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Smart Meters coming to Bullhead City, Arizona
« on: January 05, 2011, 09:25:27 pm »
Meter readers will be retained to perform other duties, MEC official says

By NEIL YOUNG/The Daily News
Published: Sunday, January 2, 2011 10:48 PM MST
BULLHEAD CITY — Mohave Electric Cooperative’s “Smart Meter” project continues. MEC is replacing its meters in Bullhead City in two phases. So far, approximately 6,000 new meters have been installed, according to Peggy Gillman, MEC manager of public affairs and energy services.

The old, dial mechanical meters are being replaced by a new meter technology called Automated Meter Reading (AMR). Smart Grid and AMR technology provide two-way communication over power lines.

It will be no longer necessary for MEC employees to read meters on site. “Meter readings are loaded into the Customer Information System automatically by the Advanced Metering Infrastructure equipment and normally are called up once a month to coincide with the member’s billing date,” Gillman said.

Meter readers will be retained to perform other duties, Gillman said.

Smart meters will:

- Improve meter reading accuracy by recording information directly into MEC’s billing system

- Record power outages

- Improve response to outages by helping to pinpoint areas affected by the outage

- Confirm power restoration, by sending verification back to the call center that power has been restored

- Help deter power theft by sending a notification if a meter is tampered with or moved

The information will flow continuously from the meter to a substation with data collection equipment, which will help MEC analyze energy usage, outage data, and voltage information to better serve members.

“The plan has evolved over time with extensive development and engineering over the last 18 months,” Gillman said.

MEC’s time line for Smart Meter installations:

- In August, communication infrastructure was installed, with enhanced data communication equipment placed at substations and MEC’s customer call center.

- In November, a phased Smart Grid meter exchange began.

- In mid-March, phase one will end with a total of 15,000 meters exchanged.

- In April, installation of substation monitoring equipment will begin and continue over the next few months.

- In November, phase two of the meter exchanges will begin, in which 10,000 meters will be switched.

- In February 2012, phase two will be completed.

“Future phases will be scheduled into the work plan until the majority of Mohave member meters are exchanged,” Gillman said. “We anticipate beginning the final meter deployment late 2012. Deployment of new meters is conditioned on the expansion of the communication infrastructure. The early phases of deployment used the existing infrastructure with the later deployment predicated on the new communication expansion.”

MEC has approximately 38,000 meters.


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Re: Smart Meters coming to Bullhead City, Arizona
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2011, 09:28:47 pm »

Mohave's Smart Grid improvements are moving ahead. The first step, laying the foundation of the communication infrastructure, is well underway and progressing on schedule. We are now replacing old, dial mechanical meters at your home or business, with a "smart meter," which uses a new meter technology called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

     The process of replacing 25,000 meters will continue throughout 2011.

     Smart Grid and AMI technology provide two-way communication over the power lines, eliminating the need for a meter reader to read your meter every month.

     An ARRA Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy has substantially reduced Mohave's investment, making it possible to move forward with our Smart Grid technology and implementation.