Author Topic: Faux News demonizes Breivik as "tea party extremist"  (Read 4807 times)

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Faux News demonizes Breivik as "tea party extremist"
« on: July 23, 2011, 02:13:20 pm »

FOX NEWS: Oslo Terrorist Tea Party Extremist
Danny Panzella

Fox News has joined in the with the international main stream press to push the idea of “white Al Qaeda.” At first the press was quick to report Muslim extremists were responsible for the bombing in Oslo Norway, quickly the story changed as Anders Behring Breivik has emerged as the primary suspect in the bombing of an Oslo federal building after he murdered children at a summer camp ranting about the bombing attack.

Fox highlighted the fact that Breivik is a right wing domestic extremist, that he is has nationalistic beliefs and is anti-foreigner and anti-Islam. This implication that he is somehow connected to Norways version of the tea party falls in line with the Department of Homeland Securities agenda to demonize the tea party, returning Iraq veterans, and others who question the government as potential domestic terrorists as outlined in their 2009 report.

There are several problems with this interpretation, many people have been asking the question: Why would a “right-wing extremist” who calls himself a nationalist and hates Muslims choose to massacre scores of young, predominantly white, Norwegian youths? Why not attack a mosque?

Reuters reported that Breivik had described himself on his Facebook page as leaning toward right-wing Christianity.

Breivik had also been a member of the Progress Party, the second largest in parliament, the party’s head of communications Fredrik Farber said. Breivik was a member from 2004 to 2006 and in its youth party from 1997-2006/2007.

The Progress Party wants far tighter restrictions on immigration, whereas the center-left government backs multiculturalism.

This attack comes just days after the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security released a propaganda video characterizing white middle class Americans as terrorists and members of white al-Qaeda, a term designed to conflate the image of the CIA-created Islamic terror group and “rightwing extremists” in America
as reported

Other corporate media outlets have been comparing Breivik to Timothy McVeigh, and has called him a clean-cut Christian conservative, also linking him to those interested in health and organic farming and of course mentioning his bombing technique came straight out of an al-Qa’ida terrorism manual.