Author Topic: Google launches behavioral observation/control mail "service"  (Read 1653 times)

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Described as a "spacial tracking algorithm" Gmail Motion converts your movements in front of your webcam into "actionable" commands.

You will be programed to behave the way the algorithm requires AND you will be studied to refine their behavioral recognition algorithms.

Introducing Gmail Motion

They will know what you are thinking and you will salute when you are required to.

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Re: Google launches behavioral observation/control mail "service"
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2011, 02:23:04 am »
I can picture it now...especially in an office with all those little cubicles and all the workers dancing around their screens.  lol.  Really, it's faster to just type it, actually, even easier and quicker, just lean back and verbally dictate it.  DAH!  They just want a way into a person's personal space, their ultimate motive...we can only imagine.  ::)