Author Topic: Type O - Negative Blood, Gene Warfare?  (Read 37788 times)

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Type O - Negative Blood, Gene Warfare?
« on: June 13, 2011, 01:06:27 pm »
Before you read, be warned that this stuff is a little "out - there", but I was thinking about it the other day and its been on my mind lately, Im wondering if anyone knows much about this topic and could share some info.../spread knowledge.

I  have been snooping about quite a bit on this topic, and there seems to be a lot of conjecture out there that the elites might have "type O - negative blood"
Re-Negative, / type O blood seems to have a lot of properties associated with it.

I started thinking a little bit, and it sparked the idea that maybe the reason Hitler was a genocidal maniac was because he was trying to eliminate the people who didn't have type o blood.

General Information about Type o / Rh Negative blood
1) Almost 40% of the population has O+ blood
2) Patients with Type O blood must receive Type O blood
3) Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types
4) Type O negative blood is the preferred type for accident victims and babies needing exchange transfusion

I think only maybe about 16% of the population is Type O Negative (Rh Negative)

It is rumored that type O / Rh Negative blood is more resilient / immune to HIV/AIDS.
It is also rumored that the most "abducted" people are Rh - Negative / Type O, also it is rumored that people with Type O / Rh - blood are more prone to psychic/paranormal experiences.
It is also rumored that type o negative blood has no link to the monkey genes that we all share with apes/monkeys, making people think that this was either a mutation/hybridization or that type O blood was the "original human" blood type, (its almost like people with type O blood are a different species).

If a mother with Type o negative blood has a child, and that child does not share the mothers blood type, the mothers body may actually attack the fetus as a foreign object/virus/infection (auto - immune).

Common characteristic traits of people with Rh-Negative blood are
Red Hair, Blond/Hair Blue eyes, hazel green eyes.

My Theory:
Hitler was trying to "restore" race supremacy by wiping out the people who didn't have this blood type, because in his mind, perhaps the Type O blood / genes were superior.
Maybe this is the global agenda, to wipe out people without this blood type? as HIV AIDS and other viruses seem to be more effective against people who are not of this blood type... (perhaps this was a bio weapon first designed to target specific genes in people).

I bet a lot of rich/famous/royalty/powerful people are type O blood , but I have no way to confirm.


So , could all these wars? Bio Weapons/ diseases? etc... be forms of Genocidal warfare , with the goal in mind of eliminating all the non - type O negative blood ? If they managed to eliminate everyone who did not have this blood type, they would probably end up with about only 900 million to 1 billion people left on the earth, and those people would be more resistant to disease/infections/viruses etc.

My father is actually Type O negative, and has never had a cavity in his life despite horrible hygiene habits, never really gets sick, and even if he does he recovers fairly quick, all his brothers do not have his blood type, and are stricken with a great magnitude of illnesses, and his father was believe to also be type O, and was know to never really ever get sick.

Does anyone think there might be something to this? maybe all these rich elite people are in their eyes "genetically superior" and are waging war on the rest of the population to push their blood type to become a higher % of the population.

This could be why royalty tends to "keep it in the family" and why they seem to be very picky about mates etc.... as they are trying to maintain a specific gene pool...

I know that the idea is a bit "out there" but there seems to be a lot of things that point to this being a real possibility.

Thanks for reading ^^..

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Re: Type O - Negative Blood, Gene Warfare?
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2011, 02:06:22 pm »
I first though your post was about the band Type O Negative, from the headline. :)

I'm Type O negative.  Here is the reality of my life:
I get no special treatment.  I'm actually sick more often that almost every one else. (Very few people can match my ability to get mega colds.)  Luckily, I've never been to a hospital in need of blood.  I not only could die from the wrong kind, but I am afraid they may not have enough on supply someday when I might need it.
Mosquitoes and other flying pests think I'm the tastiest snack this side of the Mississipi. (I believe blood type plays a role)
Nah, I doubt the most of elites have type O negative blood types.  Blood types cross all boundaries.  Race, Religeon, Sex, orientation.  Even if two parents have type O negative, the odds are slim the child will;DNA is so complex.   So when an elite did have it, thier child probably doesn't.  They wouldn't wage gene warfare against thier own flesh.
Truely, who has, and who doesn't have certain types of blood is almost random.  The NWO I think has a plan, that is a lot more concrete.

But it's good to have theries man!!!  (Note the lack of the word conspiracy in there :))