Author Topic: perfectly times "leak" police training video on port Arthur  (Read 1501 times)

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perfectly times "leak" police training video on port Arthur
Video back on the web
MERYL NAIDOO | July 31, 2011 12.00am

THE notorious police training video of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre remains available on the internet. Last night the Sunday Tasmanian* tipped off Tasmania Police about the video's presence on a second website after it had earlier been removed from YouTube.
The extended version of the police training video, which was uploaded 18 hours earlier, will become part of the E-Crime unit's continuing investigation to discover the source of the video.

It has sparked calls for tighter regulation of online material.
(one of many sources)

Australian authorities looking for leak as gruesome police training video which includes graphic scenes of dead australians hits the internet.

its been pulled from youtube but a 4 part series still can be found on live leak... im not linking to it but its the real deal.

some of you may remember that the port Arthur butchery instigated tuff Australian gun laws and is surrounded in the topical controversies including opposing wittiness statements.

it was also mysteriously predicted by a Australian member of government months before it happened including the state.

perfect timing after the Oslo incident????
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