Author Topic: "The Source Code" movie sub. messages and propaganda *WARNING SPOILER*  (Read 3420 times)

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So I just so happened to see "The Source Code" yesterday and may I first say it was a good movie, although it had propaganda written all over it. Basically, the movie is about a guy who's sent on a mission (sort of) back in time to find out who the bomber was in order to stop an even bigger future terror attack. From what I've noticed, the movie breaks up into 3 main Subliminal Messages:

1) Top Secret experiments on Soldiers by the Government (MK Ultra-esque) - The main character was a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. as the story goes along we find out that he actually had already died, (yet they were able to keep his brain functioning) a few months back and the government retrieved his body to use his brain in an experiment called the "Source Code". This enabled him to cross over into one of the unknown passenger's mind and revisit the last 8 mins of his life before the detonation. He keeps going back "in time", gathering clues until he finds out who the bomber is so that they can stop the bomber from completing his next target.
After the first explosion, he's brought back to another setting. The setup reminded me of "Call of Duty: Black Ops" where he was strapped in a chair with an unknown military personnel asking him questions in order to retrieve some information. When he wouldn't cooperate she would blurt out a sequence of parables & numbers while on the screen they showed a sequence of playing cards, which all together triggered his memory and calmed him down. He was applied to the experiment unknowingly against his will.

2) The Threat on America from within - So as he began to understand his mission, he began to become suspicious and started singling out passengers on the train. I find it interesting the the first person he singled out was a middle eastern man, who turned out to not be the terrorist. in the middle of the movie he finally finds out the terrorist was actually a young, caucasian, liberal american college student. For the short lived part that he received, they depicted him sort of sadistic and psychotic, smiling even when Jake Gyllenhaal's character pointed a gun to his head.
The most important part out of that scene was when the main character, Colter Stevans, asked why he was doing this. the chump's reply was somewhere on the lines of "Why I'm doing this?...because, this hell!.....but we can start over...make a new world out of the rubble!" This is a blatant message of the Globalist' agenda of "Order out of Chaos".
(I actually chuckled sarcastically when he said that, only because I knew what the underlying message was really about)
The "terrorist" had about 5 lines. They really spent no time explaining the characters background. They really wanted to focus on that message.

3) Staged Terror Attacks At the end, Colter Stevans gets the information for them but goes back to save the girl against their orders. He winds up saving the entire train thus creating an alternate universe we're that terror attack didn't occur. At the end, the scientist's (in charge of the program) last line was something like "the perfect crisis will emerge where we can test the source code". Behind that lies the interest of the government in terror attacks in order to swoop in and "save the day". But their true desire is not of our safety but of their own agendas.

a sub propaganda throughout the movie was patriotism. Every time Colter would try and not cooperate, they would remind him how good it is to serve our country. He had so much pride that even after he got the information, he wanted to go back and save the passengers just for self-gratification as a soldier, fighting the war against terror.