Author Topic: Rothschild has funded various patsy 'White Extremist' groups in Scandinavia for false flag preperations  (Read 4648 times)

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I have a theory that breivik is just the first of many to see of "white-extremist" in Scandinavia. I my self am danish and i have read a report made by a group of in-dependend journalists called retox ( contact page if interested) about a danish organisation called ORG which is know known for wanting a non-multi cultured society in "the north" as they describe it. their membership list varies from business men and police officials to soccer hooligans and militant Nazis.
They mostly seen in demonstrations against Muslims and leftwingers.
I don't have the bigger picture regarding the relationship in the Scandinavian countries between all the different groups, but I am sure that retox might be willing to make an English version of their report so you at least will get a look into what this particular group does in Denmark and also if you might want some extra information they will most definitely have some answers.