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HIDE – Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics Database

HIDE is a project promoted by the European Commission (EC) and coordinated by the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, an independent research centre based in Rome (IT).

HIDE aims to establish a platform devoted to monitoring the ethical and privacy implications of biometrics and personal detection technologies. Detection technologies are technologies used to detect something or someone within a security or safety context. Personal Detection Technologies focus specifically on individuals, they include for example CCTV, infrared detectors and thermal imaging, GPS and other Geographical Information Systems (GISs), RFID, MEMS, smart ID cards, transponders, body scanners, etc. Biometrics is the application of technologies that make use of a measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioural trait in recognizing the identity, or verifying the claimed identity of a previously registered individual.

Personal detection technologies and biometrics are increasingly interwoven within a variety of applications. Most of these applications seek to create sensor network infrastructures for continuous detection, authentication and identification of individuals within diverse settings ranging from, amongst others, commercial, transport, public locales and border control. Moreover, by developing multimodal signal analyses, these technologies may allow activity recognition, indoor movement monitoring and non-verbal communication cues (body language, facial expressions, speech intonation, etc) which may assist in the prediction of behaviour. In its recent Green Paper on Detection Technologies, the EC argues that personal detection technologies and biometrics are "inherently intrusive" and "their use needs to be carefully analyzed, in order to establish limitations to their intrusiveness where necessary". HIDE meets this call and promotes open conversation between technology, security, ethics and policy experts as well as encouraging public discussions and dialogue. HIDE is based on the values of dialogue, responsibility, and integrity.

List of topics available for further investigation at link above:

# 4DVIDEO - 4DVideo: 4D spatio-temporal modelling of real-world events from video streams
# ACTIBIO - Unobtrusive authentication using activity related and soft biometrics
# ACTOR - ACcelerate Trust in digital life Organisation and Relations
# ADABTS - Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces
# AMASS - Autonomous maritime surveillance system
# ANASID - Analysing Social Interactions at a Distance
# APIDIS - Autonomous production of images based on distributed sensing
# BBFOR2 - Bayesian biometrics for forensics
# CLOVISEN - Cross-layer optimization for visual sensor networks
# CPSI - Changing perceptions of security and interventions
# CRESCENDO - Coordination action on Risks, Evolution of threatS and context assessment by an Enlarged Network for r&D rOadmap
# DEMASST - Security of critical infrastructures related to mass transportation
# DETECTER - Detection technologies, terrorism, ethics and human rights
# DIGIDEAS - Social and ethical aspects of digital identities. Towards a value sensitive identity management
# DIGITAL.ME - Integrated Userware for the Intelligent, Intuitive, and Trust-Enhancing Management of the User s Personal Information Sphere in Digital and Social Environments
# EFFISEC - Efficient integrated security checkpoints
# EGAIS - The Ethical GovernAnce of emergIng technologieS New Governance Perspectives for Integrating Ethics into Technical Development Projects and Applications
# EIW3R - The Ethics of Information Warfare: Risks, Rights and Responsibilities
# ELSAIDTCGT - Ethical, legal, and social aspects and implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
# ETHICAL - Promoting international debate on ethical implications of data collection, use and retention for biometric and medical applications
# ETHICSWEB - Inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science: European ethics documentation centre
# ETICA - Ethical issues of emerging ICT applications
# EU-SEC II - Coordinating national research programmes and policies on security at major events in Europe
# EUCONRES - A European approach to conflict resolution? institutional learning and the ESDP
# EUCRIMINALSECURITY - The Criminal Regulatory Network for Private Security Companies: European and International Perspectives
# EURECNET - European Research Ethics Committees' Network
# EUSECON - A new agenda for European security economics
# GEST - Global Ethics in Science and Technology
# GINI-SA - Global Identity Networking of Individuals - Support Action
# HIDE - Homeland security, biometric identification and personal detection ethics
# ICTETHICS - ICTethics. An interdisciplinary approach for addressing ethical, social and legal aspects of ICT
# IDETECT4ALL - Novel intruder detection & authentication optical sensing technology
# IMSK - Integrated mobile security kit
# INDECT - Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment
# INEX - Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security continuum in Europe
# LAST - Large scale privacy - Preserving technology in the digital world - Infrastructure and applications
# MOBIO - Mobile Biometry
# MUSIS - Multispectal terahertz, infrared, visible imaging and spectroscopy
# MUTIVIS - Multispectal terahertz, infrared, visible imaging and spectroscopy
# OPERAMAR - An interooperable approach to the European union maritime security management
# PASS - Privacy architectures for system services
# PATS - Privacy awareness through security branding
# PHM-ETHICS - Personalized health monitoring
# PRACTIS - Privacy - Appraising challenges to technologies and ethics
# PRESCIENT - Privacy and emerging fields of science and technology: Towards a common framework for privacy and ethical assessment
# PRISM - Privacy-aware Secure Monitoring
# PROMETHEUS - Prediction and interpretation of human behaviour based on probabilistic structures and heterogeneous sensors
# RISE - Rising pan-European and International awareness of biometrics and Security ethics
# RTD - RTD: Real-Time Delivery for Sensor Networks in Unpredictable Environments
# SAMURAI - Suspicious and abnormal behaviour monitoring using a network of cameras & sensors for situation awareness enhancement
# SEARISE - Smart Eyes: Attending and recognizing instances of salient events
# SECTRONIC - Security system for maritime infrastructures, ports and coastal zones
# SENIOR  - Social ethical and privacy needs in ICT for older people: A dialogue roadmap
# SEPIA - Secure, Embedded Platform with advanced Process Isolation and Anonymity Capabilities
# SEREN - Security research ncp network - phase 1
# SFLY - Swarm of micro flying robots
# SNAPS - Social Networks: Algorithms, Privacy, and Security
# SUBITO - Surveillance of unattended baggage and the identification and tracking of the owner
# TABULARASA - Trusted Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks
# TALOS - Transportable autonomous patrol for land border surveillance
# TASS - Total Airport Security System
# TECHNOLIFE - a Transdisciplinary approach to the emerging challenges of novel technologies: Lifeworld and imaginaries in foresight and ethics
# TURBINE - Trusted revocable biometric identities
# VISION - Video-oriented UWB-based Intelligent Ubiquitous Sensing
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