Author Topic: unwitting human lab rat  (Read 892 times)

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unwitting human lab rat
« on: February 17, 2011, 08:58:23 am »
obviously this has military and covert uses

they can make a sound in your head in a perceived direction to a potential threat or like (a tapping feeling) in that direction.

you know I know...........

as you can see from about 5 mins in here they are intrested in creating/using peoples nervious system/senses in different way to give people some enhanced ability or information
you probadly read of other TI`s that can comunicte via pulse sent through there nervious system one sensation for no, 2 for yes kind of thing

horizon is seeing believing 5/6

horizon is seeing believing 6/6

what do you expect me sit here while you mess with my body????

I don`t what to end up being some autonomous unit for you lot....(people illegally running this stupid shit)

Autonomous Units

    Autonomous units are devices designed to act on their own to perform jobs assigned to them. Also known as robots, autonomous units usually have some amount of problem-solving software and hardware.

hence the mind control aspect.....creating alters ,persona`s, mind carry these out

i.e  installing programing ....operating mental code

the harrassment side to stop you from figure this out and exposing it,creat the fear,truama ,and the hopelessness and worthless , so they can use it as some lever ,bragaining chip....if you only do this we wouldn`t have to bugger you up etc....

Also they do a lot to create the the ideal situation on the ground isolate you, destroy your support networks , discredit you ,create the cover story....mental ill,crimnal  paper trail etc...

after a while you realize your just being used as some unwritten human lab just get wise to there bullshit....they try to come up with so new electronic/physiological  bit of cheese or stick to make you run/act/believe in ways they want you to.