Author Topic: My review on Google's Android OS - creepiest OS ever, traces everything you do  (Read 907 times)

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This is the creepest operating system I have ever encountered in my life. Everything that you would do or use on this operating system is tracing you in ways that you yourself could not predict.  The only saving grace I could think of is this, at least it sort-of asks about tracing you constantly.

As a metaphor  lets say that a cell phone company is a guy. You give him a message so that  he then gives a copy of it to your friend.  In Android  that man is some creepy guy at at the park that keeps asking you about yourself / family / friends / behaviors / financial habits.

In other words you say. "Could you please tell my friend Joe, that we will pick him up at 7:00".

Then he would say "Okay cool, so are these going to?  And what do you think we will be doing between now and then? And who else is going to be there?  I have exact directions by the way. We are going to his house...?  How many people do you think are going to be there? "

To install the OS, you need (requirement) a google email address. That address is validated through a cell phone's SMS message. (If you already have a gmail account just wait, they are getting around to forcing you to verify.)  So once you in, your in. Then the user is asked to decline twice in order to not  Geo-location-track you (and / or) track you to "help search results".

Next I installed 1 "free" app. "Inkpad" yet I was told that I could not install "Inkpad" without my my geo-location security right. Okay that is it I'm out. I want this thing off-line now.

Now it gets interesting..
How can I turn off this device? The power button is not a hard reset, more like pressing the space bar on the keyboard. The batteries are inaccessible, I got a cheap touch screen device that has no GPS, no Bluetooth, but does have Wifi.  Even through my restricted router this thing got out to someone's gmail address. Somewhere in the OS I see an "Airplane mode" - I don't know what that even means. Do I trust Airplane mode more, or do I disconnect the Wifi?  

At this point the only way to disconnect the device that I know will work is to place it in a Microwave. (do not turn on microwave).

So I'm waiting 8 hours for this OS to die off.  Overall I would say that my review goes badly. I fundamental  dislike this OS. Calling this software "Open  source" is offensive.

Alternative Operating systems are out there:

Before Microsoft screwed it, Nokia was funding some open cell phone projects. They are still open and free. My phone uses maemo. I have countless "apps" all free. Sure I don't know if they are tracking my location, but I do know that the software cannot access that data if it tried. My phone has the following apps all for free:  wii controller, playstation hacker, nes, sega genesis, gps maps that can be configured to use open maps, google maps, yahoo, mapquest etc...., a spreadsheet compatible with excel, a word processor that can export to PDF, a pdf viewer, firefox, and lots more.

Get off of Windows / Mac!! You are not safe.
Get an OS you can trust. Linux, Free BSD. Ask for help!


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If google is ensconced with US Intelligence then you cannot be surprised that its operating system is intrusive.  I do not know how many people use Firefox as a browser but they can and install the "Noscript" extension that block applets from untrustworthy sites.  Whatever site I go to, I see that "" has an applet that is blocked.  I can imagine that having a browser like chrome is most efficacious for tracking  that along with an entire operating system.