Author Topic: Support Alex - It does not have to cost you a cent.  (Read 2432 times)

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Support Alex - It does not have to cost you a cent.
« on: December 30, 2007, 01:30:38 am »
It is very important that we support Alex in various ways like buying from his sponsors and then thanking them for supporting Alex.

One way which will not cost you a cent is to visit his websites and visit his advertisers' websites by clicking the links.  I am not suggesting that you click the ads just to generate revenue for Alex but click the ones that you are truly interested in.  I say this because I am quite sure that not very many people are clicking his Google ads specifically.  I work with Google ads and I know how they work.  As visitors click an ad, Google will post more ads of the same type, and this is clearly not happening.  They have a very clever algorithm.  On my website, 10 out of 500 pages are patriot related.  These pages get about 1/100th of the clicks (on average) over the other pages.  The pages which get a lot of click-throughs have have acquired an advertising theme.  After the theme is established, the click-throughs increase significantly.  The Google ads on Alex's websites have not established themes making it clear that the ads are not being clicked.

Google's rules states clearly that you cannot ask your visitors to visit their advertisers for any reason so Alex is not going ask.

I think that Alex has great sponsors and we should support them all but my favorite is the Cal Ben soaps.
Their soaps do not contain chemicals like 100% of the soaps on Walmart's shelves.  Most soaps actually contain petro-chemical based detergents.  Cal Ben soaps are less expensive (by a long shot) and are by far, superior products.  They have small sample packs.  Try them and you will be hooked.