Author Topic: Problem reaction solution in full swing to kill net. Flash Mob Events/ Facebook  (Read 3504 times)

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Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly was charged with disorderly conduct in Strongsville, Ohio, Saturday night after he attended a shopping center flash mob he had organized via social media, The Plain Dealer reported.

Check out this madness. This is the problem stage we will enter the reaction stage soon:    

Fox "News" runs with it:  

The solution will be an end to anonymity on the net. They will set up an internet ID to get on net. Biometrics would be my guess. Also this fits right in with the government requiring internet companies to save users use for a year. Also this type of madness would be used to justify the kill switch and internet 2. 

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Thanks for posting this Sailor!  These 'flash mobs' will get worse and worse in our country. Because of it we will have much tighter control of internet, cell phones, etc. and much more of our freedoms repressed--just what they want!!

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New rooms:

CYBERTERRORISM - Admitted to be 100% controlled by CIA/FBI/NRO/NSA/NCS

The FBI have admitted that all cybercrime is committed by them or another agency in order to control any possible future cyberterrorists that may blossom. They continually recruit anyone who shows an interest in cyberterrorism by paying them large sums of taxpayer money and telling them to recruit their friends. The Pentagon regularly runs classes for children to teach them how to hack into neighbors' bank accounts and security systems. They then recruit the children that show promise for future covert operations. Since the 1970's, RAND Corporation has been working on these operations for total surveillance and domination over the individual by enacting progressively more catastrophic cyber terrorism. After every attack, RAND recommends more network centric systems with less humans. This of course allows for PTECH style systems to create more catastrophic attacks. The PTECH/Cyberterror that occured on 9/11/2001 as revealed by declassified FAA and MITRE documentation (along with the testimony of Indira Singh who exposed these remote command and control systems) prove that PTECH and MITRE had some of the most powerful control over the events of 9/11/2001. This includes running all of the military drills which gave cover for the events while causing cascading stand down orders throughout NORAD. But the cyberterrorism agenda by Bilderberg/Pentagon is not limited to spectacular events like 9/11/2001, they also include the building of massive data wharehouses of profiling information on all citicens and all foreigners. The Pentagon regularly steals millions of records from Sony, Target, Bank of America, Defense Contractors, all the social networks, all healthcare data, basically all of the sectors of society. William Lynn III has admitted to this full spectrum control of all data systems and the only reason they call it a 'hack' is to avoid treasonous violations of the the first, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eigth amendments in the US Constitution. By the Pentagon stealing the information (which is given to Bilderberg Eurocrats), they can claim it was a hack (no non-FBI/Secret Service controlled hacker targets the middle class) and that the information is now public knowledge because it was purposefully leaked. They also use this information in elaborate extortion operations to neutralize potential 'turds in the punchbowl'. In fact, IBM/RAND/CSIS brag about building predictive systems which will autonomously silence potential whistleblowers who compromise their plans for destroying the United States of America. They actually brag about it. This is how IBM/RAND are building their 'Alphaville' control grid which IBM/CISCO have written white papers about. Basically...War is a Racket and Cyberterrorism is a Racket. The most treasonous corporations involved (the top people from them, not the majority of the workers who are compartmentalized) are Kissinger's CSIS, RAND, MITRE, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, Kroll, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems. Just reading Brzezinski's 'Between Two Ages' gives a person a good understanding of this Trilateral Terrorist agenda.
RAND Corporation 'Smart Mob' events to destabilize the United States of America

Hey kids...want to help Rothschild and Rockefeller families turn the US and Europe into a horror movie like KISSINGER/CSIS/SAIC/MITRE/RAND did to Egypt (a country of 80 million)? Well just get yourself microchipped with a cool cybernetic tattoo and give all your personal records to Goldman Sach's owned 'Facebook.' You can also utilize Twitter which gives you direct access to the White House because Obama's new communications czar is actually the CEO of Twitter (I shit you not). And you do not have to worry about acting inappropriately when engaging in these RAND 'Smart Mobs' because Cass Sunstein (Obama's science czar) has installed behavioral modification systems for you to be nudged into acting the way Rothschild needs you to act. Also, do not worry who is giving you your orders because the $2 Million Pentagon/CIA laptops will keep all the info secure for Raytheon's William Lynn III (Undersecretary of Defense) in his Cyber Bunker Death Star that you helped pay for. And if you are wondering why you have this urge to rebel, just remember that Undersecretary of Homeland Security, Jane Holl Lute (Former director of UN's millions of exploited women and know, the ones that the movie 'Whistleblower' exposed and the ones that Jane Holl Lute has continued to deny any quarter to) has demanded that all 7-9 year olds be controlled by her operations so that their 'World View and sense of Entitlement' can be formed to meet the needs of the Bilderberg Elite. Also, the offshore banksters have made it impossible for you to get jobs while they continue to raise the prices of food and shelter. Let's not forget CIA/Evergreen/Air America spraying the sky with Barium which is used to drive populations completely insane. Yes we all can join in the New World Order Red Team/Joker architected controlled opposition to scare the shit out of the middle class until they demand a complete military controlled society as Egypt is turning into. And just like all patsy revolutionaries, we will be summarily extinguished because the last thing the globalists want is a true revolution when they have been working so long at destroying the true American Revolution for so many decades. Why so serious?
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately