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The Secret Sciences- Secrets From Deep Within The Churches
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:40:40 pm »
All the methods that I mention that I will discuss in following posts and threads I have learned from my experience and from being victimized by these methods my entire life.  There have been many people prepared for the role I have been prepared for as backups and also with different characteristics, and symbolic characteristics, for contingency purposes. I hope to find them one day, I have also heard some have been liquidated during a time I had appeared as a better choice than the others for the particular role..

The Real New World Order These methods were used on me in preparing me to play a puppet role that is hoped to be used to create the catalyst for a massive upheaval and revolt that is planned to establish a Christian New World Order with its capital in Jerusalem. What I will explain to you is the truth about the New World Order.

Secret Sciences and Secret Societies I will explain some secret sciences that has been used throughout history to create the miracles and wonders of some of the world's largest religions throughout time. This secret science has been used to create the miracles that people of the different of the world's largest religions base their faith on. If the world is a stage there has been those who have written in secret scripts of perfromances, complete with appearent miracles and wonders to act out among the audience of the unsuspecting masses to convince them of their uniqueness from other people, that of their godhood.

A Former Secret Society
What secret could Prometheus have given to the people that had made him so hated and condemned by the Pantheon. It was the secret of creating fire, the ability that had allowed a small and knowledgable group of people to claim to the unlearned masses that they were gods in possession of great and miraculous powers, such as that of making fire. Perhaps the most famous secret society, of the ancient western world, at one time was the Olympians whose ancient secret knowledge allowed them to fool the peoples of the ancient world of their devinity. It was the ideas of Prometheus's dissension to the common people of the secret, or "light", of the Olympians that is so hated and demonized by every secret society that they had claimed to condemn him to an eternity of torture and suffering for revealing their secret. Surely the secret knowledge used to rule over the unsuspecting masses

The Prometheus Effect
Ideas of Prometheus' dissension and revealing secret knowledges used to rule over great masses of people is a great threat to the secret societies. Surely if everyone understood these secrets they would understand how the many miracles and wonders spoken of in some of the World's most popular religions are attributed to other causes by the ancient stage handlers and special effects specialists of the ancient world. So hated by the secret societies is the idea of Prometheus, that someone would dare reveal these treasured secrets to the common people that, "fire is not the production of the will of those with godly powers, but by anyone who claps two flint stones together". The secret societies had based their success of acquiring knowledge, controlling knowledge, preventing others from finding this knowledge, and destroying knowledge and those with knowledge, so that it can be used to attribute their effects to other miraculous causes. This idea of the dangers of revealing the secrets that secret societies use to invent religions and rule over peoples is so dangerous to them that they could not resist but had to even incorporate these warnings into Christianity. Prometheus, the revealer of the secret of the gods, the giver of fire, the exposurer of the real power of the gods, flintstones, has become the antagonist, the vilian, the bad guy under the new Christian theme of Roman and Greek worship, Lucifer `the light giver`, the fallen angel. Ancient secret societies were severely threatened by the disclosure of their secrets to the extent of losing control over the many peoples they had ruled over. They therefore had the necessity to create stories, religious texts, ideas, doctrines, and rumours, legends that incite fear and terror of any one who would dare speak of these secrets. If you dont want people acting in certain ways in society they are prone to create and propagate stories with villans doing those things to make people aversive to such acts. If you want to make people to act certain ways in society write and propagate stories of heroes acting in those ways. To these secret societies the exposure of their secrets was a serious threat. They reponded by making up the Prometheus story to incite fear of suffering eternal torture to anyone who released their secrets. The Church inherited this necessity and demonized anyone who would release knowledge, "the light," used by the establishment to rule by associating this type of dissension with their ultimate antagonist Lucifer and of many other stories of other fallen angels who had supposedly been condemned for releasing knowledge to the common people. The Protheuses of the church, became the fallen angels and were demonized specifically for revealing different types of knowledge including those of music, brewing, using herbs, sciences, and many other forms of sciences and knowledge. The discussion and spreading of particular knowledge have meant people becoming an enemy of the early church in their quest of preserving a superiority advantage of knowledge over the people. Maintaining an advantage of knowledge didn't just mean being at the leading edge of discovery, but also meant ruthlessly supressing the acquiring of knowledge by other. You can see how great an advantage the church would have had over its subjects by keeping them illiterate for so long. The Church was not without seeking the misery of many Prometheuses in their quest of monopolizing knowledge and burning down records of knowledge of others. Among this knowledge is obviously sciencific, some of which I hope to discuss with you in my following posts and threads.


The secret sciences I hope to discuss, if I get the chance because many powerful people especially in the Churches who know of and use these method will not like it at all and gladly have me demonized or end up like the tales of Prometheus, include:

(1) How to Create Very Powerful Optical Hallucinatory Effects- This is used for creating false miracles and especially can be used to severely delude individuals or entire civilizations

(2) How to Condition and Trigger Nervological Memory- make people feel anything their nerves can feel without anything happening to them (i.e. feelings like being burned without being burned, or being stabbed without being touched, or any sensation wheather intense or subtle). This is the science used to create the miraculous experience called "Stigmatism" which people claim causes them to feel the pain of being crucified by heavenly forces, i.e. you palm feels like it has been run through with a stake.

(3) Muscle Tension Triggers- single or multiple muscles of a person beginning to tense or relax (forexample you are sitting on a bench and all your muscle tense suddenly so hard you can move, your biscept tense uncontrollably so you cant untense). This secret science can be used to delude people there is another entity in their body.

(4) Head Muscle Tension Triggers (head muscle tension that creates head aches when they tense so rapidly or intensely that they wear out the muscles or exhaust them). Triggering Head Muscle Tension can also cause the effect of making a person sense particular things that they can be programmed to sense which may not actually be reality (i.e. paranoia, this car is an undercover cop, this person is watching or following me, this place isnt safe etc...)

(5) Smell Nasal Memory Triggers- A person triggered to smell something they had smelled at some point in their life but are not actually really smelling.

(6) Drug Effect Triggers- How drugs are used to program states of mind, behaviour, thought, and speech that can be triggered in the future without drugs but with sounds or visuals that maybe not be detectable (such as invisible sound or visuals).

(7) Neural Chemical Triggers- how to invasively, against a persons will, trigger the production of abnormally large amounts, or inhibit healthy, amounts of chemicles in the brain. i.e. seratonin, dopeamine, etc.

(8) Emotional Triggers- this is a secret science that can play a person's emotions like a piano and trigger many different intensities of any emotion a person can feel including elation, happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger, rage etc...


(9) The Neural Network- It is an advanced Brain-Machine Interface system that has a tremendous amount of features that is decades ahead of DARPAs new 2002 HANDP (Human Assisted Neural Device Program).

Additional Information

(10) Sorcery, Black Magic, Witchcraft- Of this I can only tell you a little bit, its profound affect on civilizations, history, and rumors I have heard.

I will explain each of these topics in following threads in details and answer questions. I hope to provide addition information such as research papers from different institutions regarding these topics, but if I forget please hassle me.

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Re: The Secret Sciences- Secrets From Deep Within The Churches
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2011, 08:16:01 pm »
 Welcome aboard this site.
  Look forward to your continuation. It seems like you have mentioned a few items that many of us are aware of.
  Fear, though you didn't mention this emotion specifically you have hit on the methodry. Fear after 911 resulted in the populace screaming for retribution and opening the door to the elitists.
  Illusions, the falling of the twin towers and their televised display, no questioning for the most part was involved, afterall the events were televised, the image implanted in the minds of the people, those who saw beyond the display, the unquestionable were labeled tin hated conspirators. The terror factor became the controll phase for those on high. Using this Fear level they later invaded an innocent nation based on deception, as you know close to one million have been genocided. Torture was legalized.
  All that aside, I have to agree, churches have been used, the cradle of faith  men turn to seeking the creator. No need for historical facts, they are in evidence. Any movement, religious, political, cults, etc have been used since mankinds beginnings, as you mentioned Prometheus defying the demigods, well welcome to to a site that brings that fire to the people. TRUTH.

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Re: The Secret Sciences- Secrets From Deep Within The Churches
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2011, 06:38:27 pm »
Its a Natural Instinct to Not Want to Believe
I have found when I introduce these methods to people a disbelief seeks in, a disbelief that doesnt want to believe that human nature functions in a way that allows these methods to have such powerful influence over the unsuspecting.  But this is a fact, if people knew how entrenched in the forces that are at work to supplant freedom for authoritian church rule are they would panic if they could put aside this disbelief.
   After considering the things I've come to know about what is happening behind the scenes I wonder if science-fiction is purposely hyping up science and technology that is obsolate compared to the advanced technology the churches have accquired.  I wonder is science-fiction of cultures hundreds and thousands of years into the future purposely show cases technology that is obsolate compared to the stuff happening behind the scenes to limit and shape the imaginations of people of the possibility of science and technology today.

A Sample of Advanced Technologies
    If you can really handle a sample of whats going around you'd know the whole RFID technology is a joke compared to the system the church has secretly smuggled into every part of the world.  The advanced technologies being employed in the churches in their battle against the free governments can make a person drop dead from causing your own body to act out of proportion in many ways, like heart attack, or one of many types of overproduction of chemicals in the body.  This technology has the capability, among others, to syncronize itself with your natural bodily activities and then causing one of many things to go out of proportion.