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Carol Rutz's Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003

Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general.  The knowledge that the Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission.
CIA Inspector General in Assessing the Benefits of Mind Control Research.

What I hope to leave you with today is a more open and questioning mind—one that allows you to look at the unbelievable and know that reality can still exist within that framework. By sharing my personal story combined with documented facts, I hope to alter your world view.

Robert Kennedy said,

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.  Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

It is for just such a reason that I wrote this book, "A Nation Betrayed" and devote a portion of my life to advocacy.  By exposing the misuse of power that took place during the Cold War, I am giving countless survivors a voice.

I believe the political situation that existed in the 50's and 60's--the paranoia surrounding anti-communism—was a key factor in allowing human rights violations. After our use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima the Soviets detonated their own test bomb in 1949.  Many Americans believed the USSR was intent on conquering us.  The powers-that-be  used this   fear of obliteration to give them   unlimited financial resources and the power of secrecy ("national security") to "fight communism."

Combine that with the importation into the U.S of nazi doctors and scientists who participated in biological and chemical research experiments during WW2 and you have a deadly mixture.  The Army's Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland ended up conducting experiments on more than 7000 American soldiers, using Auschwitz documents as a guide.

In 1954 its Medical Research Laboratory was staffed with an abundance of highly qualified personnel.  130 enlisted scientific and professional personnel   and 117 civilian employees   including numerous Ph.D.s and MDs from such leading universities as:  Harvard Medical College, University of Munich, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, Cambridge, Duke, University of Berlin, Columbia, Cornell, and Stanford.  In addition to its own select staff, the Medical Laboratories had continuous imput from the private sector of medical research in the form of contractual arrangements, chemical and medical advisory councils, industrial liaison, and published literature.

In 1994 a Congressional subcommittee revealed that up to 500,000 Americans were endangered by secret defense related tests between 1940 and 1974.  They included covert experiments with radioactive materials, mustard gas, LSD, and biological agents.

Today's climate of terrorism since the 9/11 attacks and the death of 3000 people has fostered the "Patriot Act."  "Terrorism" has replaced "communism" as the menace.  The American public now seems to be willing to give up   many of the rights their forefathers fought for because of this fear of terrorism.  I hope by presenting my story--what I experienced in my childhood--you will understand the horror of allowing history to repeat itself.   We cannot allow Fear   to be used as a tool to manipulate us.

I am a survivor of   mind control experiments performed under the CIA's MKULTRA program.  MKULTRA was established in 1953 to counter soviet and Chinese advances in brainwashing and interrogation techniques and consisted of 149 subprojects contracted out to at least 80 institutions including hospitals and Universities.  In 1977 Director of Intelligence Stansfield Turner said    the program was initiated because the Agency was confronted with "learning the state of the art of behavioral modification at a time when the U.S. Government was concerned about inexplicable behavior of persons behind the 'iron curtain' and American prisoners of war who had been subjected to so called brainwashing."

Now for some of my background.  I have DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder that used to be known as multiple personality disorder.  The media has sometimes portrayed multiples in such a way that we seem either crazy, homicidal or sex fiends.  I can assure you that I am none of those things.  My head will not fly around backwards while I'm talking nor will horns sprout.  You may find though, that some of the material I present is very difficult to listen to.  If you need to leave to take care of yourself and the feelings that this material arouses, I will understand.

In my family pedophilia was passed down from generation to generation. I was a baby in diapers when my father first started to sexually abuse me.  It was at the age of two that my mind felt the need to create my first personality or alter, as I will refer to them, in order to handle the trauma from the continued abuse by him and other family members.  Creating an alter also creates an amnesiac barrier--totally separating these experiences    from my conscious recall. Emigrating from Europe and hidden behind Catholicism, my family also brought their occult practices.  Before my third birthday the trauma from a Satanic Ritual Cult initiation forced another alter to be created.

From that point on it became standard operating procedure.  Disassociation had become a way of life for me to cope with severe and prolonged abuse.  I had no control over it.  It was my mind's way of allowing me to stay sane when everything around me was totally insane and out of control.

My alters hid a good deal of my past   from me until 12 years ago.  Most survivors of abuse are deprived of normal human relationships during their childhood.  It tends to make us isolate, withdraw, and seek only the company of those we know, not those who will help us see what "Normal" really is.  It was not until after my father died that some parts of me—my alters or personas were set free to begin the healing process.

Before my memories returned--before the amnesiac barrier was broken down, I was married to an emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive man   not unlike my dad.  After 18 years and three children, I was able to finally break free from that relationship.  A high profile management job, which consumed most of my time and energy, left little time for anything other than survival.  Survival was what I was accustomed to.

Fortunately in 1987, I met and    married    the man who has supported me through my very difficult healing journey.  It was only after 4 years of marriage to him   I felt safe and accepted for the first time in my life.  My unconscious allowed my long held secrets to begin to surface    through flashbacks, abreactions, and body memories.  I went into full blown post traumatic stress disorder just like returning servicemen or women who experience the horrors of war and may find themselves triggered by something ordinary in their day to day lives.  Many of them would flashback and find themselves on the battlefield again, not sitting in their living room with their family.  This same type of thing happens with multiples when they begin to become cognizant of their experiences.

An abreaction goes something like this.  The brain is somewhat like a phonograph record, it records the original happening.  With Dissociative Identity Disorder, amnesia is created for the traumatic incident to save the young child's sanity.  When the amnesiac barriers are removed, it is like putting the needle back on the track of the record where the original memory is stored.  It is replayed just as it happened.

The nature of my memories include incest, ritual abuse and government experimentation.  How does one understand and talk about the horrors of growing up in an intergenerational cult let alone being drafted into service by our government as a child guinea pig?

As those first horrible memories returned, I asked myself many things.  How could I have people living inside my body?  How could many of the things I remembered have happened and how could I possibly understand it?  It seemed I had no choice if I was to understand and cope with life as a multiple but to seek help.

Through therapy with a qualified professional I encountered the first horrible discovery every multiple finds—their whole life was a lie.  At least what they thought their life was.  How do you accept the lies—the betrayal—the total breakdown in your reality?  I knew I was crazy--I had to be.  Fortunately that wasn't the case and by piecing together the puzzle of my life--by allowing each individual alter to tell their story I began to heal.  From the beginning my therapist encouraged me to journal.  Throughout the week I allowed my alters to write and draw the details of their abuse.  I simply sat down and allowed control to whoever needed to talk.  This was the beginning of one of the major things I found   necessary to heal—Finding MY Voice.  Finding the Voice that was taken away from me as a child allowed me to break through the barriers within and reach out to those parts that held the truth of their lifelong experiences. The other thing it allowed me to do   was Validate my experiences.

In those early days as the bits and pieces of my life were expressed on the pages of my journal I was afraid all of the time—24-7.  I was flooded with memories, flashbacks, and nightmares.  Fear was my number one major obstacle to overcome before any real work could be done.  I was afraid of remembering and I was afraid not to remember.  I was afraid the cult would somehow know I was talking and send someone to exterminate me.  I was afraid the memories were really true.  I was afraid I was a liar and for some reason making it all up.  I eventually came to accept and know that no matter what; I had already lived through the worst.  Remembering, understanding, feeling and incorporating those experiences was the pathway I walked to slowly integrate my alters.

Fear consumed me until I finally let go and allowed the details of my life to flow from my mind to the paper and then in therapy through my mouth.  I found that letting my alters finally have a voice and speak the truth was the only way through the fear.  My alters found painting and drawing to be a perfect expression for getting scenes recorded-- peoples faces, places, buildings, ceremonies.  I never knew what was going to be painted or drawn, I just gave my alters free reign.  Years later when I actually was able to match real people and places with these, the validation was overwhelmingly powerful and helped me to understand what truly happened to me.

I think it is important to document for you the clear pattern of experimentation on children that existed throughout the time I was part of the governments mind control experiments.

Experiments on Children

Fernald School-Young male children who were institutionalized at the Fernald School in Massachusetts were fed radioactive cereal in the 1940s and 1950s.

The parents as well as the children were simply told they were being fed a diet rich in iron.  According to oral testimony given before the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation, they were told they belonged to the Science Club to make them feel special and then taken to the MIT Faculty Club where it was easier to control them.  One researcher said, "It would be nice to do something for them because these kids have been involved, we've had to jab them [with needles], and they had to eat a meal—every little drop of it, because you wanted to be sure they got 100 percent of the radioactivity—wouldn't it be nice to do something for them?"

Willowbrook State School-Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducted  studies of hepatitis during the  1950s  and  1960s on  the severely mentally retarded .

He systematically infected newly arrived children between the ages of three and eleven with strains of the virus obtained from the feces of Willowbrook hepatitis patients.  This was done to study the natural history, effects, and progression of the disease.  Franz Inglefinger, who later became the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine   said, "By being allowed to participate in a carefully supervised study and by receiving the most expert attention available for a disease of basically unknown nature, the patients themselves benefited . . . How much better to have a patient with hepatitis accidentally or deliberately acquired under the guidance of a Krugman, than under the care of a rights-minded zealot."

Nasal Radium Irradiation - 1948-54

582 third graders in the Baltimore public schools   were part of a 1948-1954 experiment conducted by Johns Hopkins to test the effects of Nasal Radium Irradiation.  No medical notice or follow-up action was taken by the federal government, despite an earlier determination that these children   had the greatest cancer mortality risk of any experiment it examined for which people were still alive and might benefit from medical notice and follow-up.

Vanderbilt University Hospital - 1945-49 at Prenatal Clinic

At Vanderbilt-829 women were told to drink something that would be good for their fetuses.  The drinks actually contained varying amounts of radioactive iron.  Within an hour, the material crossed the placenta and began circulating in the blood of their unborn fetuses.“  In a study done in the sixties, scientists discovered four fatal malignancies among the children exposed to prenatal radiation and no cancers in the non-exposed group.

D.C. Children’s Center in Laurel in a section called the District Training School  60’s-Retarded children were used as human guinea pigs for both private industry and the government.

Among the experiments, was the testing of NeoBazine a diet pill commonly referred to as "rainbow pills."  They contained thyroxin, which caused tremors, nervousness, insomnia, and tachycardia.  It was being tested for its safety and efficiency.  In October 1964 the FDA found that the drug was not safe for use.  In 1962 the children were again used to test a drug for skin diseases, which doctors strongly suspected caused serious side effects to the human liver.  More than half the children tested suffered some liver dysfunction.  Eight were admitted to D.C. General Hospital for intensive care.  That same year, 17 Laurel Center children were used to study thyroid hormone metabolism in children.  The children were injected with thyroxin mixed with radioactive iodine to aid doctors in tracing a body process.

As you can see, there was a clear pattern of using innocent children who had no way of protecting themselves.

Peter Lewis, who had biomedical experiments performed on him received proof after the death of his adoptive father who had served in Army Medical Research.  Peter and his sister Carol were adopted from Germany in the early 50's.  His adoptive mother told him he was bought for $1000 and that the army owned him. They even gave him dog tags.  According to Peter   his adoptive father told her, "He's your project."  Peter also wrote she admitted to putting a substance from Walter Reed doctors in their breakfast cereal and when they wouldn't eat it because of the taste they were beaten unmercifully.   There were occasions when   his arms and thighs were covered with very painful boils.  I wonder if this wasn't from Radiation poisoning like at Fernald School for the mentally retarded where they fed them radioactive cereal.  Peter's mom said   "I did my duty."

She reportedly gave Peter pills from Walter Reed that caused hallucinations and nightmares.  Since LSD was part of the MKULTRA experiments, I am assuming this is probably what the substance was.  I guess when we look at the case of the four New Jersey children who hit headlines last week; we understand anything is possible especially when you use the words "It's good for National Security."  The New Jersey children   were alleged to have been systematically starved by their adoptive parents while the system stood by and did nothing.

Peter said, "My understanding is the sole purpose of adoption of me was for experiments.  We have documents and hospital papers for much of this to back this up.  Since my dad died, we were able to go through all the papers and find documents, papers, and photographs.  These are military photographs he was ordered to destroy, but he brought some home and didn't destroy everything."

Peter has a Picture of himself and other Boy Scouts at Walter Reed in 1958 where radioactive experiments were done.  In 2000 Peter told me about some of the experiments including   a number of bone biopsy's done after   he drank radioactive material.  He called them Gamma Radiation Experiments.  He says they used numbers instead of names to identify him, which is what I too remember—being given a number.  Isn't that what they used in the concentration camps?

Peter said they did so many bone biopsies on him that people started asking questions, so they tried to deem him retarded.  His IQ is 128.  I guess that speaks for itself.  His sister, Carol died with Brain cancer from the radiation.  The doctor found   a crust on her brain and told her she had it for 20, 25 years--at the time the radiation experiments were done.

It is not hard to understand how devastating it would be to learn that you had been adopted for the sole purpose of being a human guinea pig.


Karen Coleman Wiltshire, another survivor, helped Peter with some of his FOIA requests to the government.  She attended several public forums with the Department of Defense as a representative of ACHES (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors) and was outspoken on behalf of survivors on each occasion.  She too, was one of the very few who was able to obtain her medical files from John Hopkins proving her experimentation.

Karen's father worked for the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins.  She obtained her files through sheer persistence, help from the almighty, and a mistake by a clerk who was not supposed to give the information out.  Karen  told me they transported her to Washington, Maryland and Virginia, to military and government labs by private ambulances, military cars, and yellow school buses.  She said her experiments took place from 1961 through 1970.  Karen related to me that she was kept in the Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children at John Hopkins where there were wards of children.  Her parents had been told she was being treated for a heart defect.  She said when they would come to visit, she would be put in a private room with her belongings in order for it to appear as though she had been there all along.  When her parents left, they returned her to the ward where she said they did LSD, ECT, and other strange experiments.  One of these she explained was to be trained to eliminate emotions and feelings by using assorted torture and other techniques.  This sounds very much like the mind control technique used on me by the CIA and other branches of the government.

This is a copy of the consent form for Karen's transportation to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C.  It says in part, "I understand that the above patient, being a patient in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit is participating in a research program requiring her presence at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and that a series of visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center is necessary to complete such a program."

Karen was responsible for spurring me on to obtain information through FOIA requests that would help me validate my memories.  She was always banging on doors, persistent to get the truth out, especially when she found out there were so many other kids who were used as human guinea pigs.  The Department of Energy had told her she was the only one, but she said that Pentagon sources had personally told her they "didn't want our stories out at any cost.  The plan was to pay off a few token victims and blow the rest off."  Karen did not live to see any of us receive validation or vindication.

On April 5, 1999 Karen made a presentation on behalf of ACHES entitled ETHICS before the National Institute of Health's' Bioethics Group.  She died on April 23, 1999 after doing exhaustive investigation of DOD experiments on human beings.  More and more child survivors are coming forward.  I receive emails weekly from them and their doctors, more than two years after my books release.  They are looking for information and validation for the memories and trauma they are remembering.  Some just want to say thanks.  Until reading my book they thought they were alone and crazy.


Now that I have established a clear pattern of children being used as human guinea pigs, I would like to share with you my own search for the truth.

I did not start breaking through the government programming until I brought a lot of stability into my life where I was moving from focusing on the trauma of my childhood to living in the here and now.  I learned to stay grounded and centered and leave the old coping techniques of dissociation behind.  When I began to find these alters who had been programmed and experimented on by men employed by our government, I began a brand new journey.  My book details that journey.  As a   survivor of CIA program MKULTRA, I began my intense search to document some of the mind control experiments that I became part of, starting at the tender age of four.

Through a series of FOIA requests to various departments of the government, and exhaustive research, I have amassed an incredible amount of material that I feel validates my personal experiences.   The CIA bought my services from my grandfather in 1952.  He loaded me up with my little suitcase while my mom was giving birth to my younger sister.  On that day I was driven to Detroit where I boarded an aircraft to New York to a facility funded by the CIA to do covert experiments.  My first plane ride ended in a nightmare that was to haunt me for the next 45 years.

Over the next twelve years, I was tested, trained, and used in various ways.  All the programming that was done to me by the CIA was to split my personality making me a compliant slave.   It was Trauma based using things like electroshock, sensory deprivation, and drugs.  Later the trauma wasn't necessary, only hypnosis accomplished with implanted triggers and occasional tune-ups that took place at Wright Patterson Air Force Base not far from my home.

I became a human experiment-- part of their search for a way to   take control of a mans mind.  During the course of these experiments they   created alters to do their bidding--Manchurian Candidates is an appropriate term.

In a document dated November 21, 1951  approximately 7 months before I was first experimented on,  the CIA proposed a three to five year outside research project to search for exceptionally gifted individuals who could obtain both perfect and scattered ESP test performance.  Since I displayed psychic abilities, they trained an alter to use these abilities in a way they hoped would benefit the agency.

The CIA   made sure that this project would never be made known.  

The document says:

"It would be necessary to be exceedingly careful about thorough cloaking of the undertaking.  I would not want anyone here in the deleted except deleted and myself to know about it . . . Funds necessary for the support of the work would carry no identification and raise no questions."

Here we clearly see the compartmentalization and secrecy used for these experiments.

In his book Bluebird:  Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists,  Dr. Colin Ross documents those doctors who were working under MKULTRA government contracts for the specific purposes of breaking the mind and rebuilding it.  These doctors, and I use that term loosely, were looking for children who had the ability to disassociate from reality for  their  projects.  I fit the bill.

A very poignant declassified document from 1954 says,

" Practical  -  Not  theoretical   research   be conducted and carried out.  The nature of this   research   to   include   20    specific problems."

Here are a few:  SI - Sleep Induction.  H stands for Hypnosis

2.        Can we in a matter of an hour, two hours, one day, etc., induce an H condition in an unwilling subject to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit?  (Long range).

4.        Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour or two by post-H control have him crash an airplane, wreck a train, etc.?  (Short, immediate activity)

5.        Can we by SI and H techniques force a subject (unwilling or otherwise) to travel long distances, commit specified acts and return to us or bring documents or materials?  Can a person acting under post-H control successfully travel long distances?

7.       Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?

8.       Can we "alter" a person's Personality?  How long will it hold?

10.     Can we detect SI and H by use of SI and H (regression)?

12.     Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs or credentials?

13.     How long can we sustain a post-H suggestion-unaided-with reinforcement?

20.     Can we, while a subject is under SI and H control, show them a map and have them point out specific items, locations, etc., on the map?  Can we also have them make detailed drawings, sketches, plans?  Could any of the above be done under field conditions and in a very short space of time?


Another CIA Document from 1951 says “Our work and the work of others indicate that there is a strong possibility that total amnesia or an almost total amnesia will follow the use of our technique as a general rule.”

Many of the experiments performed on me were done to heighten and use ESP, Remote Viewing, and the energy of the mind.  The alters created within me for use by our government were of several different types.  One was trained to use  the " RED FIRE."  The Red Fire was the energy I stored away during trauma, the hatred and fear that accumulated over the years each time I was assaulted, experimented on etc.  I was taught how to access this energy and use it to psychically kill.  

If you think this psychic killing sounds far fetched you may be interested to know that back in the Sixties, the Soviet Union began to pour money and resources into the study of ESP and psycho kinesis, phenomena collectively termed "psi" by researchers in the field.  Much of this psi research came under the control of the Soviet military and KGB.  

They also screened Red Army recruits for psychic abilities, and pumped talented subjects full of dangerous drugs to promote psi-conducive altered states.  

Subjects in psycho kinesis or "remote-influencing" experiments tried to stop the hearts of small animals, or concentrated on foreign political leaders, beaming at them "negative psi particles."

Soviet and Czech scientists were said to be working on electromagnetic devices that would cause strokes or heart attacks, and it was even rumored that they had perfected a "psychotronic generator", which could scramble people's minds at great distances.

An unclassified 1972 Defense Intelligence Agency report expressed concerns that "Soviet efforts in the field of psi research, sooner or later, might enable them to do some of the following,"

(a)   Know the contents of top secret US documents, the movements of our troops and  ships and the location and nature of our military installations
(b)   Mould the thoughts of key US military and civilian leaders at a distance
(c)   Cause the instant death of any US official at a distance
(d)   Disable, at a distance, US military equipment of all types, including spacecraft."

All I can say is that we may not have all the declassified documents on what the U.S was working on, but we can be sure they were doing tit for tat what their Russian counterparts were, only a lot of it was being done on small children.

One of my  child alters was trained sexually in order to compromise men of power so they could be blackmailed at a later date.  Another was created and told it was a robot to store information.  Many survivors speak of similar types of programming.

Alpha is general programming within the control personality.

Beta is sexual programming, i.e. child pornography, prostitution, and sexual training used for the benefit of a handler for blackmail or personal use.  This programming eliminates all learned moral conviction from the survivor, so that the function can be carried out without inhibition.

Delta is a trained killer, a sleeping assassin.  Delta survivors feel no fear and have been trained in the use of specialized arms and alternative methods of disposal.  Sirhan Sirhan had total amnesia of the killing of Robert Kennedy, but under hypnosis remembered it.  Mr. Sirhan's lawyer says his client was programmed to kill Kennedy by government agents who wanted to prolong the Vietnam War.

Theta is psychic killing, such as the training I was involved in.  Most survivors with Theta programming exhibit an unusually high level of ESP in their day-to-day lives.  Many even train in alternative methods of healing before they discover the theta programming.  It seems to be a way for the dominant personality to use their energy in a positive healing manner, thereby compensating for the negative uses of this same energy.

Omega is self-destruct programming installed in the event a survivor would start remembering.  It was used to prevent them from going public.  There generally is self destruct programming associated with Delta assassin programming if the survivor is captured.

One survivor recently wrote to me saying, “Such Events and people were horrific to remember.  There is no public awareness so there is no one to go to with your memories and, when your government is your enemy you certainly feel you must keep the memories inside.”

Books written by survivors of these programs recount the horrors they were forced to endure during their training.  Many of these survivors have worked through their memories, dealt with their programming and are free from such triggering.  How many are still "Sleeping," awaiting the call of their handlers?

One study done in secrecy for ten years became the foundation for the ESP experiments under MKULTRA Subproject 136.  One of the documents specifically stated that "experimental studies   of a few specially gifted subjects would be conducted and that  special attention will be given to disassociative states which tend to accompany spontaneous ESP experiences.  Such states can be induced and controlled to some extent with hypnosis and drugs . . . The data used in the study will be obtained from special groups such as psychotics, children and mediums . . ."

The document continues by saying , "Learning studies will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways by being told whether he was right, by being told what the target was, with electric shock etc."  The proposal then goes on to say, "In other cases drugs and psychological tricks will be used to modify his attitudes.  The experimenters will be particularly interested in disassociative states, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis."

My heart practically stood still the day that I read this.  It described perfectly what I had remembered and journaled when I was taken in 1952   at four years of age from my grandfathers home.

During the first few days of my experiments, they used truth serum as well as electric shock to identify alters currently residing within me.  They used visualization techniques to create alters for their own nefarious purposes.  Later I used the same techniques to undo their programming.

The infinity sign or number eight on its side had been used to separate two lands in my body where alters were held.  One side of my body contained Neverland and the other side contained Shadowland.  My baby alter, who was preverbal was stuck in Neverland where she never grew up, just like Peter Pan.

Sid Gottlieb, Directorate of Operations of the Technical Services Staff (TSS) of CIA in charge of their behavioral program through MKULTRA would bottle feed and hold this part and bond the baby part to him setting up an internal dichotomy where I thought I depended on him for nourishment--food, drink, love etc.

Baby and the alter that was sent to Shadowland were told they would have eternal life if the alter in Shadowland carried out the missions he was given.  This part had psychic abilities and was trained to use the "Red Fire" to cause strokes & aneurysms in "targets."  Anyway as you can see one land held the baby and another the alter with the "violence."  The programmers had codes to access the baby part, and you had to go through in that order, Baby first than the codes to access the alter who used the red fire.  It was a brilliant system to be sure as the Baby was totally hooked using "Maslows Theory" to these programmers and if the body was caught their was no way they would ever get to the part that was used for missions.  The infinity symbol was drawn on a black board and reinforced repeatedly through hypnosis until all the systems were locked down tight.  I hope this makes sense.

No matter what experiment he was to make me a part of, I would love and remain loyal to the man who my baby alter considered sole supplier of the basics of life, food and love.)  When he died in 1999, my programming immediately started to deteriorate.  It was very difficult to manage and allow the opposing feelings of love and hate for this man.  Part of me loved him as a father and other parts of me  felt hatred and  contempt.

When I was 12, after being given a shot of curare I underwent sensory deprivation in a box filled with snakes.  Then the procedures you see depicted took place at the Montreal Neurological Institute on McGill campus.  McGill Campus was also home to the Allen Memorial Institute of Psychiatry where   CIA funded Dr.   Ewen Cameron performed mind control experiments on unsuspecting Canadians.  Several of his victims later sued the U.S. government and won after an exhaustive court battle. image too big

The reason I show this drawing  is to show how a mind retains information even through extreme trauma.

Prior to finding these pictures of actual machines I made this drawing.

My drawing is of stereotaxic surgery being performed by Dr. Wilder Penfield in Montreal Canada.  A nurse who worked in Montreal recently approached me at a conference I spoke at.  She saw children regularly shuttled back and forth from Allen Memorial Institute and Montreal Neurological institute in the 60's.  The parents of these children had given their consent to have sterotaxic surgery because of their epilepsy.  They were never told that their children's brains would be mapped.

During the experiments on me electrodes were inserted into sleeve guides and my brain was probed while someone in the room recorded what was being said.  Dr. Penfield told them   my brain was like a tape recorder and he just needed to take me back in time.  He did this by touching different spots in my brain.  They kept recording the memories induced from images in my past and later Sid Gottlieb used them for future programming sessions.  Recently I discovered that the Soviets during the 60's and the 70's found that by passing a low voltage current from the front of the brain to the back, they could drop their remote viewers into the Delta State.  Using this artificial means they found Delta to be the doorway to telepathic influencing, telekinesis and remote killing.

The adult survivors of these pictures from the Department of Energy   experiments done during the 50’s and 60’s have written to me.  They both were also used in other MKULTRA experiments.  Even though the CIA denies using children, these are clear-cut examples of a few of the remaining pieces of evidence.

This  is a Positron Emitter Detector, circa 1962.  It is an early version of the PET scan now in use.  The PET scan produces images of how living brain cells work collectively to retrieve memories and form words—in short the physics of thinking.

Drawing: image too big

My drawing shows how each alter was being programmed.  Detectable energy flashes were being picked up and a recording was made assuring the doctors that they indeed were working with different parts of my personality, separate and apart from the me that they would eventually reawaken.

During the 1980's, Stargate a remote viewing project was done at Ft. Meade, using binaural beat tones that changed the brain waves through earphones.  A hemi-sync device that played two different frequencies into each ear was found to produce altered states of consciousness.  Perhaps the technology they used was derived from these experiments done in the 60's on people like me.

Below is a portable ect unit which many survivors became intimately acquainted with.

[wholy shit, could be used in place of an "E-Meter"]

I'm sure you find it morally reprehensible and difficult to fathom how anyone could even consider using children to investigate these possibilities.  I am but one of the many children who were the CIA's convenient experimental subjects.  As I reclaimed the power that was taken from me as a child, I learned that the humiliation, guilt and degradation they heaped on my shoulders was theirs—not mine.

Winston Churchill said,

"Most people occasionally stumble over the truth, but pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had ever happened."

Arthur Schopenhauer said,

"All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second it is violently opposed.  Third it is accepted as being self-evident."

The people who carried out these experiments believed our programming would never break down, and if it did they counted on the insane sounding nature of these experiments to totally discredit any survivors who spoke the truth.  What they could never foresee was the indomitable fighting nature that perhaps they themselves had instilled.  The need to find the truth and expose it was much larger than the fear they used to control me.

I am not looking for notoriety, nor do I believe I'm special.  I'm just one of the many Cold War children who were convenient lab rats for a group of despicable people.  Time would not permit for my entire life history to be repeated here nor could your stomachs handle it.  There is information on people involved in "The Shadow Government" and importation and usage of nazi's as well as documentation on RADIATION, BIOLOGICAL and Chemical experiments in my book.   Ordering Information for A Nation Betrayed

Without these declassified documents my story would sound like just another piece of science fiction.  In the three years it took me to write "A Nation Betrayed" I walked through a trail of tears that I sometimes felt I would drown in.  The emotions of the hundreds of thousands of victims of this cold war nightmare still haunt me.  I hope this book will continue to speak for the silent masses for decades to come.  

The truth can set us free!!!

Thank You!!!

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Jarod Laughner & JASON/MK ULTRA Program to create Mind Controlled Patsies
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Mind Control
The Ultimate Terror

Write Down this Mirror web site address of in Switzerland in case you cannot access any page at this web site (our thanks to Stephanie Meier for maintaining this mirror):

[Editor's Note: May 31, 2006. Somewhere between May 18 and May 30, 2006, this mind control index page was surreptitiously erased from my web server and even from my hard drive. Apparently, someone doesn't want this topic ventilated before the public. I had to retrive an old copy of this Mind Control index page from a disc which I had saved in November 2005, therefore the more recent articles which I had posted on this page up to April 2006 will not appear in this version, but will be restored shortly after I've had a chance to retrive this page from a mirror site which was recently established in Europe. Thankfully, the synchronistic offer to set up the mirror site in early May from a very thoughtful person in Switzerland, came at just the right time. I will publish the url of the mirror site as soon as I find the e-mail sent to me by the person who set up the mirror site. .

For victims of electronic or psychic assault,

**Be sure to see the section below titled "Countermeasures to Psychotronic and Demonic Attack"**

By Ken Adachi <[email protected]>

The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered. For the casual reader, it can quickly become numbing, overwhelming the senses and creating a desire to exit the topic, but avoiding this subject is the most foolish thing you could possibly do since your only chance of surviving this hideous and insidious enslavement agenda, which today threatens virtually all of humanity, isto understand how it functions and take steps to reduce your vulnerability.

The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.

The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to"install". Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The 'front personality' is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.

The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk , Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project. The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be "installed" in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.

Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-basedMonarch Project and the CIA'sMK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the 'training'. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.

Mind Control 'Programmed' Individuals
The lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings,  etc. are mind controlled individuals who had been 'programmed' to carry out those missions. Ted Bundy, the 'Son of Sam' serial killer David Berkowitz, Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings. Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into the mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976. Al Bielek, under mind control, was involved in many areas of the secret Montauk Project. After slowly recovering his memories beginning in the late 1980's, he came to realize that there were at least 250,000 mind controlled "Montauk Boys' produced at 25 different facilities similar to the underground base at Montauk, Long Island. Many of these boys were to become 'sleepers' who are individuals who were programmed to go into action at a later date when properly "triggered" to engage in some sort of destructive or disruptive conduct. Other Montauk Boys were woven into the fabric of mainstream American life as journalists, radio & TV personalities, businessmen, lawyers, medical professionals, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, military men, etc.

Worldwide Electronic Mind Control via 'Cell Phone' Towers
The day is now approaching in which government mind control technologies will be directed at you, your neighbors, and your loved ones. Every single day, equipment is being erected and installed in this country with the hidden purpose of exerting mind control over the entire population.  Everywhere in this country (and overseas), ELF/microwave transmission towers are being erected. The antennae usually look like four slightly curved vertical plates about 2 feet in length and located in either 3 or 4 quadrants around the tower,  two thirds up from the ground. Just look around, you'll see them. And you'll also notice more of them going up once you begin to pay attention. No one is saying anything, but you're expected to presume that they're for cell phones. (Do you really think that we need that much 'cell phone' transmission capability, every few blocks? Do you realize how very little energy is used by genuine cell phone usage? Yet these towers are capable of putting out levels of power that exceed cell phone requirements by a wide margin) These mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. It's not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late1940's to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it. Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952,  until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on -the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a treasonous motive and swore never to cooperate with the CIA, FDA, etc. again. Reich was covertly murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was due to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a trumped up charge leading to a contempt of court citation. He was reported to have had a 'heart attack'. He was strong as an ox. He was murdered two weeks before his parole board hearing. His last book, written in prison, was found to be 'missing' after his death and never returned to his family.

A method was discovered to disable these ELF towers from exerting their mind control functions by placing a simple device known as an orgone generator within a radius of 1,300 feet of these towers. These microwave towers are used in conjunction with HAARP based technology to not only affect subliminal mind control influences, but also to control the weather (currently {2007}, the creation of artificially induced drought conditions are also greatly influenced by the population-reduction chemtrail spraying operations which take place daily over the skies in America and in many other countries) .

Patrick Flannagan also recorded an interview with talk show host Jeff Rense on June 30, 2003 and offered important insights on how to counter electronic mind control being beamed to us from the electric wiring within our homes and from microwave towers (promising information that should be studied).

Brice Taylor
Brice Taylor is the pseudonym for Susan Ford, one of the highest level MK Ultra mind controlled victims to ever come forward and reveal her story. It took her nearly 13 years to recover the memories of the events that she reveals in her book, Thanks for The Memories (published in May 1999). Her memories began to return in sporadic fragments in1985, following a car accident that threw her through the windshield of her car after hitting a tree. It wasn't really an accident as much as a result of mind control programming which compelled her to commit suicide if she began to recover critical memories about her role as a top level NASA/CIA mind controlled 'asset' who was used as a sex slave and message (or drug) courier for every president from Kennedy to Clinton and was Henry Kissinger's personal secretary/human computer (file storage and retrieval) for over 19 years. Her 'owner/handler' was comedian Bob Hope and she was 'loaned out' to many famous and well known entertainment personalities in order to oblige them to be beholding to and manipulated by Hope and his Illuminati pals so they could be used as "worker bees' to help usher in the Luciferian, New World Order. Her book is probably the most revealing account to date of well known, national personalities in both politics and the entertainment industry who are involved in the handling, programming, control, manipulation, and abuse of Illuminati/government created human robots like Brice or other, well known celebrity/mind control victims such as Barbara Striesand and Barbara Mandrel. The book's Table of Contents alone will give you an idea of the incredible number of nationally known names that Brice had been involved with from childhood into adulthood as a mind controlled slave. In my opinion, Thanks for The Memories and the two co-authored Illuminati Formula books of Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeir (see below) are the three most important and revealing books in print on the subject of Illuminati mind control and should be read by every concerned and thinking human being on this planet, for they reveal how the Illuminati mind control programs are accomplished and how they can be broken, allowing the victim to escape from its control.

I encourage you to examine the remarkable book review of Thanks for The Memories written by Uri Dowbenko at this link: ). It's truly ironic and a perfect example of karmic justice when the total recall of a mind control victim whose brain stem was scarred in order to produce a photographic memory, is now turned back on her abusers to reveal in the most exquisite and precise detail their despicable and monstrous conduct. Thanks for The Memories is a well written book that gives you a front row seat into the real world activities of the Secret Government- the 'government' that's really in charge behind the scenes (those scenes being created by the mainstream Media Propaganda Ministry whose job is to deceive you into thinking that the headline news, 'cover story' government is the real deal; believe me, it isn't. It's an illusion from top to bottom.

It's a dog and pony show. All show, and no substance. The presidential election snafu, the interminable talk show debates, propaganda hacks like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc., etc., all designed to keep you preoccupied and bewildered from the steady enslavement and erosion of constitutionally guaranteed liberties that is taking place daily. The Sept. 11 "attack" was planned and launched to provide an excuse for passing  fascist, totalitarian 'laws' designed to enslave us and strip the populace of the few remaining freedoms that we still enjoy. National ID 'smart' cards that will contain your entire medical, financial history, DNA information, etc. will be required to engage in any sort of normal consumer activity like getting on a plane or even going from state to state after military border guards become a common scene in this once freedom loving land. Spend your cash now while you still have cash, because soon all financial transactions will be conducted using plastic cards. And just like Nazi Germany, our people will be encouraged to report any 'suspicious' activity of their neighbors. In fact, life in the United States will soon become a carbon copy of Nazi Germany of the late 1930's, just a lot more high tech and much more lethal.

We will post articles below that will give you greater insight into the methodology of mind control and its strong connections to Satanism and satanic rituals. Al Bielek has revealed a great deal of prime information on the government's secret mind control capabilities and plans in a 1992 underground video made with Vladimir Terziski.

Are you ready to live in Orwell's nightmare world of Big Brother and mind control slavery? The New Fourth Reich of Hitler's demonic dream where perverted and promiscuous sexuality is promoted as 'normal' and 'healthy' while satanism with its rituals of human sacrifice is the only 'religion' to be allowed? Well, it's just around the corner if we remain passive and unwilling to engage these demonic manipulators.

Thanks for the Memories Table of Contents

Skeptic Needs 'Concrete' Evidence from Brice Taylor (Aug. 16, 2008)

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture by Henry Makow (Nov. 4, 2007)

Testimonial for Brice Taylor from Don Weeks (May 3, 2004)

Neurofeedback and Other Interventions for Patients with Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Dissociative Disorders by Susan Ford (Brice Taylor) Jan. 9, 2005

Psychotronic & Demonic Torment- Understanding the Attack and How to Thwart It by M.Topper (1991)

James Casbolt and Project Mannequin

The Story of James Casbolt & Project Mannequin (Sep. 8, 2008)

James Casbolt has written one of the most revealing exposes to date on secret government operations and the ultra secret NSA mind control operation called Project Mannequin. While he reviews known specifics of government involvement with aliens, much of his information is new, especially with regards to U.K. underground covert operations. Subjected to mind control programming from earliest childhood, he began to recover his memories about two years ago and continues de-programming therapy to the present day. He first appeared on the Internet in 2007, trying to get out his story, but as is often the case with high level whistle blowers, he was besieged and verbally assaulted by the usual gaggle of conspiracy bloggers and blow hards who are ready to denigrate and dismiss anyone who has new and startling information. I saw the same thing happen to Brice Taylor when she first came out with her book, Thanks for The Memories, in May of 1999. It's a combination of blogger-idiots and government disinfo/smear artists who always reserve their most vicious attacks for those who come closest to the mark.

Andy Pero & Project Superman

Andy Pero is a special case. He is the quintessential victim of unconscionable military/government/academic "users" who think they can take over innocent people's lives and abuse them for their own purposes without regard to the right of that person to control the destiny of their own life. I'll allow the articles below to tell the Andy Pero story, but readers should understand that Andy was as typical an American kid as you can get. He did nothing of his own accord to attract the abuse he was subjected to other than the fact that as a small child he scored well on an IQ test and gained considerable athletic ability at an early age. Unfortunately for Andy, his father was a graduate of the Naval academy and this undoubtedly set the stage for Andy to be targeted and kept under surveillance by  the military as he grew up. The military and the CIA had plans for Andy,  and regardless of whether Andy liked it or not, he was going to part part of one of their "special training" programs.

[Update: August 2008. We have determined where Andy Pero is located and he's OK. He's being detained but that situation may not last much longer. We will reveal more details when the time is right. It's in Andy's interest to not divulge too much info at this time. You will understand later why I'm being reticent...Ken[

Interview with Andy Pero, Montauk 'Superman' Programming Victim (Jan. 6, 2004)

Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero By Eve Lorgen (Fall, 2000)

Andy Pero Tells his Own Story:

Project Superman, Part 1 by Andy Pero (Oct. 27, 1999)

Project Superman, Part  2 by Andy Pero

Project Superman, Part 3 by Andy Pero

Project Superman, Part 4 by Andy Pero

Project Superman, Part  5 by Andy Pero

Project Superman, Part  6 by Andy Pero

Project Superman, Part 7 by Andy Pero


A Tribute to Andy Pero Against Those Who Might Disparage Him (Aug. 12, 2008)

.Articles on Mind Control , Electronic (Psychotronic) Stalking, Harassment, & Torture

Doubts Persists About Gospel for Asia, Inc and Its Founder, K.P.Yohannan (Aug. 30, 2009)

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NY Times Article Addresses Psychotronic Torture & Harassment (Nov. 18, 2008)

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***Important Information to Thwart Psychotronic and Psychic Attack in this Article***
How To Prevent Alien & Military Abductions by Michael Relfe (April 19, 2005)

Slowly Coming Up to Speed on Mind Control and the NWO Agenda -except ref. the Beatles (Mar. 31, 2005)

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Psychotronic & Demonic Torment- Understanding the Attack and How to Thwart It by M.Topper (1991)

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Simple Tool to Help Mitigate Mind Control Technologies from Willy & Andy (Sep. 23, 2005)

How To Prevent Alien, Military Abductions, & Repel Demonic Entities by Michael Relfe (April 19, 2005)

Orgone Generators, Succor Punch Crystals, the Harmonic Protector, and Boosting Techniques Seem to Help Many People

Radiation Health Foundation Inc.( )
The best web site discovered to date for detailed information about the nature of the radiation being directed and what to do about it. Go there.

Patrick Flannagan Interview with Jeff Rense, June 30, 2003 ( )

A. Windows Media server ( mms:// )

B. Real Audio server ( )

C. MP3 Audio server ( )

Patrick Flannagan has a device called the Golden Ratio Series Neurophone, that MAY prevent electronic mind control signals from entering the brain and offer relief to victims of electronic mind control harassment and torture. I have no connection with him or the product or the company and simply offer this info for your consideration:

David Roscoe on Psychotronics

David Roscoe has an extensive web site packed with voluminous information about electronic mind control, mind influencing, behavior influencing, mood modification, and physical distress caused by secret government electronic technologies collectively known as "Psychotronics"

Electronic Harrassment (
Good info all around, including counter measures.

John Mecca on Electronic Harassment and Torture

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On-Line Books about Illuminati Mind Control Programming Techniques

The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Fritz Springmeier was set up and framed for bank robbery and sentenced to 11 years in prison. The Illuminati needed to get him out of the way. He was creating too much interest in their hidden agenda to destroy America. If you would like to write to him, you can reach him at the following address.

Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
FCI Sheridan
PO Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

Videos on The Illuminati & Mind Control

Fritz Springmeier: Mind Control & The Illuminati (1998-Granada Forum 2:15 mins.)
Ted Gunderson on Satanic Cults & Missing Children (1997-Freedom Forum 1:43 mins.)

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Conferences and Seminars on Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Links to Web Sites on Satanism, Witchcraft, and Satanic Ritual Abuse

With One Accord ( Bill Schnoebelen was a high priest with the Church of Satan for seven years and credits his return to Christianity (and sanity) because of a short note written on the back of a cancelled check to this organization from a female bank worker who simply wrote the words "Jesus loves you" . Bill recounts his story and ascension from darkness in an amazing book titled, " Lucifer Dethroned ". This man has done it all- very infromative web site.

Links to Web Sites on Mind Control:

Freedom Isn't Free ( )
Eleanor White's web site is about one type of the ongoing (and vigorously denied) government crimes, (historically often carried on by non- government entities for cover,) which started in the 1950s as MKULTRA, and COINTELPRO. The code names were dropped, but the activity never stopped. The crime documented here is a literal covert war on citizens by the "shadow governments" who "own" the visible governments. This covert war operates like a cross between illegal vigilante style "criminal rehabilitation groups" and "contract revenge services" for the rich and powerful.

Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control ( )
ACHES-MC, originally founded for survivors of mind control experimentation, has identified additional survivors of other nonconsensual experimentation. These survivors include children, prisoners, mentally incapacitated and military personnel and their families-those who cannot freely give consent.

Survivorship ( )
For survivors of ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture, and their allies. Survivorship is a non-profit organization created to support the healing of adult survivors of ritualized abuse. We are a truly grassroots organization totally supported by membership fees and donations. We accept no federal, state, or private grant monies. We are run for and bysurvivors and their allies.

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse By Neurological and Electromagnetic Weapons ( )
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (C.A.H.R.A.) was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments. The specific purpose of this group is to stop the currently ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation by the U.S. and other governments. The group will use research and documentation, networking and organization to reach a timely solution. Victims organized this group to pool their time and resources and to network with each other, just as the Gulf War Vets and also radiation victims did. (contact: Cheryl Welsh <[email protected]>)

Truth Be Known 2000 (
Dr. Ellen Lacter is a San Diego psychiatrist with a web site devoted to therapy and help for victims of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and mind control. Many terrific articles and news of training seminars and conferences for both therapeutic professionals and victims of abuse.

Mind Control and Ritual Abuse (

I took a fast look and it seems to be a pretty informative site. ..Ken


The Following Links obtained from Electronic Harassment (

Mind Control Forum ( (
This web site is about one type of the ongoing government crimes, which started in the 1950s as MKULTRA, and the 1960s as COINTELPRO. The code names were dropped, but the activity never stopped. The crime documented here is popularly called "mind control". This activity started with harassment and torture of entirely innocent and involuntary citizens of the U.S. and Canada. Now in the 21st Century, these crimes are happening in the jurisdictions of all major governments, and are world wide in scope. The evidence is here for all who are willing to look at it. (
This is Roger Tolces' site. Victims report that he is very helpful. This particular page is about electronic harassment. I have heard that Roger will do testing for implants.

US Surveillance Issues (
This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and "harassment" technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organised crime syndicates. By Paul Baird.

(1) Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation (
(2) Directed-Energy Harassment Defense (
Two articles by Julianne McKinney who headed up the Electronic Surveillance Project for a time in an attempt to help victims of electronic harassment.

Diagram of Symptoms (
This is a diagram with a comprehensive list of symptoms (located at, most of which (80%) I have experienced.

Project Freedom (
George Farquhar’s U.K. web site. (Mirror site - I don't know what happened to the original website).
He says, "I now know without any doubt, that during my stay in Canada, I was being bombarded with microwave radiations, and that I was being mentally and emotionally manipulated by EMF Remote Mind Control Weaponry. I also believe that these attacks may have been executed via the US National Security Agency's Kinnecome Group, Fort Meade, who are known for such attacks on the American people. "

MKzine (
Magazine with articles by known activists. Examines coercive mind control, invasive human experimentation and other related abuses. (
A site describing the current day epidemic of covert around the clock harassment of citizens, allowed to continue because all government agencies and non- government human rights organizations choose to look the other way instead of obeying their respective mandates. This site has collected information on how to cope with this unending torture, and how to effectively fight to expose and stop these crimes.

Government Mind Control (
A well organized site providing links to articles and books. It contains plenty of fascinating research information.

Psychotechnology Research Institute (
Not a site by victims, but by those developing the kind of technology many victims feel is being used against them. An eye-opening site, especially the publications section.

Pam Schuffert Reports

Satanism, the Illuminati, and mind control are heavily interlinked. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is one of the principle methods used to shatter the psyches of very young children and begin the process of mind control programming. A series of articles by Pam Schuffert is being written daily to chronicle the current state of satanic activity in the America today. See her reports posted at this link.
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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The astonishing quotes from CIA documents below reveal detailed, successful experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored mind control programs. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD). These top secret programs were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates or super spies programmed to carry out sexual favors, assassination, and other terrorist acts without any conscious knowledge of what they were doing.

To verify this startling information, links are provided to images of the revealing original documents. Instructions are also available here to order for yourself any of these documents directly from the CIA using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The vast majority of official documents from these mind control programs were destroyed by the order of then CIA director Richard Helms after hearing there would be a Congressional investigation. He did not realize, however, that incriminating evidence remained in the financial files of the programs, which are what you read below. We can only imagine what secrets the destroyed documents held.

Control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes.

Though dating from the 1950s and 60s, these documents were not released for decades for reasons of "national security." The U.S. government claims mind control experiments are no longer being carried out, yet how can we know? The existence of these programs was denied for decades, and certainly any recent documents would be classified secret under the rubric of "national security." A CIA informant I know assures me that these programs are ongoing, and that the techniques have been greatly refined. These disturbing methods are used by various countries in clandestine operations around the world. See the sections after the quotes for more valuable information and suggestions on what you can do to bring this vital information to light.


CIA document and page number: 190684, pp. 1, 4
Title: Outline of Special H Cases
Date: 7 January 1953
Link to view images of original: Page 1, Page 4

In a general request for volunteers [deleted] volunteered for H [hypnosis] experimentation and were originally tested on 21 May 1951. Both girls, at this time, were nineteen years of age. These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state via the telephone, via some very subtle signal that cannot be detected by other persons in the room, and without the other individuals being able to note the change.

It has been shown clearly that physically individuals can be induced into H by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words. Control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes, and that they can be conditioned to a point where they believe a change in identity on their part even on the polygraph.

Note: This documents shows that CIA experimenters were successful in hypnotizing young women (19 years old in this case) to do things they would not do normally without any memory. Though they volunteered, these women were thus programmed to be Manchurian Candidates or super spies with no knowledge of what these men were doing to them.


CIA document and page number: 17395, p. 18
Title: ESP Research
Date: Unknown
Link to view image of original: Click here

Learning models will be instituted in which the subject will be rewarded or punished for his overall performance and reinforced in various ways - by being told whether he was right, by being told what the target was, with electric shock etc. ... In other cases drugs and psychological tricks will be used to modify his attitudes. The experimenters will be particularly interested in disassociative states, from the abaissement de niveau mental to multiple personality in so-called mediums, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis.

Note: This document provides proof that the CIA was was using drugs and electric shock in attempting to learn how to induce MPD.


CIA document and page number: 190691, p. 1
Title: Hypnotic Experimentation and Research
Date: 10 February 1954
Link to view image of original: Click here

A posthypnotic of the night before (pointed finger, you will sleep) was enacted. Misses [deleted] and [deleted] immediately progressed to a deep hypnotic state with no further suggestion. Miss [deleted] was then instructed (having previously expressed a fear of firearms in any fashion) that she would use every method at her disposal to awaken miss [deleted] (now in a deep hypnotic sleep), and failing this, she would pick up a pistol nearby and fire it at Miss [deleted]. She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to “kill” [deleted] for failing to awaken.

Miss [deleted] carried out these suggestions to the letter including firing the (unloaded pneumatic pistol) gun at [deleted] and then proceeding to fall into a deep sleep. After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened and expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence. Miss [deleted] was again handed the gun, which she refused (in an awakened state) to pick up or accept form the operator. She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened.

Note: Here we have proof that these women could be converted into unsuspecting assassins. They could then be programmed to assassinate anyone and would do so without any conscious knowledge afterward. Remember that the vast majority of documents from these programs were destroyed.


You can verify these quotes both by clicking the links above the quote to read a copy of the original, and by ordering the documents directly from the CIA using directions available at this link. Though these documents were released many years ago, why is it that the public still knows virtually nothing about them, and they have not been given the media coverage they deserve?
The box below provides several ideas on what you can do to make a difference about bringing this important information to light. We also invite you to comment below and let us know what you think. Should the government be pressed to release all documents involving mind control operations?
What you can do:
Inform your media and political representatives of this important information. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them bring these documents into public discussion and release all documents pertaining to secret mind control projects.
Learn about the history and development of controversial CIA mind control programs in this two-page summary. Footnotes and links are provided for verification purposes.
Read concise summaries of revealing major media reports on these CIA mind control programs and more  available here.
Visit our Mind Control Information Center at
Explore inspiring ideas on how we can build a brighter future for all by reading this short essay.
Spread this news to your friends and colleagues so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. By working together, we can make a big difference.

How easy is it to f**k with so many American Citizens when elites are totally out of control and the rest are sheep? This is a declassified  government video inside an MK Ultra laboratory where they had a Nazi (check out the accent dude) do all sorts of BS experiments on US Citizens (from gen pop in a prison in 1967).  Look how degrading the prisoner and keeping the prisoner confused is essential for dehumanizing them.  the guards no longer look at them as humans, they only see them as pet-like animals.

These Nazi's are the same that ran concentration camps that is why it is so natural for them to dehumanize humans.  These Nazi's still control much of the US secret projects at NASA and psychological programs.  The video is a bit boring, but when you understand that these American Citizens could be your next door neighbors, you may watch through the boring parts to grasp how horrible this really is.  In addition, when you show your neighbors and co-workers that Nazi's were doing this to US Citizens and that GW's grandfather was a Nazi... you can also let them know that soon Iraqi's and Al=Qaeda will be doing this to their children here.  Why would they not?  What is the difference?

1967 government mind control drug experiment brave new world

My name is Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O'Brien, born 12/4/57 in Muskegon, Michigan. I have prepared this book for your review and edification concerning a little known tool that "our" United States Government is covertly, illegally, and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Order (One World Government). This well documented tool is a sophisticated and advanced form of behavior modification (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House "Presidential Model" mind-control slave.

Much of the information enclosed herein has been corroborated and validated through brave and courageous "clean" members of the law enforcement, scientific, and Intelligence communities familiar with this case. These individuals' efforts helped me to understand and corroborate what happened after a lifetime of systematic physical and psychological torture orchestrated to modify my behavior through totally controlling my mind. Some of these courageous individuals are employed by the very system that controlled me and live in fear of losing their jobs, their families, or their lives. They have gone as far as they dare towards publicly exposing this tool of engineers of the New World Order--to no avail. This book is a grassroots effort to solicit and enlist the public and private support of Human Rights advocates, the recognized, respected doors in America to expose this invisible personal and social menace. This can be done by well organized, cooperative citizens with a passion for justice, who have expressed interest in restoring our Constitution and taking back America. This copy you hold is for your edification and action.

...It is my patriotic respect for the principles of truth, justice, and ultimately that freedom on which America was founded that compels me to expose the world domination motivations of those in control of our government, commonly referred to as the Shadow Government. By taking back America NOW, we can maintain the integrity of our country's history and future by detouring its destined course of being recognized world wide for the mind-control atrocities unleashed on humanity that literally begin where Adolph Hitler left off. Hitler's version of world domination that he termed in 1939 the "New World Order" is currently being implemented through advanced technologies in among others, genetic mind-controlled engineering by those in control of America.

...The expertise of my primary advocate and skilled deprogrammer, Mark Phillips, developed through his U.S. Defense Department knowledge of "Top Secret" mind-control research and researchers, was responsible for the restoration of my mind to normal functioning. As a result, I have recovered the memories related in this text, and having survived the ordeal, have reached this point of enormous frustration. In 1988, through a series of brilliantly orchestrated events, Mark Phillips rescued me and my 8-year-old daughter, Kelly, from our mind-controlled existence and took us to the safety of Alaska for rehabilitation. It was there that we began the tedious process of untangling my amnesic mind to consciously recall what I was supposed to forget.

Many U.S. and foreign government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed and rehabilitated to accurately reveal the criminal covert activities and perversions in which Kelly and I were forced to participate, particularly during the Reagan/Bush Administrations. Now that I have gained control of my own mind, I view it as my duty as a mother and American patriot to exercise my gained free will to expose the mind control atrocities that my daughter and I endured at the hands of those in control of our government. This personal view of inside Pandora's Box includes a keen perception of how mind control is being used to apparently implement the New World Order, and a personal knowledge of WHO some sort of the so-called "masterminds" are behind this world and mind dominance effort.

While I am free to speak my mind, Kelly, now 17, is not so fortunate. Kelly has yet to receive rehabilitation for her shattered personality and programmed young mind. The high tech sophistication of Project Monarch trauma-based mind control procedures she endured, literally since birth, reportedly requires highly specialized, qualified care to aid her in eventually gaining control of her mind and life. Due to the political power of our abusers, all efforts to obtain her inalienable right to rehabilitation and seek justice have been blocked under the guise of so-called "National Security". As a result, Kelly remains untreated in the custody of the State of Tennessee--a victim of the system--a system controlled and manipulated by our abusive government "leaders"--a system which exists due to federal funding directed by our perverse, corrupt abusers in Washington, D.C. She remains a political prisoner in the custody of the State of Tennessee to this moment, waiting and hurting!


Mind Control & MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips

1 hr 44 min - Jul 24, 2006 -    (94 ratings)
Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien expose the Federal Government's involvement in Mind Control projects, research, and abuse of its' own people.


Frank Craven Intro to Pedophilia Week

28 min - Jan 13, 2007 -    (6 ratings)

Sex Slavery in the White House? Call-In Show (6-14-06) pt 2

37 min - Sep 24, 2006 -    (26 ratings)
year and month before 9/11 with Cathy O'Brien talking about NAFTA



Note Cathy O'Brien did say that most do not live past 30

The vast majority of official documents from these mind control programs were destroyed by the order of then CIA director Richard Helms after hearing there would be a Congressional investigation

Mind Control Killers? No that couldn't be....

Richard Helms: CIA Assassination, Regime Change, Mass Murder and Saddam
By Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and editor, of COAT's quarterly magazine "Press for Conversion!"

With the death of former CIA director Richard Helms, the corporate media is offering a rare glimpse into the CIA's use of political assassinations. Unfortunately however, the coverage is highly-sanitized.  It covers up much more than it reveals.

Contrary to what the corporate media suggests, assassination is not a clean, surgical method of removing very specific political enemies.  It is only one small element in a larger cluster of crimes used by the CIA to execute "regime change."

The reality is that the CIA's use of assassination to exterminate political leaders has historically been closely linked to many other political crimes that are, arguably, even worse.

For example, when planning, coordinating, arming, training and financing repressive military coups, as the CIA has done so many times, their henchmen are wont to carry out mass arrests, mass torture and mass murder.  It's a nasty business.  As Kissinger once said about the CIA's betrayal of Iraqi Kurds, "covert action should not be confused with missionary work."

Although 32 of the 98 recent stories on Richard Helms (found using a Google media search) mention the term "assassination," not one of these articles mentions any of the following terms that are equally relevant to CIA operations: torture, murder, arrest.

Only 4 of the 98 recent stories on Helms mention the term "coup." In one case, the article uses the term to praise Helms, saying he scored a "journalistic coup" when he interviewed Adolph Hitler in 1935. Richard Helms' contact with Nazis didn't end there (and probably didn't begin there either).  Helms went on to work closely with General Reinhard Gehlen, the notorious Nazi spymaster who was hired by US "intelligence" to set up an organization within the CIA.  The "Gehlen Org" recruited thousands of Nazi agents to run covert operations in Eastern Europe after the war. Gehlen is, of course, not mentioned in any of recent news reports on Helms. Neither is the fact that the OSS (the US agency that preceded the CIA) had a lot in common with the SS (besides the letters "SS.") To both, the biggest evil in the world was summed up in one word, communism.  And to both, the elimination of communists, labour activists, and other undesirable social elements that got in the way of corporatism, was their chief preoccupation.
...[email protected]/438547035/

MKULTRA Victim Testimony B and C
B - Chris DeNicola speaks of her childhood experiences as a human mind control subject at the hands of government scientists specifically Joseph Mengele (Dr. Green). C- The testimony of an MKULTRA test subject who was subjected to electo-shock, LSD, radiation, rape, dislocation of joints, chemical and drug experimentation as a child. Sent to a special school with many other children and taught how to sexually please men and entrap them in order for Richard Helms, Sidney Gottlieb, Martin Orne, L. Wilson Green, and others to use sexual blackmail operations (children) to secure permanent funding for MKULTRA, experiments and operations that continue to this day.

Monarch: Chapter 3B: MKULTRA 1953
Mind Control to create unwitting double agents robot assasins couriers
How the mad scientists employed by Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Helms learned from Nazi programmers how to break the mind of a child to control it forever.

President Clinton admits to thousands (some unethical) mind control experiments. Hopefully you will not focuss on or believe in the apology (lip service) Clinton provides and forget, as these programs continue into the present, and in other forms, that involve the rest of us.
On the Trail of the JFK Assassins
by Dick Russell

He says that he had a source who told him Helms had gotten the word to a Kennedy family member that the Kennedys should not back a reopening of the JFK case. He concludes that "Obviously Helms himself was one of the people that I ultimately wanted very much to interview. But not until I would be thoroughly prepared."
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately