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feb 7 2011 simpsons
« on: February 08, 2011, 04:51:14 am »
(hope this is right place)

Very bizarre episode, cannot even begin to catalog the odd references.

But these things stood out:

~Homer kept making the statement that socially inept or unsuccessful kids would "end up working for NOAA".
not sure if this was a crack at Homer's ignorance or a crack at the deceptive multi-functionality of otherwise innocuous agencies.
Like, "ya wouldn't believe the things we NOAA" and all that, right? You wouldn't believe the information storage/routing/interoperability. He kept saying NOAA a lot.

~Bart was tasked at school with a model building project. His dad tries to take over for him and suggests the Washington Monument. He is told by a hobby shop clerk that
the Washington Monument is the "most obvious and simple" model project and suggests Westminster Abbey. Washington Monument was also mentioned a lot.

~Homer alludes to the possibility that blowing up the Abbey would be an interesting project?? wtf

~homer falls asleep and meets ghosts in the Abbey, including Oscar Wilde who ectoplasmically grinds on him some while spouting quotes like "mistakes are experience" etc

~while "helicopter parenting" he says "black hawk down" lol

~everyone ultimately decides to "let the kids have a chance"

This whole thing was so full of whack subliminals I don't even know what it was about.