Author Topic: TSA crimes and other NWO insanity  (Read 11787 times)

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TSA crimes and other NWO insanity
« on: September 24, 2011, 08:23:23 am »

TSA Criminals Caught Stealing Cash, Arrested for Assault

TSA Agent Caught With Passenger’s iPad in His Pants

TSA agents, cops arrested for drug trafficking

TSA Agent Poses As Cop To Harass Woman

10,000 Child Porn Images Found On Ex-TSA Worker’s Computer

Big Sis Photocopies Credit Cards, Confiscates Christmas Calendars

TSA morons conduct bomb drill in Minnesota airport, but don’t tell police

Airport Worker Caught Ogling Image of Woman on Naked Body Scanner

TSA Abuses: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Blogging About TSA ‘Rape’

Fourth Amendment Trashed As Airport Tyranny Hits The Streets

TSA screener accused of stealing from handicapped woman at Newark Airport

Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation

Baby sent though airport X-ray machine


TSA Workers Admit To Stealing Huge Amounts Of Cash From Passengers

TSA Admits Lying About Naked Boy Controversy

Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images

TSA Admits ‘Bad Judgment’ After Disabled Man Subjected to Airport Pat-Down

TSA Admits Placing Cocaine In Woman’s Luggage

TSA Letter Confirms Naked Body Scanners Transmit Images

The TSA Follies

The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case

Quote from:  "The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case" Article
5. TSA admitted knowledge of the threat while the flight was over Canada/Atlantic Ocean. No measures were taken to notify the pilot or to divert the flight for an emergency landing elsewhere.


Mom Arrested After Refusing TSA Molestation of Daughter

TSA Lied to Lawmakers: Still Conducting Pat Downs on Children

TSA Incident Proves Authorities Are Engaged In Monumental Body Scanner Cover-Up

Man Harassed By TSA Over Urostomy Bag Targeted Again

‘Sorry, ma’am, but your hair might contain explosives’: Now TSA agents demand to search woman’s afro

Another TSA Employee Accused of Rape

TSA Lies Again Over Capture, Storage Of Body Scanner Images

TSA Now Forcing Opt-Outs To Walk Through Body Scanners

CFR’s Foreign Policy: Homeland Security Hasn’t Made Us Safer

70% in NBC New York poll ‘furious’ at arrival of airport body scanners

TSA needs false flag security incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs

Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Car, Subway, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane

Ron Paul Unleashes On TSA: “Enough Is Enough”

Watchdog Probes DHS Spying on Drudge

TSA Hit With Lawsuits As Revolt Explodes

Heathrow Denial Of Naked Scanner Controversy Doesn’t Add Up

Naked Body Scanners: Monumental Cover Up Exposed

Full-body scanners used on air passengers may damage human DNA

Airport screeners plan to shift tactics, focusing less on scissors and more on passenger behavior

Idaho Leads State Revolt Against Naked Body Scanners

Get Naked to Defeat Terrorists

Which Travelers Have 'Hostile Intent'?

Security Fear Peaks: Babies Caught Up in 'No-Fly' Confusion

New Behavioral Profiling Techniques, TSA Training Help Target Suspicious Subway Passengers

Yet Another Invasive, Demeaning and Unnecessary Search: TSA body search upsets local woman

Body Scanners Increase Privacy, Says Corporate Media

NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums

Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports


Terrorist Who Trained London Bombers Was Working For US Government

Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

Americans Have No Rights

Quote from: The "Americans Have No Rights" article
“The administration admits to targeting “dozens” of other Americans for death.”

USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil

PrisonPlanet Forum:


TSA Chief John Pistole is a bona fide lying sack of shit, faces felony charges

TSA vs. passenger tussle caught on tape, now focus of lawsuit

DHS Caught Trolling WeWon’tFly Blog - WEBSITE DOWN - TOO MUCH TRAFFIC!

TSA Illegally Confiscates Pregnant Woman’s Insulin As “Explosives Risk”

Baywatch Babe and Ron Paul supporter Donna D'Errico single out by TSA.

Gulf Activists Harassed By TSA Agents Who Claim Filming Is Illegal


TSA Germ ALERT: Doctors warn of TSA spreading disease from person to person

Umm more TSA - Child strip search in line, wtf? - Video

WTF is going on at the SLC airport? Pants around the knees, TSA? Really?

TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint (VIDEO)

TSA Employee Arrested Stealing100 Items Out of Luggage Putting them on Ebay

TSA has gone 100% insane!! TSA chief John Pistole needs to be fired ASAP!!!

TSA agent steals $200K worth of gear, resells it on eBay

General Electric uses Al-Qaeda to market their Nazi X-Ray Scan Machines!


TSA Admits: "Our job is to destroy the American way of life one child at a time"

TSA admits to missing radiation issues for entire history of scanners

TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body-Scanner Radiation Tests

TSA Admits to Keeping ‘Enhanced Screening’ Plans Secret

TSA Officer Arrogantly Admits Plot to Post Porn on Christian Site


TSA Threatens: "Body scan boycott may short circuit our treasonous cyberslavery"

TSA Agents Must Read This Shit, Your Masters Are Systematically Killing You!

TSA Porno Scanners – the Height of U.S. Paranoia?

TSA want to poke their fingers up girls' vaginas so they claim "surgical bombs"

Ron Paul on ‘Opt-Out':‘If we tolerate’ the TSA, ‘there’s something wrong with us

TSA exempt from it's own rules

Paying To Be Raped - By Sibel Edmonds


DHS puppet admits 9/11 was an inside job by excluding muslims from pat downs
NYTimes admits back doors and kill switches (via PROMIS) in military hardware

CNBC admits they conspired to ruin the presidential election

Video: WOW...GOTTA SEE THIS!! BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

Youtube Admits Video Count updates "frozen"

Cop admits he lied 100's of times to jail people for crimes they didn't commit

Wired Magazine admits to lying - Manning chat logs don't actually name Assange.

BREAKING NEWS: UN Admits Chemtrails - Geoengineering Moratorium Agreed

Facebook CEO Admits To Calling Users 'Dumb F***s'


Doctor admits euthanizing patients during Katrina

CNN finally admits that Obama's real name is Soetoro LIVE!

"Sometimes we do it to ourselves" NIST bluntly admits cyber false flags!
"Defense of Democracies" admits they are planning a new 9/11 attack!!!!

Head of CDC admits vaccine Autism link!!!

Gates admits concerns on US assassins in S. Asia

Sarah Palin admits to across to Canada for advantages of Canadian Healthcare !

Osama Bin Laden DENIED responsibility for 9/11 CIA now admits!

David Rockefeller Admits to Endorsing Population Reduction of Poor on Film

Germany admits Clandestine Chemtrails Operations

Government Admits Chemtrails Are Real (From UK Guardian)

TOP GOP Congressman admits they will not repeal Obamacare

DHS Secetary Napalitano admits: IT WAS A FAILED FALSE FLAG!

IPCC officials admit mistake over melting Himalayan glaciers

Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines

FBI admits, Obama probably NOT born in the United States of America!!!!!!!

Italian ministers admits Illuminati exists, and created the EU.

Meteorologist admits government sprays chemtrails in the air!

Fmr. Pak Pres Musharraf gets Jon Stewart to admit 9/11 was an inside job by CIA

Wikipedia Admin admits working for Homeland Security

US Gov't admits: "We tortured and we filmed it!"

China Admits to Weather Modification at Olympics

China admits to taking U.S. POW from Korea-McCain silent


FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7

MP3: Kenyan Ambassador Plainly Admits Obama was Born in Kenya !!

NAFTA Superhighway admitted in the Winnipeg Free Press

Assassins murder anti-Safeway Amendment Federal Judge at a Safeway Store

Al Gore Begins to Eat His Foot-Shocking!

Libyan Rebel Leader: "I am Al-Qaeda you stupid f**king Americans!"

Re: Can anyone link me the de-classified chemtrail documents?

Kissinger's Al-Qaeda terrorists squashed attempting a bloody coup in Syria

It's a confirmed fact-WTC melted steel-Gov is Lieing!!

Leading H1N1 Vax promoter knows little on how vax affects Immune system.

NATO says they burned babies alive in Libya because of a computer error

"Hey mommy, look I am in a staged Jay Rockefeller funded protest."

NATO kills more rebel forces in Libya than Gaddafi ever could

Cop does his job, tells the truth, gets busted!

Fox News Caught Using Neurolinguistic Programming.[MUST SEEEEE!]
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Re: TSA crimes and other NWO insanity
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2011, 09:29:49 am »
Great job! That is quite a list of the crimes committed by the TSA.
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Re: TSA crimes and other NWO insanity
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2011, 09:43:41 am »
Excellent job!!  Thanks for posting all this!!   

TSA = Terrorist Siege Americans
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