to have lots of problems," he said.

Union leaders and students have bolstered the three-week-old Occupy movement that has hundreds camped out near Wall Street in New York, complaining about corporate greed and a political system bought with campaign contributions.

A group calling itself Occupy SLC organized a march of about 200 people from the Capitol to Pioneer Park, where participants plan to create a base camp. The group also began staging protests in front of corporate offices around town — stopping in front of Chase Bank at one point, chanting "Shame on Chase." Its leaders have promised to protest peacefully and uphold the law.

William Rutledge, a 30-year-old Iraq War veteran and spokesman for Occupy SLC, called Hatch’s statements "nothing more than fear and speculation."

"One of the first things we agree upon as a group is that we’ll be legal, peaceful and nonviolent," Rutledge said. "If our cause turns violent we’d lose all credibility."

However, Rutledge was cheered by the fact that Hatch was taking notice.

"It means we are starting to attain our goals in being recognized by our political leaders," Rutledge said.

Obama also addressed the Occupy protests on Thursday, saying they are an expression of the frustration American people have that Wall Street leaders who contributed to the financial crisis are now fighting regulations meant to ward off a repeat of the 2008 collapse.

"I think people are frustrated and, you know, the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works," he said.

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Re: Orrin Hatch says Occupy Wall Street rallies will turn to ‘riots’
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  Makes me glad I don't live in a big city.

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Re: Orrin Hatch says Occupy Wall Street rallies will turn to ‘riots’
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  Makes me glad I don't live in a big city.

Me too Larson, but remember we will not be exempt. May last a little longer thats all.
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 Hi Larson. december said it, the inner citys will be in chaos, the small suburban areas will be a piece of cake for the takeover.
 This brings up a memory of an old acquantence, a guy who was born to the Mafia in Italy, but who got out though he was to be an inheritor of power.
  He said it like this, keep in the open and wiggle whatever flag they have, be it Mussolini, the Nazis or whatever other physcos gets in power. The mafia did it, and the majoirty of survivors. In the day that is, at night the scenes changed.
  Nam, they did it. Carried ID's, worked, were in the open, in the day..If, the shiiiit hits the fan, survive.
PS. Out of chaos comes order, so they say, well they are providing plenty of chaos, and they have their methods of ORDER.

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This has op written all over it - especially considering this Occupy group is just a couple hundred people. It follows the "mainstream opinion" in local media that they're all just a bunch of leeches and druggies -- opinion based on nothing of course.

Police investigate hundreds of syringes found near NAC and Occupy Ottawa

The protesters found more than 400 syringes in the area surrounding the park starting at around 1:30 a.m., said Mitchell Broughton, who’s part of Occupy Ottawa. The syringes were all found outside the area where the protesters are camping, he said, including the fences around the park, the sidewalk along Laurier Avenue and some gardens and flower beds.

The group, which is currently camped in the park to protest against what they say are global economic inequalities, said they had nothing to do with the syringes being placed there and believe they were planted there in an attempt to discredit the movement. The group said in a release the syringes were “scattered in a systematic way” and that they don’t allow the use of drugs and alcohol on the site.
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    Ive seen first hand provacatures g 20 in toronto. They use them and the will plant stuff.
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Since this started I see that this is Problem-Reaction-Solution, they laid all these scenarios out in that Lock-Step Hack-Attack pdf. This is all part of the plan, to use the sheeple against eachother, to cover up the real issues and criminalize non-violent dissent. Forming a human chain is now considered violence. Netting and Pepper spraying innocent people is now OK. What next? Highway cavity searches for everyone?

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PORTLAND, Ore. –  Portland police believe that some protesters inside the Occupy Portland encampments are building shields and makeshift weapons -- including nails hammered into wood -- in preparation for when authorities attempt to clear the parks this weekend, police said Friday.
Occupy Portland organizers have repeatedly said the movement is nonviolent and have appealed to demonstrators to resist peacefully when the camps close at midnight on Saturday. They planned public marches and a potluck dinner before the deadline and hoped the public would take part.
But police said as many as 150 anarchists may come to Portland to take part in a possible clash with officers.

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Here is some a short video on what is going on with Occupy LA

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They pulled out the Lrad's last night.

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