Author Topic: Scottish MP asks US ambassador re “character assassination” of DU activists  (Read 2307 times)

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Scottish Parliamentarian asks US ambassador re “character assassination” of DU activists

by Dr Bill Wilson MSP

February 16, 2011

Scottish Parliamentarian asks US ambassador re "character assassination" of depleted uranium (DU) activists and US compliance with DU health directives

Member of the Scottish Parliament, Dr Bill Wilson, is raising the issue of depleted uranium (DU) with the US ambassador to the UK.  In a letter to Ambassador Louis B. Susman, he has asked whether a person who has been "scurrilously attacking the credibility of [DU] informants" is or was employed by any wing of the US Government or military.  He has also asked Ambassador Susman what the US Government is doing to ensure compliance with various US and international regulations, directives, bulletins and medical orders pertaining to DU, and drawn his attention to reports of a US Army order to destroy military records.

Dr Wilson said, "In the course of campaigning for openness and justice with regard to the use of DU weapons, I have been contacted by an individual who seems intent on discrediting those seeking to expose the impact of this hideous radioactive substance and to champion the health and welfare of those affected by it.  I have seen enough evidence to be convinced that DU shells have been widely used by the USA and the UK, with grave consequences for the health of both civilians and service personnel, in flagrant breach of numerous medical orders etc.  I therefore suspect the motives of the individual who has been attempting to assassinate the characters of my informants and would like to know if he has any official connections with the US government.

"If DU has a fraction of the health impact that I believe it does, then the moral, legal and financial ramifications of its use, and of any attempts to cover these up or obstruct their investigation, would be enormous.  If those in positions of authority in the USA and UK have a shred of integrity they will act now to thoroughly investigate the situation, to comply with all regulations and recommendations, to clear up the mess they have left behind in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and to diagnose and treat those affected.

"I have spoken of the impact on women in Fallujah – advised not to have children because the risk of deformity is so high.  It’s not only civilians who are suffering, however.  Not least affected are UK and US service personnel, who, I am led to believe, have been badly let down by the countries they risked their lives for.  At least the Italian Ministry of Defence was previously held to account in court for its failure to protect its troops against DU.  If our governments do not act now to remedy things then they will certainly be condemned by history."