Author Topic: 9 YO Murder Victim's Dad does not want her death used against the constitution  (Read 7765 times)

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9 YO Murder Victim's Dad does not want her death used against the constitution
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He is an incredibly strong man,

he said on the today show this morning he prefers "this" over the options, the interview paused, then ended without Meredith asking what he meant, it is known what he meant, but the media sure wont ask for clarification, too bad,they will spin his story for their agenda but thats all they will do

I can picture a producer during the pause telling Meredith via ear mich "end now"

again he is a strong man


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He seems "awake" enough to realize this situation could be used in nefarious ways against the Constitution.  Good for him during this time off loss for not losing his cool and saying lots of stupid things.  RIP for his daughter!!
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the parents are being slandered in the media now.

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CNN is slamming the heck out of limbaugh and beck right now.  I'm surprised they haven't came after Alex yet.  These scumbags will stop at nothing!  Yeah good for her dad to stand up for the constitution.  I LOVE people with strong minds who can think for themselves.  The NWO wants to stomp on free speech and the 2nd ammendment and are certainly making mountains out of mole hills over this!

It's pretty ironic how they can use Eugenics and Flouride killing 100's of thousands and you never hear anything about that!!!
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