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Memorial Day: Has it Lost its meaning?
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Memorial Day Remembering the True Meaning
Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for
 those who have died in our nation’s service. The first two World Wars were meaningful to the United States of America. We suffered grave personal loss as most of us can trace back in our ancestry relatives that gave their all in service for their country. Some whom served paid the ultimate price, their lives. Others had physical and or emotional trauma that haunted them the rest of their lives. War is not fun and killing is never a pretty thing to do or witness. Most of the solders realized they were fighting for their governments not because they personally hated the men they fought on the other side. The World wars made the United States into a super power nation. These days there are several reasons to argue America has abused this power.
Memorial Day: Have We Forgot Lessons Learned
The US government has turned into a war machine guided by money and not the greater good. Something that is not worth a Memorial Day celebration as of late. The defence contractors rake in billions on these wars while the average American suffers. American Tax money is spent to support these occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we are even Bombing Libya even on this Memorial Day and talking about sending ground forces. The American people in return are suffering the highest oil,gas and food prices in our history. These wars are a big part of our financial deficit, as to the cause. Not wars to celebrate this Memorial Day 2011. The reasons as to why we are in these conflicts are far from clear. In Iraq no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. The reasons for going into Afghanistan was to go after Bin Laden and Al Qaeda both who are on the record as being CIA controlled. Even 911, if you look at the real evidence not the US government propaganda and outright lies, Proves to be a inside job with overwhelming evidence to back this claim up! Where is the proof Gaddafi was killing his Libyan people, because Al Qaeda says so? Before NATO started helping Libya Al Qaeda, all Al Qaeda were considered our enemy that we hunt and kill on site! Yet in Libya we arm and support them and want them to take over whats left after we bomb the hell out of Libya. Pakistan is also a victim in this Al Qeada witch hunt game. Daily our drones violate Pakistani air space in hunt of Al Qaeda camps, more innocents are killed in these operations than bad guys. President Obama even sent a Navy seal team inside Pakistan to kill Bin Laden. The official story fron the white house has changed over and over on this story as has the pictures the US claim as real and fake, Eye witness reports and evidence do not support the White house story as to this Bin Laden killing event. Very credible sources from with in the US government claimed Bin Laden died in 2001 0r 2002. In April 2002, over nine years ago, Council on Foreign Relations member Steve R. Pieczenik, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Bake, told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”. As we remember our solders this Memorial Day, we must also Question the truthfulness of the US government.
Memorial Day: Remember our Solders Suffering From Depleted Uranium Sickness

A high number of birth defects in Iraq and Afghanistan have been blamed on DU exposure, these facts need to be remembered this Memorial Day. The Depleted Uranium is used in some of the Ammunition and bombs US forces have used. The solders for the most part were never trained or had any idea of the D.U. was so toxic or even how to properly handle the munitions. This lack of training my cost some their lives prematurely. These Solders of the Gulf and Afghan are victims that are forgotten, let us remenber them this Memorial Day.
Even when I hear bombs going off at a national guard base several miles from my home, I wonder if they contain D.U.  that could harm my family.
By Frida Berrigan Edited by Web News Jax ; Memorial Day post
American soldiers also are beginning to suffer injuries from a silent and pernicious weapon material of U.S. origin—depleted uranium (DU) and need to be remembered this Memorial Day .
DU weaponry is fired by U.S. troops from the Abrams battle tank, A-10 Warthog and other systems. It is pyrophoric, burning spontaneously on impact, and extremely dense, making DU munitions ideal for penetrating an enemy’s tank armor or reinforced bunker. It also is the toxic and radioactive byproduct of enriched uranium, the fissile material in nuclear weapons.
When a DU shell hits its target, it burns, losing anywhere from 40 percent to 70 percent of its mass and dispersing a fine toxic radioactive dust that can be carried long distances by winds or absorbed into the soil and groundwater. The U.S. Army and Air Force have fired 127 tons of DU munitions in Iraq in the last year, says Michael Kilpatrick, the Pentagon’s director of the Deployment Health Support Directorate.
At the beginning of April—the deadliest month of the war and occupation so far—a New York Daily News investigation found that four National Guardsmen have been contaminated by radioactive dust. These are men we should remember and pray for this Memorial Day weekend.
The men were part of the 442nd Military Police Company based in Orangeburg, New York, which went to Iraq last summer to guard convoys and prisons and train the new Iraqi police. While the whole company is due back in the United States by the end of April, a number of soldiers were sent home early, suffering from persistent headaches and fatigue, nausea and dizziness, joint pain and excessive urination.
They sought medical attention and testing from the Army but were ignored. Nine of the returned soldiers, frustrated with this treatment, sought independent testing and examination from a uranium expert contracted by the New York Daily News. The independent expert’s tests showed four of the soldiers had high levels of depleted uranium in their systems.
Asaf Durakovic, a physician and nuclear medicine expert with the Uranium Medical Research Center based in Washington, examined the GIs and performed the testing. The Daily News quoted him as saying: “These are amazing results, especially since these soldiers were military police not exposed to the heat of battle. Other American soldiers who were in combat must have more depleted uranium exposures.”
Second Platoon Sergeant Hector Vega tested positive for DU exposure. He is a 48-year-old retired postal worker from the Bronx and has served in the National Guard for 27 years. After being stationed in Iraq last year, he suffers from insomnia and constant headaches.
Durakovic found that Vega and three of his fellow Guardsmen are the first confirmed cases of inhaled depleted uranium exposure from the current Iraq conflict. These cases raise the specter of much more widespread radiation exposure among coalition soldiers and Iraqi civilians than the Pentagon predicted.
Pentagon spokesmen consistently have maintained that depleted uranium is safe for U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians. In May 2003, the Associated Press quoted Lt. Col. Michael Sigmon, deputy surgeon for the U.S. Army’s V Corps, saying, “There is not really any danger, at least that we know about, for the people of Iraq.” Sigmon asserted that children playing with expended tank shells would have to eat and then practically suffocate on DU residue to cause harm.
Yet, according to a 1998 report by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the inhalation of DU particles can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, lymphatic problems, bronchial complaints, weight loss and an unsteady gait. These symptoms match those of sick veterans of the Gulf and Balkan wars. In November 1999, NATO sent its commanders the following warning: “Inhalation of insoluble depleted uranium dust particles has been associated with long-term health effects, including cancers and birth defects.” A study that same year found that depleted uranium can stay in the lungs for up to two years. “When the dust is breathed in, it passes through the walls of the lung and into the blood, circulating through the whole body,” wrote Dr. Rosalie Bertell, a Canadian epidemiologist. When inhaled, she concluded, DU “represents a serious risk of damaged immune systems and fatal cancers.”
A four-year study released last year by the Defense Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also found “significantly higher prevalences” of heart and kidney birth defects in the children of Gulf War veterans, though it did not mention DU specifically.
The Pentagon’s professions of DU’s safety also is directly contradicted by the Army’s training manual, which acknowledges the hazards of DU, requiring that anyone who comes within 25 meters of DU-contaminated equipment or terrain wear respiratory and skin protection. The manual warns: “Contamination will make food and water unsafe for consumption.”
The men of the 442nd Company said they had never heard of depleted uranium and they were not issued dust masks or other protective gear.
Responding to the New York Daily News article, and calls for testing from Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer New York, an army spokeswoman told the Associated Press that “the military would test any soldier that expressed concerns about uranium exposure.” At the request of Representatives Ciro Rodriguez (D-Texas) and Robert Filner (D-Calif.), the General Accounting Office (GAO) now is investigating whether the Pentagon has ignored the medical consequences of depleted uranium armaments. Based on the GAO’s findings, Filner and Rodruguez are considering the introduction of legislation to extend service benefits to veterans who develop health conditions that can plausibly be caused by depleted uranium exposure.
These are steps in the right direction. But the men of the 442 and the 131,000 U.S. and 24,000 Coalition soldiers serving in Iraq deserve more. They deserve a ban on Depleted Uranium. Lets pray this Memorial Day that this ban will someday soon happen.
Memorial Day 2011 closing statement

All Americans should honor our brave troops this Memorial Day 2o11. We should also remember lessons learned and not let history repeat its self in a negative way. The brave men and women that serve and have served in the US armed forces for the most part are very good people, they are our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers ect. Let us never forget those who serve or have served this nation and pray this nation becomes one of the greater good once again someday soon. Please after reading this just think for your self a few minutes about what Memorial Day 2011 means to you personally.
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Re: Memorial Day: Has it Lost its meaning?
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Re: Memorial Day: Has it Lost its meaning?
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Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole ; He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. - Job 5

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Re: Memorial Day: Has it Lost its meaning?
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I Didn't Fight For Your Freedom

By Jude

July 05, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- Re-posted from May 30, 2011 "First Draft" -- So it's Memorial Day, which means that the US is awash with mostly obligatory tributes to military personnel.

I hate this shit.

I didn't fight for your freedoms. In the six years I was in, I never once defended your right to vote, or to carry a gun, or to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure (that one doesn't really apply anymore, anyway), or any of the other things you enjoy as a citizen of this country. I just didn't. Neither did anyone who went to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Vietnam. It's all bullshit. It's a f**king lie that we tell ourselves and each other so that we don't have to think about why we send young men and women to serve, suffer, and die for old men's vainglorious ideas and profit margins.

I passed through Burlington, WI on Saturday to visit their annual chocolate festival. Who could say no to that, right? Well, while there (this being Wisconsin), I got myself a beer. To do so, you had to put up with the shitty metal cover band in the beer tent. There's a 45-year-old lead singer acting a fool--pouring beer on his own goddamned head, making dumb-ass sexist remarks, saying stupid shit about his teen-aged daughter, etc. Since that wasn't reprehensible enough, he then proceeded to thank all the veterans in the crowd, specifically pointing out one man whose--well, I'll just quote this asshole.

I wanna thank all of our veterans for what they do for us. Every guy in the band, our fathers were all in the military. My dad was in Korea! This guy right here in front--his son is in Iraq right now. He's over there FIGHTIN' FOR OUR RIGHT TO PARTY!

I wanted to rush the stage and strangle that f**k with a microphone cord.

It's all bullshit, folks. We don't do anything for anyone's freedom. The military hasn't actually deployed en masse to defend your freedom in a long, long time. Unless you call rich people f**king over the world's poor and powerless a form of freedom. As you may have guessed, I don't. It's bullshit. And it needs to stop.

I don't mind honoring sacrifice, but the military doesn't have a monopoly on that, now does it? I also don't mind remembering military dead and wounded. But we do it all wrong. We just fetishize the suffering (like good Catholics, no?) without wondering why it ever happened in the first place. Remembrance and memorial, it would seem, also involve reflection and assessment. Just because someone died or was wounded doesn't automatically validate how he or she came to be in that state. We send our young people overseas to be bored, pull duty, sometimes get shot at, and occasionally get hit. Then we never ask why they're over there in the first f**king place, because doing so, apparently, does them a disservice. What kind of jack shit is that?

A real Memorial Day would involve commitments to cease sacrifices that don't actually, you know, do anything in the name of freedom. Losing your legs so that Chevron can see higher profit margins is not noble. It's a god damned shame. Dying in the service of defense contractors doesn't bestow sainthood on the deceased. It just means that a life got snuffed out for no good reason. Reflexive military worship is a cancer on society. Unscrupulous people use it to justify their actions and avoid any criticism. That shit makes the act of asking why we should send young people to absorb bullets and get blown to pieces into some kind of subversion and/or sedition. How f**king ridiculous is that? Wondering if someone's death was worth the cost doesn't dishonor the person. I don't know how we've confused evaluating the motives and actions of leaders with spitting on corpses, but we have. And until we can untangle those things, we're just well and truly f**ked when it comes to international affairs.

So this Memorial Day, take a minute to actually reflect on the acts and deeds of people in uniform. But that involves critical thought instead of blind acceptance of the rightness of our leaders' actions. Honor the dead and care for the living, but don't think that people in uniform today are actually standing between you and tyranny.

Remember that.
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