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NEW YORK, 26 JUNE 2009

United Nations Colleagues, Representatives of Civil Society, Brothers and Sisters all,

We have come to the middle of the third day of this historic United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development.  I congratulate you all for successfully initiating the global conversation on the economic crisis that continues to unfold around us and for beginning an in- depth, unprecedented review of the international financial and economic architecture.

The world has had the opportunity to hear the voices of the G-192.  All the Members of the General Assembly have had and continue to have the chance to express their points of view.  Today our efforts have culminated in the adoption by consensus of an outcome document that represents the first step in a long process of putting the world on a new path towards SOLIDARITY, stability and sustainability.

The United Nations General Assembly, the G-192, has now been established as the central forum for the discussion of world financial and economic issues, and this in itself is a major achievement.  In addition, the General Assembly has been asked to follow up on these issues through an ad hoc open-ended working group.

The issues to be followed up range from crisis mitigation − including global stimulus measures, special drawing rights (SDRs) and reserve currencies − to topics such as the restructuring of the financial and economic system and architecture, including reform of the international financial institutions and the role of the United Nations; external debt; international trade; investment; taxation; development assistance; South-South cooperation; new forms of financing; corruption and illicit financial flows; and regulation and monitoring.

At the same time, it has been recognized that the financial and economic crisis must not delay the necessary global response to climate change and environmental degradation through initiatives for building a “green economy”.

The G-192 has proved itself capable of reaching consensus on the convening and modalities of this Conference and on a substantive outcome document that addresses issues of great importance to humanity.  It has also been able to chart a course for carrying the process forward on the basis of the lines of action set out in the Conference outcome document.

We have had three days of very successful work and, now that the outcome document has been formally adopted, it is only fitting that we salute each other’s efforts and, in particular, that we congratulate the two facilitators, Ambassador Frank Majoor of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Ambassador Camilo Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  Of course, we also express our warmest thanks to the President’s Commission of Experts, which was so ably coordinated by Professor Joseph Stiglitz.

We are happy but not content, or rather, not completely satisfied.  Other crises loom on the horizon, such as the clean water, global warming, food, energy and humanitarian crises affecting millions of our brothers and sisters, especially children suffering from hunger and thirst.

We must all join forces to confront these crises.  The proposals we have adopted today point in this direction.  But much remains to be done.

We are heartened by the expressions of political will to shoulder our shared responsibility to cooperate, but we will not be content so long as these pressing issues remain unresolved.

My role as President of this General Assembly, which brings together representatives of all the world’s peoples, is to invite you to look beyond today’s economic concerns and to hold out hope for the common future of the Earth and of humanity.

We may well ask, what next? Not necessarily in terms of the economy, but in terms of humanity.  Where are we headed? At this point it is unlikely that anyone, however wise, can answer this question with certainty.  But even without having the answers, we can all seek and build together the consensus that will lead us towards a more hopeful future for us all and for Mother Earth.

This reminds me of the vision of the great French scientist, archaeologist and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  In China, where he carried out his research on “Homo pekinensis”, he had something like a vision.

Looking at the advances in technology, trade and communications that were shortening distances and laying the foundations for what he liked to call planetization, rather than globalization, Teilhard de Chardin was already saying, in the 1930s, that we were witnessing the emergence of a new era for the Earth and for humanity.

What was about to appear, de Chardin told us, was the noosphere, after the emergence in the evolutionary process of the anthroposphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the lithosphere.  Now comes the new sphere, the sphere of synchronized minds and hearts:  the noosphere.  As we know, the Greek word noos refers to the union of the spirit, the intellect and the heart.

Where are we headed? I venture to believe and hope that we are all headed towards the slow but unstoppable emergence of the noosphere.  Human beings and peoples will discover and accept each other as brothers and sisters, as a family and as a single species capable of love, solidarity, compassion, non-violence, justice, fraternity, peace and spirituality.

Is this a utopia? It is undoubtedly a utopia, but a necessary one.  It guides us in our search.  A utopia is, by definition, unattainable.  But it is like the stars:  they are unreachable, but what would the night sky be without stars? It would be nothing but darkness and we would be disoriented and lost.  A utopia likewise lends direction and purpose to our lives and struggles.

The noosphere, then, is the next step for humanity.  Allow me a small digression:  if, in the time of the dinosaurs, which inhabited the Earth for more than 100 million years and disappeared some 65 million years ago, a hypothetical observer had wondered what the next evolutionary step would be, he probably would have thought:  more of the same.  In other words, even bigger and more voracious dinosaurs.

But that answer would have been wrong.  That hypothetical observer never would have imagined that a small mammal no bigger than a rabbit, living in treetops, feeding on flowers and shoots and trembling at the possibility of being devoured by a dinosaur, would eventually become our ancestor.

From that creature, millions of years later, emerged something completely new, with qualities totally different from those of the dinosaurs, including a conscience, intelligence and love:  the first human beings, from whom we who are gathered here are descended.

And so it was not more of the same.  It was a break, a new step.

I firmly believe that today we are once again on the threshold of a new step in the evolutionary process:  a step towards a human family that is united with itself, with nature and with Mother Earth.

I am tempted to echo the words:  “I have a dream!”.  It is, indeed, a dream.  A glorious, beautiful, happy dream.

The main focus of this new step will be life in all its forms, humanity with all its peoples and ethnic groups, the Earth as a mother with all its vitality and an economy that creates the material conditions for making all this possible.  We will need the material capital we have built up, but the focus will be on human and spiritual capital, whose most wholesome fruits are fraternity or brotherhood, cooperation, solidarity, love, economic and ecological justice, compassion and the capacity to coexist happily with all our differences, in the same shared home, the great and generous Mother Earth.

They say that Jesus, Buddha, Francis of Assisi, Rumi, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King and many other great prophets and teachers of the past and present, of which every country and culture has an exemplar, were ahead of their time in taking this new step.

They are all our most formative teachers, our lodestars, who fan the flame of hope that assures us that we still have a future, a blessed future for all of us.

As our dear brother Joseph Stiglitz aptly put it:  “The legacy of this economic and financial crisis will be a worldwide battle of ideas”.

I firmly believe that new ideas, new visions and new dreams will galvanize our spirits and our hearts.  The old gods are dying out, and new ones are emerging with the vigour of newborn infants.  My reflections are meant to bring energy and enthusiasm to this battle of ideas and visions.

If we humans are to take a qualitative leap forward, we must give up our quest to become the lords and masters of creation, forgetting that we are not owners but only caretakers, which, after all, is no small thing.

Only when we accept the fact that we are caretakers and not owners and that we will one day be held to account for our stewardship will the grandeur of our humanity shine forth.

Thank you.

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You are a totally batshit crazy tinfoil hat wearing turd. You are pond scum, you suck out the oxygen from fertile, lively environments...offer nothing in return...and continue until famine ensues. Your bullshit may have worked 20 years ago, but now that everyone knows the UNCED agenda (thanks to George Hunt) of Rothschild/Rockefeller/Strong...your address to the UN GA is totally exposed.

Here is a line by line rebuttal of your lies, fricking lies, and lies that allow crimes against humanity. Your entire "World View" is based on absurdity. And, as we know from reading Voltaire..."those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit attrocities."


Ok, I got a problem right there...there are no "excellencies" at the UN...their are just a bunch of elite slave owning families and gullible or cowardly mules doing all their logistical work.

United Nations Colleagues,

UN Colleagues? You mean the peons that still believe your BS.

Representatives of Civil Society,

You gotta be shitting me! "Civil Society"? Do you even know what civil means? Is throwing a whistleblower out of a 50 story window civil? Is creating pandemics civil? Is stealing all resources from sovereign nations civil? Is torturing children and engaging in child sex slavery rings (as the UN has been caught doing over 1,000x) civil? Is creating BS sanctions on sovereign lands for the past 50 years that has led to the genocide of over 10 million humans civil?

Brothers and Sisters all,

You likely are trying to make believe the UN is a brotherhood, it never was and it never will be. Never forget that the original leader was a bona fide Nazi genocidal maniac...Kurt Waldheim, and nothing has changed since then.

To be continued...
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Earth Intelligence Network

Public intelligence will displace secret intelligence.

We still need spies and secrecy, but only as the 10% special element of all-source intelligence, which is itself nothing more than 10% of Information Operations (IO).

As we and many others across 90+ nations have been saying since 1988 and before (one can point to Quincy Wright in 1955 calling for a World Intelligence Center), there is a desperate need to realize Buckminster Fuller's vision for an Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, one that allows all possible feedback loops to operate with integrity, one that allows all possible combinations of people to achieve synthesis.

Earth Intelligence network is dedicated to the proposition that we can achieve global self governance at all levels (Panarchy) while creating truth & reconciliation endeavors for all those who have been harmed in the past several centuries, drawing them back into a holistic, sustainable Earth that provides informed stewardship, transpartisan informed stewardship, to create a prosperous world at peace that we can deliver to all future generations.

The Open Source Solutions Network (OSS.Net) permanent library is dedicated to Robert Garigue, Ph.D., who died all too soon. One of the most intelligent, professional, and gracious human beings it has ever been our pleasure to know, his Technical Preface defined and inspired our decision to create the Earth Intelligence Network. May he rest in peace.

For faster direct access to EIN, please bookmark the direct link.

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English Collection Global Strategecal Initiative of World Civil Society-Noo-Constitution
By Liubov Gordina (Editor)


Global Strategically Initiative of World Civil Society:  NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND (Noo-Constitution)
Liubov Gordina

President of Noosphere Spiritual/Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA, World Assembly) Doctor of
Philosophy, Professor, Ph.D. Technical Science (Russia, Moscow) Istanbul, November 2009

Noo-Constitution - is a preeminent current of thought, the new strategy of global social history in the 21st Century

Vlail Кaznaçeev
Russian Medical Academy, Lecturer

The Noo-Constitution - is an unequaled scientific effort that sets the framework for the new age noosphere civilization and forecasts necessary legal action to be taken

Jose Arguelles
President of the Galactic Research Institute
Foundation for the Law of Time (Australia)

Esteemed Friends

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude to the organizers of the 15th Panel of “The Word Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation” and in particular to President Mrs Bülent Çorak for their kind invitation.  I found out about this unique Foundation through a precious friend and colleague, Jose Arguelles, who had formerly participated in one of the conferences of the organization.  For my further research, I made use of the internet and also consulted Rüstem Çapkın, a representative of RUTID, the Society to Enhance Friendship and Business between Russia and Turkey.  However, nothing compares with actually coming together to communicate - so, I was all to eager to accept this invitation with great excitement.

As to my person, I am currently president of “The Noosphere Spiritual - Ecological World Assembly” (NSEWA, World Assembly) which has liaison offices in dozens of countries throughout the world.  I have found the opportunity to represent the Union at numerous international events such as the 2002 World Summit Rio+10 which took place in Johannesburg, the EXPO-2005 in Nagoya, Japan and the Second Planetary Congress on World Biosphere Rights in Brazil in 2006.

Today I would like to underline the objectives of our Union, to speak to you about the necessity for human beings to join their forces in order to preserve life on Planet Earth and to bring about change, and about the main endeavors of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly.

The organization I am representing is not a public institution.  The World Assembly is an NGO which emerged out of necessity, when its leaders realized that Mankind was gradually being swept away by a global systemic crisis in the spiritual, political, economic and ecological sense, and that urgent measures needed to be taken in order to save civilization and for ensuring its harmonic development.  Scientists are paying more and more attention to the impact of partnership on the noosphere (which is synonymous to “MIND”).  For us the most significant development in this context has been the report of President Miguel D’Escoto at the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in July 2009, which was full of semantic use of terminologies such as “NOOSPHERE” and “living planet earth”, which had been until then legally and officially unrecognized.  A large number of international organizations expressed their appreciation stating that they had realized “the ice had started melting” and that now also those who hold the power at a global level had become aware of the importance of the spiritual and ethical development of society.  This view is fairly interrelated with the use of scientific and esoteric knowledge regarding the planet and the process of globalization being directed towards the field of noosphere.

We always point out that we are open to collaborate with all governmental representatives, scientists, all kinds of institutions, international spiritual centers etc.  whose ideologies are based on the positive development of society and who believe that all problems facing Mankind can only be solved through collective efforts.

The structure of our Assembly is based on three main organizations - the movement “Planet of People the New Humanity”, the foundation “Living Earth” and the “Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly” as the coordinating organ for all.

So, what is the essential goal of these systems?

The movement “Planet of People - the New Humanity” unifies in a spiritual and ethical field all citizens living in our world who have recognized the importance of moving in communion and who are aware that the World is a cosmic ship carrying in its cabin all Mankind - thus, also comprehending that those who rule it have to be people who are not only well educated but also persons of high spiritual values, capable of carrying the responsibility of generations to come.  The construction of such a ship and its management has to be carried out in a totally scientific, noospheric field - as though one was constructing a satellite to be sent to space.

This new concept in science is called Globallistica (not to be confused with globalisation) and it has been coined by Russian Prof.  A.P. Fedotov, member of the World Assembly.  To be in harmony in the sense of Globallistica, the anthropogenic load index (the power density when biodiversity is conserved) should not exceed 70-75 kw per square kilometer, the disparity index on the other hand (richness versus poverty) should not exceed 10 (at present this rate is a hundred times higher).

The primary goal of the international foundation “Living Earth” is to ensure that the planet Earth which is now suffering from a chronic disease because of the phenomenon called working man, is restructured as a living organism.  I would like to cite the words of the famous explorer, author and painter Fedor Konyuhov, upon receiving the World Assembly True Member Trust Certificate:

“As I toured the world for the 14th time swimming, I came across a lot of shoals of dolphins and whales who would accompany me from time to time.  The following thought always came to my mind: 

Their existence never does any harm to the oceans, the world, their natural habitat.  Why then is the human being, endowed with intelligence, cutting the very branch he is sitting on? How come he is exploiting the place he is inhabiting so rapidly, as though trying to get rid of it? Neither the dolphins, nor the whales or Mankind have been able to answer this question.”

The Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly Member and worldwide renowned poet Inna Bogaçinskaya’s touching words in New York:

Oh, World, you’re being swept in darkness, The Priest is robbing temples,

Likewise act Rabbi, Imam and Congressman… Awake at least someone! You see our ship is sinking Unable so far to reach for better changes…

The foundation “Living Earth” has set itself the goal to bring relief to the worries of people of conscience by helping our planet to survive the aggressive onslaught of human beings, in particular to remedy natural disasters (such as hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.).  To this end we propose that all countries invest at the most 1% of the money they allocate for defense purposes instead in this area.  We expressed our views in this regard at EXPO-2005 which took place in Nagoya, Japan, at the Planetary Academy Federation conference (NPO RAF, presided by Mayumi Gingu).  Regretfully, in spite of all our efforts, we did not receive any good news from any of the decision making authorities thus far.

The main responsibility that the third element of this structure - the World Assembly - has taken unto itself is to protect the Human Being and Mankind, his rights and, above all, the habitat he is living in.  To achieve this aim, Russian scientists have drafted a bill titled the Noospheric Ethical- Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Noosphere Constitution, Noo-Constitution).  In this document the terms HUMAN BEING and MANKIND are used for the first time in the context of international law to represent three components:  the cosmo-physical (spiritual), biological and social.  To date in any legal context throughout the world, only the social role of the HUMAN BEING is considered, while his characteristic as a spiritual and biological entity is denied completely.

Can we afford to do so and do we have the right to?

At this very point modern science has reached, in this cosmic age we are living in, it is our most natural right to claim that the biological and cosmo-physical components (spirit/mind) to also be considered when defining the Human Being and its habitat in any legal context.  We have coined these new concepts and presented them in an entirely new document as the Noo-Constitution (document registered at the Russian Union of Writers as intellectual legacy of Russia, with Dr. L.S. Gordina, Dr. M.Y. Limonad as authors), thus underlining the need for creating a legal basis for living on this planet harmoniously with all natural needs and demands being met.  The introduction of the Noosphere Constitution at EXPO 2005 revealed the significance of this document with regard to survival of all life on Planet Earth.  The words I voiced of famous Dr.  Jose Arguelles when we first met in the Altai, were met with great enthusiasm by the audience:  “...Noosphere Constitution defines the new vector of development of civilization in the 21st millennium”.

At EXPO 2005, the principal aims of the Noosphere Constitution of Mankind were exhibited at the stand of the World Assembly in the Russian Pavilion.  Some of them read as follows:

•   Conservation of Mankind as a universally meaningful civilization
•   Establishing and innovating the legal basis of everyday life activity of Mankind in such a way as to ensure the survival of the Planet as a complex cosmic ecosystem;
•   creating favorable conditions for a harmonious social development of civilization
•   establishing a balance between the rights and freedoms as well as liabilities and duties for the order to be established in the future on Earth and in Space
•   interrelations between civilizations
•   establishing peace in the world, putting an end to terror and war - establishing a civil society that regards the planet as a sacred place for existence.

And once again I would like to refer to Jose Arguelles’ words.  The reason for this is not only that I greatly value his thoughts, but also that I will not be able to express in any better way what my work is all about:

“The last edition of the Noo-Constitution is in fact an instrument created expediently to reach the noosphere and to achieve a truly noospheric society.  The First Noosphere World Congress and the Noo-Constitution are enhancing one another and they are the first steps taken towards creating a single planetary civilization.  These are the steps that will carry the world to its rightful place
within cosmic thought.”

Jose Arguelles further elaborates on the works of the Russian cosmologists (i.a.  K.E. Tsiolkovskiy, V.İ. Vernadskiy, N.A. Kozyrev, P.A. Florenskiy, A.L. Chizhevskiy):  “A Unified Planetary Noosphere Civilization on Earth is a precondition for joining the greater Confederation of Cosmic Civilizations.  This is due to the fact that a noospheric civilization would be the synthesis of unified planetary intelligence - which corresponds to a permission to join the Cosmic Confederation.  A planetary noosphere is the first level for human consciousness as it strives up towards the sovereignty of space.  In these days, as the former planetary system is collapsing, the Noospheric Constitution becomes so much more vital, considering the fact that we are reaching out to attain the noospheric civilization of a unified planet based on the ultimate synthesis of the intellect.”

By the way, at the latest Round Table taken place at the Innovation Social Technologies International Academy (V.I. Patrushev, an academician, sociological science doctor, is its president) I revealed so called my daring and made a proposal to enlarge a NOOSPHERE concept not only as an Intelligence sphere (according to our fixed definition), but to bring a new definition of NOOSPHERE as a CONSCIOUSNESS UNIVERSAL SEMANTIC FIELD into the comprehensible apparatus and turnover.  I am suggesting thinking over on this new definition.

The Noo-Constitution has been drafted as a bill.  The main text body consists of three sections and a conclusion, framed as 14 chapters and 132 Articles.  The 14 chapters are preceded by a Conceptual Comment and a Preamble.

The scholar further states:  “This text is not easy reading but a document that should be treated as a guide or handbook in the construction of the post-historic civilization that awaits us after 2012.  The Noo-Constitution is outlining the measures that need to be taken and priorities to be set as of today, in order to make the transition from the old world order to the new one in a legally safeguarded manner.

The Noo-Constitution is not of a structure that is as set in stone but contains provisions for its own self-modification.  In contrast to the general discourse, a careful study of the Noo-Constitution will make you realize how much deep thought and consideration has gone into framing measures and codes for virtually all contingencies of human society, communication and personal freedoms that could be arising from the shift into the noosphere, to be met through measures which can be taken today.”

It is a well known fact that scientist need to be of strong character, courageous and should not falter even for a moment from their belief in their own ideas, if they wish to find support for their new discoveries.  Rather than replacing the constitution of individual nations, it is the idea of cosmogenesis defined as “integrated in a whole”, that should be understood as essentially forming the basis of the Noo-Constitution project.  Even in the Human Rights Declaration of 1948 when speaking of the Rights, Freedoms and Duties of Citizens, Man and Mankind, the component of his being a biological and cosmic entity and the Rights, Freedoms and Duties of these components are fully omitted.  Today, the terms and definitions in all legal acts still lack definition of the human being in all three components of his existence (social, biological and cosmo-physical), although all these regulations were actually created for him.

The Noo-Constitution Project was not established through an order “from above”; neither was it financed by any individual or organization; it was entirely established by Russian scholars worried about the destiny of civilization and their dedicated efforts.  Many Farsighted people from different countries are continuously joining this movement which was initiated by Russian scientists.  This subject has been largely covered in numerous almanacs comprising the discussions carried out about the Noo-Constitution as well as those documents that are published regarding the Planetary Rights Forums all over the world.  We had these almanacs especially printed in English and Russian as an annex to the presentation that I am to bring here at this event organized in Istanbul.

It may be worth reminding you that this draft of the Noo-Constitution which I am presenting at the moment has been officially approved at the World Summit Forum which took place in Johannesburg in 2002.  The Noo-Constitution has met favorable response at all conferences during EXPO 2005 (March-September 2005, Japan), at the Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights (2006, Brazil) and a large number of other international symposiums, conferences and summits.  The Noo-Constitution was introduced to the United States by the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly under the presidency of Sophie Blanc and Eugene Pakman.  Through their diligent personal efforts more than 400 live interviews and news were broadcast on TV and radio in the USA, and a Noosphere Spiritual- Ecological World Assembly library was established to collect the work of all eminent scientists who are active in this field.  The representative office in France has also been very successful.

At an international congress organized by universities in 2008 in Dublin, Michelle Billore, president of the office, gave an impressive presentation on the Noo-Constitution.  Under the leadership of Tania Belfort a range of educational programs on Noo-Constitution were introduced by the Brazilian office of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly.  Throughout the period of fervent discussions representatives from almost all international offices of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly, such as Alena Dudina from Canada, Mayumi Gingu from Japan, Michelle Talineva from Spain, Max Privler from Israel, Nina Lapshina from Belarus, Ernest Stephanovich from Lituania and nearly all members from Russia were asked to actively participate and voice their opinion.  Representatives from 30 countries (prominent scientists and scholars, people who develop social responsibility projects, art circles etc.) contributed to the Constitutional Board.

In a memorandum that was prepared at EXPO 2005, the significance of the Noosphere Earth Dwellers Forum and the need to comprehensively study each chapter and each article of the Noo- Constitution were emphasized.  To this end the forum “” was created on the website of NSEWA.  The first stage of this forum was completed in December 2006.  From different parts of the world we have received about 1000 suggestions and amendments, 200 of which have been taken into consideration in the amended text of the Noo-Constitution.  After completion of the second stage of the Forum in December 2008, a copy of the Noo-Constitution in English was exhibited in the Communications Center in the United Nations, thanks to the efforts of US representative office of the NSEWA.

This document which comprises the work of so many esteemed scholars involved in the field of Noosphere was submitted to the Communications Center in the UN in order to be distributed to relevant international organizations via their communication channels.  Evidently many factors - natural-geographic, social-economical, cultural-educational, religious-aesthetic and others – influence the dissemination of these Spiritual-Ecological laws.  It will therefore be necessary for different governments of different countries to work on reshaping the Noo- Constitution together to make it operational for all.

The authors of the Draft intended to introduce amendments and corrections stage by stage, until it is finalized as a legal bill.  It is suggested that those articles of the Noo-Constitution regarding noospheric education are initially studied comprehensively in countries like Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, SAR and Slavic countries (i.e.  Belarus and other distant regions of Russia and the first of all, Altai Republic) to see how they are embraced.  That is, regions that have a stable, balanced economy and government, as well as a population fulfilling certain intellectual, cultural and ethical criteria are the issue here.

In some of the regions of the countries mentioned above they have already started to promote partial application of the Noo-Constitution that would be a specific matrix for local noospheric constitutions to be created and these very territories could be given a model status for this document to be applied.

However, there is another point I need to make before I move on:  as A.L. Chizhevkiy put it, “the wisdom of those who are sitting on the honey of power” unfortunately does not suffice to take those strategic steps that need to be taken on behalf of this global unified society, in spite of all our efforts.

Basic principles of the Noo-Constitution which are based on the scientific concept of life cosmogenesis and shaping the vision of the third millennium The NSEWA ideas displayed at the Global Civil Society Forum of the “Rio +10” summit have already overgrown the stage of “national idea” and are becoming planetary ideas.

The spiritual component of the human being has acquired another, a “cosmic” meaning.  Science has proven the phenomenon of the observing brain.  Universal Laws of Harmony with the Single One have been put forward.  Communication has started between science, religion and art.

At the same time, the threat to the very survival of Man as a biological species has revealed itself as a true threat.  The necessity arose for Man to look into his behavior with more scrutiny.

Exactly rules like these have been united within the framework of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, proposing to look at Mankind as a biological organism of a spiritual-ecological category, at the same time bearing a certain legal and social role.

This document offers draft bill projects developed for the energy-communication well-being of the population and submitted to the Russian Senate (DUMA) by the authors.

Legal Status - this is a system which outlines the general rights and freedoms as well as duties that are in compliance with such norms as established by the UN, at the same time complementing these with infallible suggestions regarding the relationship between the Mankind and the Planet Earth.

The Social Role of the Mankind - is the consciously arranged life activity of the human being as guarantor of the sustainability of all habitats and nature as a whole on his planet and the Universe.

The Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind - is a document that calls for a reorganization of the legal system to regard that which is Eternal to be the Law.

The system has been developed by scholars, jurists, artists and public relations experts in seven years.  In the Noo-Constitution the spiritual-ecological reflections of the everyday life of the human being have been revealed for the first time in history within the eternal triangle of information - energy - matter.

In the Universe there is a constant mutual exchange of information, energy and matter.  Information and energy bring forth matter.  According to our interpretation, the spirit of Man consists of the information component (potential energy), his soul consists of energy field component (kinetic energy), his physical mass of coarse matter component («dense energy »).

Thus, Man is a combination of the spiritual components (energy-communication) in relation with the cosmic and biological universe, and these components in turn create a moral base for the material component and they are bearing a social role.

The document has more conservative qualities and yet also reveals an innovative character.  Looking at it as a whole the text reads like a rather conservatively drafted bill.  Its content is written in the juridical jargon and characteristics jargon.  This is necessary in order to ensure that, at the time of transformation, the legal changes the Noo-Constitution will introduce can be made definite.
Is it possible to design a future without considering a legal system?

I believe that would be too naive.  All legal action that will be taken based on the Noo-Constitution, all agreements, rules, regulations, all necessities have already been considered - the next step will be to organize social life accordingly.  However, this should not happen through imposing action as enforcing the law but rather through a conscious voluntary abidance by the law.

Another major innovation is the transition from rights of the human beings to the rights of the mankind.  The narrative is compliant with the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO).

One should not disregard statistical data on facts and developments irrespective of whether they have been scientifically explained or not, since facts essentially interfere with the lives of individuals, and the rights of individuals should always be defended.

Particularly the sovereignty of Planet Earth and the Space around it have been acknowledged in the Noo-Constitution.  The boundaries of sovereign Space have been proposed analogous to maritime law based upon the practice of orbital space flights:  The near space to the planet is “territorial”, whereas distant space is “neutral”.  Therefore the same laws apply in the case of man-made objects being thrust into space, as they do today when they are thrust into the seas.

Authors of the Noo-Constitution have also defined the shelter of the human being as an extension of his natural habitat.  In essence the Human Being has mostly been regarded as an integral single organism (for instance considering precedent rights while interpreting the right of life).

Adjustments were mostly made in the ethical and psychological categories which had been pronounced earlier but not explained (such as:  life, life reflexes, energy-communication well-being, death, soul, conscience, dignity, honor, reputation, justice, rightness).  What matters here is to have a single meaning, for ethic law cannot rely on the incidental experts’ opinion.

What else has been highlighted in the Noo-Constitution?

Legal norms regarding spiritual values and mental health based upon the energy- communication well-being of the population.  While the energy-communication is inherent to the whole world explicitly, it was introduced as a right given to both the planet and the human being.  Based upon the spiritual-ecological character of the Noo-Constitution, though the categories of politics, economics, property, finance do occur in the chapters and articles of the document, there is no imposition.

Another suggestion we introduced in the document concerns the period of transformation in particular.  It relates to the structuring of the measurement of time and the formation of the calendars on the basis of cosmic cycles of planetary rotations.

Global Codes and Laws need to be defined in order to introduce more general juridical norms, once the Noo-Constitution is implemented in the legislations of different societies.  A more detailed understanding and the implementation thereof, the singularity of terms regarding rights in all areas are methods to integrate the existing different organizations of society into a single civilization - the Human Being inhabiting Planet Earth.

Can we call the Noo-Constitution a Law where definitions of CONSCIENCE, MORAL, DIGNITY are put first and foremost?

Yes? We can! Draft Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind being brought to your attention – is a sort of ethical code to the utmost degree compatible with the term “Collective conscience of mankind” i.e.  in reality it is expression of life in compliance with unitary laws of the World.  The principal postulate of the Noo-Constitution will be not punishment of the guilty, but promotion of justice.

So where is the principal novelty and what are the results anticipated once the Noo- Constitution is adopted as the realization of the scientific concept of the cosmogenesis of life, forming the life-saving world vision of the inhabitants of the Earth?


•   on the basis of being a global legislative document, the definition of MAN (HUMAN BEING) comprises his three components:  cosmo-physical (spiritual), biological and social;
•   MANKIND is regarded as cosmically meaningful category with RIGHTS, FREEDOMS and DUTIES towards society and nature;
•   a step is taken in the direction of integrating all of peoples into a United, cosmically meaningful, spiritual-ethical World Civilization that is conducting its life wisely;
•   foundations of the Universal cosmic law are being laid while considering the achievements and realities of the contemporary world;
•   it becomes possible to create a civilian society comprising all peoples, safeguarding its own planet as the sacred cradle and shelter of the Human and of Mankind;
•   as a civilian initiative an international legal document is drafted to create a world community
•   the document contains articles referring to measures to be taken today for problems that could occur in the transformation period
•   the legal status of the Earth is being established as a living being and as cosmically conditioned habitat for life activity of Humanity;
•   the possibility was created to transit from state borders to more functional-regional borders.

The principal novelty of this document complies well with modern international documents, including the Earth Charter that is being discussed on the five continents of the Planet but only in Russia it is already implemented by several regional parliaments (e.g.  Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Kabardino-Balkaria).  The Earth Charter is being studied at the schools of these regions, thus creating the necessary basis for a generation with a mental orientation that lives in harmony with nature.

We sincerely hope that serious discussions of the Noo-Constitution will be conducted in other countries with at least the same type of enthusiasm, so that methods can be developed to take under control some of the devastating damage that has occurred within the last decade.  The damage inflicted to the nature and society by unwise human activities within several decades of technocratic development is greater than damage done within previous millenniums! Velocity of deterioration of such problems will only increase in the future, unless urgent measures are adopted.

Dear colleagues! I came here to seek your support of the following World Assembly initiatives:

1.  To adopt the idea of unification of Mankind in a universally meaningful civilization as the principal condition of transition to the noosphere society;

2.  To consider that Vernadskiy’s teaching developed by contemporary scholars and teachers, which regards Intelligence and Consciousness to be the basis for balance on Earth, forms the basic platform for understanding the universe.  This necessitates the formation of a system in order for Mankind to overcome the biological backwardness that could cause its own destruction as a species and civilization.

3.  To submit to international organizations (UNESCO, UN, EU etc.) the proposal to study comprehensively and to adopt the document as a practical realization of the scientific concept of life cosmogenesis, forming the life-saving world vision of the third Millennium.  The Forum was started in the internet in April 2005.  To date the amended text of the Noo- Constitution is being available in English and in Russian.

4.   To establish a Planetary Stabilization Foundation “Living Earth” by transferring in all countries a maximum of 1% of their military budgets for defense to this cause.  In its address to the participants of EXPO-2005 the NSEWA specifically has pointed out that funds spent for armaments i.e.  for creation of the threat to destroy the Planet Earth exceed 27 times the funds spent for its conservation.  The supervising body and guarantor of the transparency of the Foundation’s budget may become the Tutorial Council of the most prominent citizens of Earth and some international organizations such as UN ECOSOC.

5.   To approve the idea of one of the participants of a congress member who suggested using norms and principles of the Noo-Constitution as a principal mechanism of interaction for the international civilian community.

6.   To support an idea to celebrate the “Planetary Day of Earth-Dwellers”.  Upon the suggestion of NSEWA at EXPO-2005 25th of July was declared “Planetary Day of Earth-Dwellers” to be celebrated annually.  This day is known by supporters and likeminded people of the Prominent Citizen of the Planet, Mr.  Jose Arguelles, as the “DAY OUT OF TIME” – the beginning of countdown of the new year by the Mayan calendar.  Apart from that, also Prof.  Emoto Masaru from Japan (who has dedicated himself to research on the memory of water) has pointed out that water has a different humidity on this date.  It is on this date in particular that social institutions devoted to the wisdom of ancient civilizations organize world peace meditations, accepting water as a gift bestowed upon the world.

7.   To support Initiatives of the “LAW OF TIME” of the Galactic Research Foundation aiming at World salvation.

8.   To have the Noo-Constitution used as a basis for taking the first step towards a synthesis of scientific and spiritual knowledge, by changing the consumptive attitude of Mankind towards nature.

9.   As an initiative for common realization, I propose to send the final documents of this conference to UN, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and other international bodies.

The NSEWA will in turn bring all of this information to the attention of the representatives of the World Assembly through NSEWA Representative offices located everywhere in the world, and through participants of the Movement “Planet of People – New Humanity”.

I would highly appreciate your support of our proposals and introduction of these motions into the final documents of the Congress.  Allow me to end my speech by stating that the Noo-Constitution is but a phase for Mankind to create a noospheric society by realizing that they have to open up their consciousness to the depths of cosmos.  Only then the vision of Nicola and Elena Roerih, authors of “The Living Ethics” will come true:  “Had Mankind taken a look at cosmic laws rather than illusionary innovations that they only pretend to be completely new, it would have been possible to restore the balance that has gradually deteriorated since the law of birth until the cosmic end.  Stated Laws are Single.  The Evolution path is going through all physical and spiritual ranges as a thread.  Therefore those in power and the society can apply cosmic laws for their own forms to be perfected”.

In our view, before these measures are taken, it is next to impossible to unify esoteric-spiritual thought with the materialistic viewpoint predominant in the world today.  And for the first time in history we are trying to bring about such a change officially, giving it a legal framework.  Let us hope that the common interaction carried out by the NSEWA and the spiritual center of the world, the “World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation” will cause positive developments in this area and the Noo-Constitution will become a transitive bridge towards regularities of the Universal Constitution awareness.

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All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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