Author Topic: Perry Imploding: Cancels genuine TX Straw Poll, stages fake one w/Dick Morris  (Read 2587 times)

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This is just off the charts insane...

Remember how Governor Rick Perry cancelled the annual Texas straw poll because he knew he would lose? Well he staged a fake straw poll which only he knew about at a family ranch barbecue fundraiser. They even hired political hack and total DICK...Dick Morris. Evidence follows, try not to piss your pants...

5 Days Ago...

Texas Straw Poll Canceled to Avoid a Perry Embarassment?
By Eric Lucian Managing Editor September 20, 2011

The Texas GOP has decided to cancel the Lone-Star State’s presidential straw poll.  The GOP’s stated reason for this decision, reports the Washington Post, is “a lack of interest” in the straw poll:

First former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said he would skip all Republican Presidential straw polls, and now the Texas Republican Party says it won’t hold a straw poll — thanks to a lack of interest expressed by the candidates. The state party, headed by Houston attorney Steve Munisteri, announced Thursday that its canvass of announced presidential nomination campaigners found little interest in the Texas poll or for that matter, much interest in a much-ballyhooed Florida straw poll scheduled for later this year. The Texas party said the “lack of participants would severely hamper the party’s ability to ensure attendance and make it impossible to safeguard against a financial loss on the event.” The Texans said other factors in their decision included “recent press reports that Florida was not receiving as much interest in its fifth presidential straw poll as expected and an announcement from the Romney campaign that they would not be participating in straw polls.

If the state GOP’s story sounds a little weird, you might be right.  Florida’s straw poll may not be getting a lot of attention, but Florida doesn’t have two top tier candidates in the race.  When you consider the flurry of media attention that has surrounded Texas Governor Rick Perry since the moment he threw his hat into the ring, and the growing momentum of the Ron Paul campaign as the Texas Congressman rises in the polls, usurping Bachman’s top tier status, the Texas Straw Poll has the making of the most compelling straw poll media story outside of Iowa.

Of course, that’s the problem.

When it comes down to it, there’s no guarantee that Perry could win his home state against the popular Texas Congressman in such a straw poll.   Perry popularity in his home state has taken over the scandal, “Gardasil Gate,” which is now garnering national media scrutiny.  Governor Perry issued an executive order that sought to mandate vaccinations against HPV, a sexually-transmitted disease, for all twelve-year-old girls in the state of Texas.   ABC reports that charges of political “cronyism” have also emerged from this scandal, as it turns out that Merck, the manufacturer of the vaccine, hired Perry’s Chief of Staff, Mike Toomey, as a lobbyist and donated close to $30,000 to Perry’s re-election campaign prior to his issuance of the executive order.

The firestorm in Texas created by “Gardasil Gate” has made the Governor increasingly unpopular in his home state.  Meanwhile Congressman Ron Paul, who has been elected to his Texas Congressional seat 12 times, has maintained a large and enthusiastic base of support.  A presidential survey of voters in Texas, conducted last month by the Azimuth Research Group, confirms this disparity between the two Texas candidates, finding that Texans would be more likely to vote for Congressman Paul over Governor Perry by a margin of 22% to 17%.

As Ron Paul comes off of his landslide victory this weekend in the California State Straw Poll (Paul 44.9%, Perry 29.3%), all signs pointed to a Paul victory in the Texas State Straw Poll.  Unfortunately for Paul, his a thirty year history of bucking the GOP establishment means that the establishment is no fan of the Congressman.  When faced with the likely upset an embarrassing defeat for Perry in his home state, does it seem more likely that the Texas GOP pulled to plug on its straw poll because of “lack or interest,” or because of an increasingly likely Ron Paul victory?

6 Days Ago...
Ron Paul Cheated Out of Texas Straw Poll Win?                    
Congressman would have defeated Governor Perry in his own state
Paul Joseph Watson Monday, September 19, 2011

Ron Paul is riding high again after his California Straw Poll victory yesterday, but some Paul supporters are questioning why the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled for “lack of interest,” and whether it was actually killed because the Congressman would have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Governor Rick Perry in his own state.

According to a June 16 Washington Times report, the Texas GOP decided to cancel the straw poll, which was held on September 1 last year, because of a “lack of interest expressed by the candidates,” and due to fears that the event would not recoup the financial outlay needed to stage it. The claim that the poll was cancelled due to “lack of interest” doesn’t correlate with the firestorm of media attention generated by Rick Perry’s announcement of his candidacy, as well as the building momentum of the Paul campaign, which went supernova after the media hoax of attempting to pretend the Congressman doesn’t exist spectacularly imploded last month.

There seems little doubt that Ron Paul would have defeated Rick Perry in the Texas Straw Poll, sending out the embarrassing message that those who know Perry’s record best, lone star state voters, have no trust in his leadership. This would have been a massive blow to the perception of Perry’s electability nationwide. A presidential survey of voters in both candidate’s home state conducted by the Azimuth Research Group last month found that Texans would be more likely to vote for Congressman Paul over Governor Perry by a margin of 22% to 17%. Indeed, Paul has made it a focus of his campaign, including an expensive TV commercial, to bring attention to what the Perry campaign fears the most, his outing as a globalist RINO (Republican In Name Only).

A Texas Straw Poll win for Paul would have thrown fresh spotlight on Perry’s history as a campaign manager for Al Gore, and his legacy of big government policies such as his support for the Trans Texas Corridor, toll roads owned by foreign companies, and his 1993 advocacy of Hillarycare. It would not be the first time a straw poll was cancelled by establishment Republicans in order to neutralize a winning platform for Ron Paul’s campaign. The 2007 San Francisco straw poll was cancelled due to there being “too many Ron Paul supporters”. The Colorado straw poll was also cancelled that year, with the Adams County GOP citing the exact same reason. The establishment media has openly attempted to unfairly marginalize Ron Paul’s campaign this year. Following a September 12 Republican debate in Cincinnati, a straw poll found Ron Paul to be the winner. However, CNN refused to release the results of the poll and instead published an online poll, omitting Ron Paul from the list of candidates.


Texas Gov. Perry wins a fake straw poll which he created with the help of Dick Morris

MURFREESBORO — The plurality of local Republicans participating in a presidential straw poll Saturday night favored Texas Gov. Rick Perry by 29.4 percent to be the next president.

Perry had 96 votes from those attending GOP state Rep. Joe Carr's annual T-Bones & Politics fund raising event at the Messick family farm in the Lascassas community northeast of Murfreesboro.
[NOTE: You cannot make this shit up, that is the actual name. Rick Perry wins a fake straw poll with less than 100 votes at a family farm cookout/fundraiser in the nation's political and business fountainhead (a.k.a. Mufreesboro...actually, Northeast of there).]

An estimated 600 attended the event that included keynote speaker Dick Morris, a conservative commentator on Fox News, and many also participated in the GOP presidential straw poll that was tabulated by Murfreesboro certified public accountant Jon Jaques. Businessman Herman Cain and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts tied for second with 68 votes each, which was 20.9 percent each out of 326 ballots. Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was fourth with 32 votes, which was 9.8 percent. U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was fifth with 24 votes, which was 7.4 percent. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas was sixth with 21 votes, which was 6.4 percent. Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania was seventh with 13 votes, which was about 4 percent. Former Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah had three votes, which was just under 1 percent. One other vote was listed as uncertain.

Lascassas resident Jim Sandman said he cast his straw poll for Paul. "I support Ron Paul like I did four years ago," Sandman said. "He is the strictest constitutionalist. He is courageous enough to support the limited government of the Constitution." Bell Buckle resident Malinda Tuggle said she reluctantly voted for Gingrich, but she's not sure who she likes to be the Republican nominee for president. "I want someone who is going to shrink the size of government," Tuggle said. "I want to see the tax base shrink. I'm an advocate for a consumption tax instead of an income tax." While Carr's straw poll showed Perry as the favorite, one in Orlando, Fla., had Cain on top with 37 percent of around 3,500 votes while Perry had 15 percent and Romney came up with 14 percent. Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney told the audience at Carr's event that the GOP expects to defeat Democratic President Barack Obama in 2012. "We're going to elect a Republican next year and bring back integrity to the White House," Devaney said. Morris, the hired keynote speaker, also said he expects Obama to lose because the president decided his ideological agenda was more important than helping an American economy recover from a recession.

Obama's policies are ruining the American economy, Morris said. Banks are sitting on $1 trillion because they're afraid to loan it out, and businesses are sitting on around $900 billion because they're afraid to invest it because of Obama's policies, Morris said. "It's all because of their sense of terror," Morris said. Manufacturers in particular are worried about environmental regulations that make it harder for them to use the energy needed to produce their products, Morris said. The health care industry has gone from adding jobs to losing 30,000 jobs in the latest monthly report because of uncertainty about what insurance will cover in response to Obama's health-care law that passed thanks to the president having his 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to break any Republican filibuster. "An entire industry is frozen," Morris said. One major issue the country and world faces is debt, including $160 trillion throughout the earth. Governments account for $40 trillion of that, and the America's government has $14.5 trillion, Morris said. America's debt went from $7 trillion when Bill Clinton was president to $10 trillion under George W. Bush. Morris said Bush's debt went to fight the war on terrorism and respond to Hurricane Katrina and other emergencies. The debt under Obama has mostly paid for his agenda, Morris said. By the time Obama finishes his term, the country's debt will grow by $6.5 trillion, Morris said. "Because of what he has done, we are drowning in debt," Morris said. "He has made us vulnerable." Morris said it will take a Republican president providing good leadership to get the country in better position with the debt by 2015 or 2016.
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 Perry is the icon of narcisism, egomania, superiority, and naturally it goes to follow a MSM wanabee, all the sociopathic quality's are in line. If he had a brain he would truly be a danger.
  No wonder the elites and their MSM focus on him.
SUM: D.P quote:We have come too far and sacrificed too much to simply walk away and allow the dark forces of oppression,, PRO WAR.. Come on that alone sums up this freaks loyaltys.