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What about the UK?

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We seem to be missing a British "arm" on this site, and I have searched Google to no avail for things such as "InfoWars UK", "InfoWars Britain", "Awake in uk", "Awake in Britain",  "prison planet UK" "British NWO"... and so on and so forth... (those that I have found are based on, in my opinion, leaning towards the racist "get out of our country" Saxon purity angle with which I can not agree).  :-[

Do I need to start one for myself (us)? Would I be allowed to link to InfoWars.com and prisonplanet.com etc, to add articles and information from here to the British site I think is needed?

Another problem I have is this :  If I was to begin something like that, I am the only awake Brit I am aware of, and we don't even HAVE a "constitution" like you folks in the USA. So a lot of what Alex says doesn't even apply here - different things do.  ???

I also fear I am not savvy enough to understand the current affairs and uncover truths alone (yes the education IS indoctrination and you don't learn much here). Politics and legislation are definitely NOT my strong point, therefore I would need a group to help contribute to it and keep it up to date, a group I fear doesn't yet exist or hides so well even I can not find it.  :P

I do hope this has already been done, if so, somebody please solve my problem, because there MUST be a "British issues" part somewhere that I am missing. Any info would be very much appreciated.  :-* :)

yes, another uneducated babbled question for people to untangle, sorry. x  ;)

definately not alone and i feel the same a lot of the time when trying to "wake" others up.

Britons definately think different than Americans for example simply due to their histories and timescale of it  and us having a lot longer to accept/be brainwashed into the elitists plans.

the british frogs were put into the pot at the right tempreture (time),it seems that they have tried putting the American ones in a bit late and many more are jumping out of the pot  ;D

it would be nice for a more british perspective on a lot of issues ,purely to help in awaking people here to what is going on with their individual rights, tsa/2nd ammendmant etc , although how blantant it all is to those who are listening , means not a lot to the british sheeple who dont have to deal with those issues, however the bigger picture will remain the same, it's global.

I dont think you need to go away and start something new (although it couldnt hurt) , a new board with child boards for each country would definately help individuals from different countries but still  keep the information all in one place.

message a Mod, see what can be done.

I found Brian Gerrish to be an extremely knowledgeable person in the UK re what's going on.

Brian Gerrish -- Some things he knows:

Tons of British are leaving England and heading to Australia,because of the mass's of immigration,to wont to stop mass immigration does NOT make you a racist.It is very hard to sit back and watch your country massively change.for the worst.I am totally against most immigration policies of the western on the simple fact,we are ALL broke.But the globalists are assimilation the people of the world to play us off against each,which will work.Australia's gates are wide open,with 500,000 immigrants a year,and it has seriously changed the dynamic of our country,wages,work conditions,lack of rental properties,The dept of immagration is massive with massive funding .If you ever travel to Sydney or Adelaide or any citie PM me and tell me what you see...I believe ALL races are racist to some degree,its inherent -it just depends on who is being put out the most and who is paying & who's country that immigrants are pouring into without the will or permission from the people(as usual) & I have been spat on in India and in china for being western.This deliberate action by the Globalists  is destroying nations,so be very careful when calling people racists,when they maybe just people trying to protect their homeland from destruction,and obviously you have no understanding.To you i might sound like a racist but i am not,and will not apologize to anyone for my point of view,as long as understand its all part of the globalists plan,to mix the world up,cause when they ask every one for global government in years to come,they will scream please,please.They will offer cheap fares to their homelands and other concessions,that migrants will gladly take,not understanding their implications.As AJ said(and is correct)that most races ,generally like to hang with their own type,and that is what happens.Its is assimilation not multiculturalism and if it was would never work,just not many have the nuts to say it.It is not multiculturalism when the only difference is the food we eat,and that's the only time it will work.The really sad thing is that these people especially the Africans are very happy to be here,but they have just reached a new level of slavery,a detention camp where you can buy yourself stuff made by slaves(China,India etc)drive around in circles,watch the idiot box,eat poison,easy drugs ,your children can watch soft porn on Saturday morn,have half of your labors  earnings taken away by a group of thugs,get used to piss off the locals ,a new level of hell.So sad.

By the way,Bilderberg .org is English i think

thanks for the links

tpuc and bbc5 in particular ,

the freeman of the land movement is great at the moment , made me go back and re look  again at some corporation vids.

dont think they'll have as much success under a nwo government though  ;D but until then , fair play to them.


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