Author Topic: Dark Past: Michigan sterilized more than 3,000 people from early 1900s to 1970s  (Read 6628 times)

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While North Carolina is reliving some of its dark history, Michigan is not without its own.

Michigan was among the 35 states that allowed sterilization of people considered unfit to reproduce.

The stories of dozens North Carolina victims are coming to national prominence after people came forward to speak at a public hearing seeking compensation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the North Carolina government has a legislative proposal to compensate sterilized people with $20,000 each.

Victims have said they were lied to about the procedure. About 7,600 people in North Carolina were sterilized over five decades, and about 3,000 of those people are still alive, according to CNN.

Michigan shares in the eugenics horror often associated with Nazis, as more than 3,000 residents were involuntarily sterilized, according to a January 2009 document from the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society.

Eugenics is the process of selectively breeding humans and animals to get rid of undesirable characteristics.

Michigan repealed the sterilization law in 1974, the historical society reported.
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We need names and we need subpoenas!!  These were Nuremberg crimes and crimes against humanity!!! I am sure if they dig deep those numbers will be a lot higher.  These type mind-set all contributed to the holocaust!
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Thank you for this info. I live in MI. and was unaware of this tragedy. Posted to F.B in hopes of educating some others.

 I highly any action will be taken against the individuals or organizations involve with these heinous crimes. Most likely the data will be "lost or have been destroyed". As per standard operating procedures.
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Government is always doing this kind of thing. If it offers free flu shots, then it's probably testing something on you while saying its for the public good. Also, why must Republicans take charge for the compensation to take momentum. The US really needs the third parties to take charge.