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All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately


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Re: Lenin's False Flag Terrorism and Racist Philosophy Echo Hitler & US
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Mainstream Historians Show Lenin's Communist Dictatorship Shared Philosophy of State-Sponsored Terror And Racism With Hitler And Modern U.S.
By: Jay Dyer

I was awestruck while reading a biography on V.I. Lenin recently.  The strange synchronicities concern his creation of a massively extended police state-the Cheka, compared with the same actions of Hitler and our modern U.S. are prodigious, to say the least.  One might be tempted to think that, since Lenin was a Communist and of Jewish origin, there would be no similarity between his philosophy and Hitler's.  However, the facts speak otherwise.  Hitler was a racist and an occultist to be sure, but evidence suggests that he was aided by occultic Ashkenazi "Judaism," including many of them in his own administrative positions, even while outwardly hating Jews.
Despite his appearance of being a sophisticated, modern atheist, Vladimir Lenin was actually an occultic Zionist who, according to researcher Juri Lina and the Modern History Project, was inducted into the Masonic Lodge of the Nine Sisters.  Lenin’s philosophy was, in fact, highly racist: a key point missed by many researchers.  In fact, Lenin, like many of the elites (such as Hitler), was obsessed with bloodlines and racial purity.  Lenin Biographer Dmitri Volkogonov writes:
“Paradoxically, for a Marxist who believed in the primacy of the environmental over inherited factors, she [Lenin’s sister] also asserted the dubious proposition that Lenin’s Jewish origins ‘are further confirmation of the exceptional abilities of the Semitic tribe, [confirmation] always shared by [Vladimir] Ilyich Lenin…Lenin always valued Jews highly.’  Anna’s claim explains, for instance, why Lenin frequently recommended giving foreigners, especially Jews, intellectually demanding tasks, and leaving the elementary work to the ‘Russian fools.’ [Anna continuing] ‘…in the Lenin Institute, as well as in the Institute of the Brain…they have long recognized the great gifts of this [Jewish] nation and the extremely beneficial effects of its blood on the progeny of mixed marriages.  Ilyich himself rated their revolutionary qualities highly, their ‘tenacity’ in the struggle, as he put it, contrasting it with the more sluggish and unstable character of the Russians.  He often pointed out that the great attributes of organization and the strength of the revolutionary bodies in the south and west of Russia arose precisely from the fact that 50% of their members were of that nationality.”           
We see, then, the same occultic, eugenics philosophy of magical bloodlines at work here with Lenin as with Hitler, and our modern social Darwinists, as Alex Jones has shown in his penetrating documentary, “End Game.”  Lenin was also a member of the Fabian Socialist Society and received monetary support from the Anglo-Establishment Round Table groups, which included such notables as Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, and Satanist Annie Besant.
Like Hitler, Lenin had no problem with staged terrorism, blaming it on his political opponents.  Lenin stated, “…under the present circumstances the real struggle can only mean terrorism. ‘…he [Lenin] became an advocate of systematic, frightening terrorism, capable of shaking the autocracy.”   However, Lenin was not a bomb-thrower himself.  He was an architect of terror, under the Machiavellian auspices of “controlling the masses.”  Volkogonov writes, “He [Lenin] would never do any of these things [terror acts] himself.  The action of individual units was not important.  The main thing was to command huge, virtually unwitting masses.”   Thus, for Lenin, state-sponsored terror in order to control the masses through fear was a key factor in Bolshevik power.  And all this was soon after Lenin’s personal “conversion” to radical Marxism.
Historian Robert Payne’s lengthy biography of Adolph Hitler elucidates this same point.  Hitler created his own terror attacks, burning the Reichstag building and blaming it on a Communist Agent.   Following upon this event, Hitler was able to pass the Enabling Act, which granted him dictatorial powers and a basis for creating a massive police state bureaucracy.   We see precisely the same thing with Lenin.         
Lenin’s socio-political model was admittedly the Illuminati’s Paris Commune of the French Revolution.   And like the Paris Revolutionaries, in Lenin’s view, the height and summit of man’s origin and end is the state.  The state is conceived of as the greatest good, and the metaphysical unity which gives all meaning to individuals.  This is statism, pure and undiluted.  According to most statists, such as Hegel, the individual possesses virtually no meaning and has almost no identity apart from the collective, and thus there is no sin in this worldview except denying the primacy and infallibility of the state.  Man’s essence is itself found in the community, as Charles Taylor notes of Hegel’s statist thought.
Volgokonov writes of Lenin’s police state:
It was not therefore surprising that when he became the ruler of the new society, his main preoccupation was the punitive, the Cheka (political police) and the State Political Administration, of the GPU.  Indeed, reading the minutes of Lenin’s Politburo after the seizure of power, it quickly becomes clear that there was scarcely a session that did not review measures for tightening the dictatorship-that is, the dictatorship of the Party-by widening the powers of the punitive bodies, legislating terror, ensuring the immunity of the new caste of untouchables and the class purity of its members.  Thus, on May 14 1921 the Politburo, with Lenin’s active encouragement, adopted a decision to widen the powers of the Cheka ‘in the use of the highest form of punishment, the death penalty;’ in January 1922 a further step was taken to strengthen punitive function of the dictatorship and the guarantee of the ‘class line’ by the creation of the GPU, whose chief task was to struggle against counter-revolution using the widest range of physical and psychological force.  And the courts ‘must include people chosen by the Cheka.’”       
Both Hitler and Lenin’s actions bear striking similarities to modern America.  Following upon 9/11 we were fed Patriot Acts I & II, which are almost carbon copies of the extensive police state powers of Hitler and Lenin.  And in America we have the same occultic, Darwinistic, bloodline-philosophy of the elite, where breeding and biometrics will ultimately produce the “new man.”  So, whether its Lenin’s deification of the cult figure  in the icon of the massive bust of the Leader of the Party, or in the “Over-man” of Hitler’s pure blooodline occultism, Americans are now perfectly primed for their acceptance of a total, police state dictatorship.  We have already passed through this statist initiation, and we can only expect more false flag terror attacks, more police state, and a coming world dictatorship.