Author Topic: Watch what you say, could ruin your life like me!  (Read 2887 times)

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Watch what you say, could ruin your life like me!
« on: September 14, 2013, 01:22:27 am »
I was charged 5 years ago with terroristic threats for arguing with the mother of my children when I was 21 years old, not a physical argument, anyways my public defender talked me into giving the case over to the judge an let him decide. Big mistake obviously because I was subsequently sentenced to a year in prison did ten months while my one child at the time an his mother struggled without me, the girl I've been with since I was 13. Anyways its 5 years later and I was sitting in jail for child support, me an my ol lady have our own places, less fighting that way but we're together everyday just the same, anyways my kids lived with me full time went to school from my home in my town, I'm not on any assistance, so I was shocked to go do the 60 days while my kids bounced around my family taking care of them for me because we figured it best my son stayed in same school. So I'm sitting in jail pist cuz judge an DA don't give a shit that my kids lived with me that I actually the one raising them when I get the news that the cops went to my grandparents house and took around 15 guns locked in a cabinet in one of their garages, said they had a report of stolen guns, grandparents being law abiding an fearful of police gave them to em, came back none were stolen but what did that matter I'm now charged with violent felon in possession of firearm max 15 years but has a mandatory minimum of 60 months sit 40, 2nd charge of felon in possession of assault weapon gross misdemeanor max year in MN, I don't feel like a criminal I don't steal or take advantage of anybody, but here I am out on bond facing at least 40 months, wondering whats gonna happen to my children without me for over 3 years at least...sorry to bitch just so sicka going to jails thats full of people and not one belongs there, literally 99% of people I've been in jail with over the years are in no way a threat to public safety, I got my own kids to raise an responsibilities I don't bother nobody and I don't give a shit what anybody does as long as it dosen't negatively affect me, or the people around me extending to my whole community. So like everybody here already knows, watch your every move cuz big brother is and he's waiting to strike for any and everything.
I'm so pist words can't justify how I feel.

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Re: Watch what you say, could ruin your life like me!
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2013, 08:32:30 am »
My hopes and prayers are with you ..... know its not much but its what I can give at this time ...