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Holy Crap, Grassroots Works!
« on: December 31, 2007, 11:41:36 am »
  Kucinich the Surprise Winner in Virginia Dems Poll

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The strong showing of grassroots support for Ohio Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich continues to be evident across the United States, as the people's choice has just earned another victory in an online poll, this time sponsored by the Democratic Party of Virginia.

    With the voting ended and the results of nearly 7000 responses in, Kucinich captured first place with 30% of the votes. Hillary Rodham Clinton followed in second place with 27% of the votes, and the rest of the Democratic contenders lined up under in totals under 15%.

    The Democratic Party of Virginia poll was conducted between December 20 and 23. The question was simple: If the Virginia Democratic presidential primary were held today, which of the six Democratic candidates would you vote for? It should be noted that Chris Dodd was not included in the poll choices because he had not filed with the State Board of Elections by the December 14, 5:00 PM deadline.

    Dennis Kucinich was the winner. In fact, even as polling continued past the deadline, Kucinich has maintained his lead over his rivals. This bodes well for the candidate and his supporters across America as the February 12 presidential primary date in Virginia nears, with a substantial 103 delegates at stake. (Results are available at

    "This is a surprise victory for me in some ways, but I don't think it is entirely unexpected," said Kucinich today while campaigning in New Hampshire. "Since the beginning of my campaign I have been talking with people across the United States about the issues that matter most to them -- affordable health care for all Americans, ending the war in Iraq and a return to a truly constitutional government. My vision for this country is really mainstream, and that's why people are turning to me for real leadership."

    Just last week Kucinich was the runaway winner in yet another poll of the Democratic Party's progressive, grassroots base, scoring a landslide win by capturing almost 77% of the vote in a nationwide poll sponsored by a coalition of Independent voting groups across the country. Of the more than 80,000 votes cast for Democratic candidates at by self-described independent voters, the Ohio Congressman received 61,477 -- more than three times the combined total of all the other candidates.

    Also, The Nation, one of the country's leading political publications, concluded an editorial recently by stating, "In his stands on the issues, Dennis Kucinich comes closest to embodying the ideals of this magazine."
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