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Smart Grid Coalition Selected by UN to Brief Climate Change Conference Attendees

Smart Grid Coalition Selected by UN to Brief Climate Change Conference Attendees

CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Yesterday at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Cancun, Mexico, an officially-accredited delegation from the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) briefed attendees on why demand response and smart grid are necessary in order to ensure that climate-policy goals are attained.  DRSG was selected by the UN to provide the briefing, which was incorporated into the official UNFCCC program for attendees on Wednesday, December 1.

"We applied to the UN to become an officially-recognized delegation to the meetings in Mexico," said Dan Delurey, President of DRSG, "and were pleased to receive official credentials to attend.  We were more than pleased to be subsequently approved by UN officials to conduct an event as part of the official program for the meetings."

DRSG member companies participating in the briefing were Landis + Gyr, Aclara, Johnson Controls, and Ingersoll-Rand.

"Our reason for going to the UN Climate Conference was to make the climate community aware of how smart grid and demand response can help it get to where it wants to go," said Delurey.  "We explained how DR and smart grid help in the management of intermittent renewable energy such as wind and solar.  We also tried to convey to conference delegates the additional gains in energy efficiency that are possible by empowering consumers with new technologies and new informational feedback about their electricity usage.  With renewable energy and energy efficiency being foundational building blocks of efforts to reduce emissions and address climate change, we want those on the front line of climate-policy developments to understand that it is in their interest to be supporters of smart grid."

Delurey added, "We had great attendance at our briefing and found ourselves helping attendees from countries around the world understand the smart grid and how it can be put into action via demand response.  There was a high level of engagement with the audience, and we believe that our educational efforts here at the conference will pay off."

About DRSG

The Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) is the trade association for companies that provide products and services in the areas of demand response and smart grid.  DRSG works to educate and provide information to policymakers, utilities, the media, the financial community and stakeholders on how demand response and smart grid technologies can help modernize our electricity system and provide customers with new information and options for managing their electricity use.

Members of the DRSG Coalition include: Aclara; Ambient; Boeing; Bridge Energy Group; CABA; CALMAC; Cisco; Comverge; Conservation Services Group; Constellation NewEnergy; Control4; Cooper Power Systems; Corporate Systems Engineering; Echelon; Eka Systems; Electrolux; eMeter; EnergyConnect; Energy Curtailment Specialists; EnerNOC; Enfora; EnOcean Alliance; Enspiria Solutions; GE; Google; Grid Net; Gridway Energy; HomeGrid Forum; Honeywell; Ice Energy; Ingersoll Rand; Intel; Itron; Johnson Controls; Landis+Gyr; LG Electronics; Lockheed Martin; Lutron Electronics; Oracle; PCN Technology; Schneider Electric; Sensus; Siemens; Silver Spring Networks; SmartSynch; Steffes; Tendril; Trilliant Networks; Tropos Networks; UISOL; Universal Powerline Association; U-SNAP; Whirlpool; and ZigBee Alliance.

More information is available at

SOURCE Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition
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