Author Topic: Why would they release obviously faked docs/pics? BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS DO!  (Read 935 times)

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To all of the people who are confused at how the executive branch can use such obviously fraudulent documents to justify faking an assassination of a 8 year dead CIA agent...THIS IS HOW THEY ALWAYS DO IT!  They used to have control of the media, now they do not. Now everyone can see "They Live" operations clearly. Don't believe me? Let us take a stroll down memory lane...Reichtag Fire...all the evidence was total bullshit. Gulf of never happened. 9/11...all evidence is bullshit including thermite, molton steel for months, EPA fraud, hundreds of people reporting bombs, all documents forged, etc. is a best case comparison in my opinion concerning the Niger document:

Niger and Iraq: the War's biggest Lie?
by Neil McKay Global Research, July 13, 2003 The Scotland Herald, - 2005-06-22

Investigation: Neil Mackay reveals why everyone now accepts that claims Saddam Hussein got uranium from Africa are fraudulent ... except, that is, Britain's beleaguered prime minister and his Cabinet supporters

In February 1999, Wissam Al Zahawie, the Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See in Rome, set off on a series of diplomatic visits to several African countries, including Niger. This trip triggered the allegations that Iraq was trying to buy tons of uranium from Niger -- a claim which could yet prove the most damning evidence that the British government exaggerated intelligence to bolster its case for war on Iraq .

Some time after the Iraqi ambassador's trip to Niger, the Italian intelligence service came into possession of forged documents claiming Saddam was after Niger uranium. We now know these documents were passed to MI6 and then handed by the British to the office of US Vice-President Dick Cheney . The forgeries were then used by Bush and Blair to scare the British and Americans and to box both Congress and Parliament into supporting war. There are an increasing number of claims suggesting Bush and Blair knew these documents were forged when they used them as evidence that Saddam Hussein was putting together a nuclear arsenal.

The truth behind claims that Blair's government 'sexed up' intelligence reports that Saddam could mobilise weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes may never be known, but the Niger forgeries lie like a smoking gun covered in Britain's fingerprints. At some point Tony Blair is going to have to answer questions about what the British government and MI6 were up to.

The fact that the documents were forged matters less than the purpose to which they were put. On September 24, 2002, Blair's dossier Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government said: 'There is intelligence that Iraq has sought the supply of significant quantities of uranium from Africa. Iraq has no active civil nuclear power programme of nuclear power plants and, therefore, has no legitimate reason to acquire uranium.'

On January 28, 2003, Bush, in his State of the Union address, said: 'The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.' Bush didn't stop there -- later, there was talk of 'mushroom clouds' unless Saddam was taken out.

It was the International Atomic Energy Agency which rumbled the documents as forgeries -- a task that their experts were able to complete in just a matter of hours.

Here are just [a few] examples of how easy it was to work out the documents were, as one intelligence source said,

'total bullshit':

1] In a letter from the President of Niger a reference is made to the constitution of May 12, 1965 -- but the constitution is dated August 9, 1999;

2] Another letter purports to be signed by Niger's foreign minister, but bears the signature of Allele Elhadj Habibou, the minister between 1988-89;

3] An obsolete letterhead is used, including the wrong symbol for the presidency, and references to state bodies such as the Supreme Military Council and the Council for National Reconciliation are incompatible with the letter's date

There are supposedly over 20 other anomalies, this is what they do, this is how they do it.

They give the public bullshit and shove it up our noses saying "SMELL IT, SMELL IT SLAVE!"
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 Bingo on that one Dig.
 Sucking the psuedo patriots into frenzy..The parasites are well aware a great majority WANT the lies.
 Human nature being the bottom line to the elites playground.
 The band plays, the banner is drapped, the soldiers stand at attention in full dress, and then the grand puppet steps behind the podium,WOW. All is needed is to riffel on how great we are, and spatt of the  ole time rhetoric, and how we are the greatest, the WINNERS.
  Give the people what they want to hear, wiggle the flag Johny. We killed the FK boogey man, WOW, we got him, yaaaa America won, WTF..            It reminds me of the football games..WTF