Author Topic: Rick Perry: Send US Troops to Mexico to Eliminate Cartels Competing Against CIA  (Read 2193 times)

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Rick Perry says U.S. troops may needed in Mexico to fight war against drug cartels

By Associated Press
Last updated at 6:24 AM on 2nd October 2011

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has said that he is open to sending American troops to Mexico to help battle drug cartels.

Mr Perry, the Texas governor, likened the situation to Colombia, where the government accepted American military support in battling drug trafficking.

Mexico's government, however, has been opposed to foreign forces in its territory.

Thumbs up: Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, pictured
at an economic forum in Hampton, New Hampshire on Saturday,
has said the U.S. military could be sent to Mexico to battle drug

Mr Perry said the current violence may require similar military action.

'The way that we were able to stop the drug cartels in Colombia was with a coordinated effort,' Mr Perry said.

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 Thats it, send them weapons (fast and furious) then send in the troops.
 This freak is to Fn much...people actualy listen to this guy?