Author Topic: Step #3 Perry and Obama must showdown over a moral and states rights issue.  (Read 892 times)

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At midnight on Thursday, a death-row case will carry implications for foreign policy and the 2012 presidential race

The case of a Mexican man scheduled to be executed on Thursday in Texas threatens to disrupt U.S. diplomatic relations abroad and creates a politically volatile dilemma for Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who is considering a run for president.

I wonder if there will be an 11th hour Federal SWAT team that will break into the Texas prison to stop the execution.

The is is all staged. The hijacked military and CIA execute people all the time with drones. Whats's the big deal now.

This makes Obama look bad (which is OK) for him to defend and gangraping, torturing, rapist illegal alien murder and it makes Rick Perry look like the tough Texan.

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2 Globalist phonies in another phony debate.

No thanks.   ::)