Author Topic: Recent H1055 Public Hearing in Massachusetts Discussing Eugenics Vaccines  (Read 855 times)

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From coast to coast I see local hearings of professional experts presenting hard-hitting evidence about vaccinations to local boards. I hope the state of Massachusetts does what's right.

On June 28, a public hearing was held where proponents of the measure argued about the health risks of vaccines and the right of health freedom — to opt for or reject medical procedures and still be allowed full participation in society.
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  Massachusetts, its ironic this would happen here, first home of the pilgrims,the shore of the Plymouth rock. Today, the caretaker of Technoligy Square.
 I can imagine the pain of the parents who's child was effected by these vaccines, I can also imagine their very angry, the killable type angry.
 I hope the voices of the victims familys are adhered to, if not, this will develop into a staging point for the debate and it will most likely go Federal.
 If I have this strait, they are saying if a child is not vaccinated they are banished from society. How to they intend to enforce this Shiite, whats their byline, how can they possibly come up with this.
  I'm off the grid on this one, I can only hope free choice prevails.