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Safety in Pinal County is top concern - Sheriff Paul Babeu

By Lindsey Collom
The Arizona Republic

Paul Babeu is ready for his close-up.

The Pinal County sheriff appears ever camera-fit: His uniform perpetually crisp. His smile dazzling. His head cleanly shaved.

Equally precise is the rhetoric he aims squarely at the federal government: Secure the border.

At 41, Babeu has spent more than half of his life in and out of politics. He began his political career at age 18 running for the city council of his Massachusetts hometown and clinched the Pinal County sheriff's job in 2008 on a campaign to root out government corruption.

But Babeu's rise from local lawman to national figure came suddenly in April, when one of his deputies said he was wounded in a desert shootout with suspected drug smugglers. The incident happened days after Arizona's governor signed Senate Bill 1070, the controversial immigration-enforcement law.

Babeu was soon a fixture on cable TV news and starring in primary-election ads for Sen. John McCain. In addition, he gave the elder statesman advice.

"I know what needs to be brought to bear on a macro level to solve this problem to secure the border," Babeu says. "That's where I've injected myself aggressively into not just that conversation but into the planning, in influencing other decision makers to their thought processes, how they view this issue."

Another set of ears he'd like to bend belong to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Babeu and political ally Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever earlier this month issued a joint press release saying they were excluded from a conference call that Napolitano held with sheriffs and police chiefs from 30 jurisdictions along the Southwestern border. Additionally, the pair's request for a meeting with Napolitano went unanswered as she visited Nogales and Tucson in the wake of a border agent's death in a shootout with bandits near the Arizona-Mexico border.

Yet Babeu doesn't need federal acknowledgement to have an audience. Fox recognized him last month as one of America's Top 10 "toughest immigration sheriffs" following an informal poll of immigration experts, think tanks and law-enforcement organizations. Dever and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio also made the cut.

In addition to speaking out on the issue, Babeu has made a mission of disrupting cartel activity in western Pinal County. Three tactical units of the Sheriff's Office are now conducting regular operations in a known drug- and human-smuggling corridor.

And Babeu has continued to speak out on perceived county misdeeds, prompting some officials to question his motives.

"I believe Sheriff Babeu likes to embellish upon events that work to his political advantage," former County Manager Terry Doolittle told The Republic before his retirement in October.

But Babeu wants the public to know he's done more with his office than grab a microphone.

"A lot of people perceive me to be mainly driven by the immigration issue and to be involved politically," Babeu says. "The greatest value I lend is organizationally, to the changes we've made here structurally to PCSO to really try to make a difference, the end result being improved service."

A new beat system has Pinal County deputies responding an average of five minutes faster to 911 calls than with the previous administration. Employees undergo more extensive training. And deputies have better equipment - radios in every vehicle and rifles to better match criminal firepower - mostly through the aggressive pursuit of grant funding.

Babeu says he wants Pinal County residents to know he is working to improve public safety and that his aim is to have the best Sheriff's Office in the state.

And, he says with a smile, he also wants people to know he's running for re-election.

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Ya  Ah am in A.J. Pinal County, Az. Ah am a bit bent bout the Sheriffs budget being cut by half as Sheriff Paul Babeu  has been actively trying to legalize the constitution here.

 Brainwashington, Dish of Crap is certainly living up to our expectations . Happy New Year

What do you infowarriors say to a money bomb or even search term bomb to help publicize this treason. Sheriff Paul Babeu was a national top story for 2010. The sheeple can pronounce BAA Beu

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Another Arizona incident.

Arizona state lawmaker attacked on Christmas

(CNN) -- An unknown attacker left an Arizona state lawmaker unconscious and bound at his business, Casa Grande police said Sunday.

On Christmas Day, State Rep. Frank Pratt went to check on his swimming pool store when he was confronted by a person already inside the building who "severely beat him, knocked him unconscious, and left him bound inside the building," police said in a statement.

The unidentified person stole Pratt's SUV and left the area.

The lawmaker was found by his wife more than four hours later, police said.

Janice Pratt said she initially went by the store after one hour, but left when she didn't see his truck. When she came back three hours later, she spotted an unlocked gate and heard him calling out for help, she said.
I am a realist that is slightly conservative yet I have some republican demeanor that can turn democrat when I feel the urge to flip independant.
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I  have initiated talk to the pinal county Sheriffs deputies three times out on the street about the budget cuts. They cant talk politics while in on duty or something. I'm so glad we have no carry restrictions in AZ. But I have a little training so I am pretty confident.