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Live Coverage of Bilderberg in Switzerland by Paul Watson and Aaron Dykes


Exclusive Reportage Live from Switzerland on the Bilderbergers
Kurt Nimmo
June 8, 2011

As the international power-brokers and secretive members of the global elite converge on a swanky resort in Switzerland to compare notes on their effort to crash national economies and take sovereign nations to their knees, our reporters are on the ground covering breaking events.

Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson and journalist and editor Aaron Dykes have arrived in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

In the hours ahead, Watson and Dykes will file exciting and information-packed video reports (see two of the latest below).

They will also phone-in later today to the Alex Jones Show and report what the script-reading corporate media will ignore as it covers instead the latest lurid pabulum on the Casey Anthony murder trial and other insignificant info-tainment fluff cranked out by the bread and circuses propaganda machine.

In a fruitless effort to distract attention from the Bilderberg confab, the state owned and royal chartered media in Britain, the BBC, has posted an article today characterizing truth seekers outing the global elite as crazed and wild-eyed conspiracy theorists led by Alex Jones.

Indeed, Alex Jones and crew are one of a small but increasing number of people in the alternative media delivering the truth about the Bilderbergers to not only Americans, but Brits and people of all nationalities.

Stay tuned for breaking reports live from Switzerland.

I cant seem to get that stream to work, Yet i can get any other stream to work. Is there something wrong?

If you're not a truth-seeker, what are you?? A moron!? A lie-eater? People who think truth-seekers are crazy might want to rethink their own perspectives.



2011          Saturday, June 11. Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson and journalist Aaron Dykes file special reports this morning from the Bilderberg meeting in St. Mortiz, Switzerland.

Then they switch over to a live video feed from the site of a protest against the globalists. You can tune in to the video feed here.

Check out another special report on at 1 PM CST.


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