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Prepare for Cyber-War Tonkin Gulf False-Flag Attacks From the US
by Jack D. Douglas June 3, 2011

The U.S. and almost all nations today in our age of mass societies and Big Media Propaganda whip up war-lust among their people before attacking other nations.

The Nazis were masters of false-flag attacks, such as dressing up dead men in Polish uniforms and planting them on German soil and then screaming "Poland Is invading Germany!," which Poland would have done only if they had gone totally insane because it was obvious that Germany could annihilate them quickly, as it did after the false-flag attacks whipped the German people up for war [though probably not as much as the Nazis hoped to do].

The U.S. always goes to war ONLY under waving banners of righteous indignation over "Enemy attacks on the U.S.," "Terrorist threats against the U.S." and so on. Some of these immense Media Propaganda Barrages on Americans have been carefully whipped up by the administration in power, as Wilson did to prep Americans for WWI and as FDR did to push the U.S. into WWII to save the U.K. Some have been totally false-flag Big Lies, as was LBJ's "North Vietnamese attack on U.S. ships in the Tonkin Gulf" and Bush 2's "Iraqi WMD's Threaten America!" Some have been attacks by some small group within a huge nation, such as al-Queda in Afghanistan, which the U.S. used as a pretext for annihilating the whole nation with immense bomb and rocket attacks and then invading the whole nation and occupying it and killing and maiming and uprooting masses of people. I

The U.S. has been working furiously to develop Cyber-War technologies, both offensive and defensive. The U.S. apparently worked with Israel to launch an extremely complex and dangerous Cyber-War Attack on Iran's nuclear energy facilities in total secrecy and with not the slightest provocation from any Cyber Attacks from Iran, not even alleged, since Iran was hardly working on Cyber-War and that's how they got hit so hard by the secret Stuxnet attack on their nuclear energy programs.

Now the U.S. is openly declaring that it will use "Cyber Attacks" on important U.S. facilities as "causes of just war" for counter attacks with conventional military forces.

It will be totally easy for the U.S. to fake Cyber-Attacks on the U.S. any time they want from any supposed source in the world.

The world will come to see this as a threat to all developed nations from U.S. military attacks, as soon as they digest this news and think it out.

The U.S. has started another great armaments races, just as it did with nuclear weapons and many others. LIke all paranoids, the U.S. will insist "They're the ones attacking us!" but in fact it is the U.S. attacking the world, as it attacked Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia [many times], Yemen, Iran......

Nations with great high-tech capabilities and futures, such as China and Russia and Iran and India and Europe, must now arm themselves for cyber-war with the U.S. and conventional war.

As long as the American people believe these Big Military-Industrial-High Tech Lies, the U.S. will continue using them to produce terrible wars against largely defenseless little nations and then losing the immense wars to the tiny guerilla armies of peasants defending their homes and families.

Like paranoids so commonly, the U.S. has turned almost everyone against it, though few dare say so publicly to the Superpower. The U.S. sees enemies everywhere even when there are none and this makes everyone eventually an enemy. Paranoids become unintentional self-murderers.

The sane and reasonable and judicious thing for the U.S. to do would be to develop better and better DEFENSES AGAINST CYBER-ATTACKS, exactly as the U.S. private high-tech world is doing, not using "possible" future cyber-attacks as a justification for developing cyber-offenses and threatening all out military attacks.

Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.
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Hacker Groups Thoroughly Infiltrated by Government
June 6th, 2011

Via: Guardian:

The underground world of computer hackers has been so thoroughly infiltrated in the US by the FBI and secret service that it is now riddled with paranoia and mistrust, with an estimated one in four hackers secretly informing on their peers, a Guardian investigation has established.

Cyber policing units have had such success in forcing online criminals to co-operate with their investigations through the threat of long prison sentences that they have managed to create an army of informants deep inside the hacking community.

In some cases, popular illegal forums used by cyber criminals as marketplaces for stolen identities and credit card numbers have been run by hacker turncoats acting as FBI moles. In others, undercover FBI agents posing as “carders” – hackers specialising in ID theft – have themselves taken over the management of crime forums, using the intelligence gathered to put dozens of people behind bars.

So ubiquitous has the FBI informant network become that Eric Corley, who publishes the hacker quarterly, 2600, has estimated that 25% of hackers in the US may have been recruited by the federal authorities to be their eyes and ears. “Owing to the harsh penalties involved and the relative inexperience with the law that many hackers have, they are rather susceptible to intimidation,” Corley told the Guardian.
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