Author Topic: Community says NO to Blackwater West--Blackwater says public be damned  (Read 1023 times)

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Five Potrero, California planning board members who were supporters of Blackwater West were recalled and replaced with anti-Blackwater citizens.

Blackwater says the public be damned, it's going to build Blackwater West there anyway.,,2219612,00.html

Google news search:

Journalist Pepe Escobar:

I have heard from a few investment bankers what their wet dream is all about -- it’s the Bush administration’s dream, for that matter: the world as a Green Zone guarded by Blackwater types, everything privatized, provided Halliburton-style, and “out there” a Mad Max Red Zone. In this sense Baghdad is a living metaphor of the future. That’s what the Bush administration accomplished. So in this sense they are “winning” the war on Iraq.