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Conference lectures and keynote speeches by Dr Patrick Dixon

Keynote for 350 global team of MTN - telcos, consumers and emerging markets

Select from list below of more than 200 recent presentations and keynote speeches by Dr Patrick Dixon for multinational companies. You can also watch 250 video clips. This page is for clients and for those interested in booking lectures. No static slides or videos can do justice to large-scale multimedia 2D or 3D events, which have more in common with the experience of theatre - interactive, dynamic, provocative and entertaining as well as profoundly challenging and often disturbing. Dr Dixon is often described in the world's media as Europe's leading Futurist and has been ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers50 2005 survey).

Style and content of presentations varies hugely with size of audience, nationalities present, audience interests, corporate in-house seminar, client event or business school classroom. Each multimedia package is created in a unique process, in close consultation with event organisers, and is delivered in an entertaining and interactive way. See information for event organisers including 3D Journey to the Future.

Presentations slides:

(scroll down page for 200 videos)

Convergence - impact on future world.  Digital technology, biotech, nanotech, broadcasting, phones, entertainment and many other parts of our world are converging in new ways.  Expect new industries, innovations and consumer choices.  Keynote presentation for industrial and research leaders in South Korea.

Future of Manufacturing - Business Week / Siemens client event in Boston for manufacturing industry analysts.  New markets and technologies in manufacturing.  Impact of credit crunch.  Nanotechnology and biotechnology, future of the pharmaceutical industry and space technology.  Divergence and convergence.  Impact of global warming, energy costs and worries about sustainability / climate change.  Outsourcing, offshoring trends reversal, emerging markets as consumers and manufacturers.  Innovation in manufacturing.  Listen to i-pod audio and watch slides.

Credit Crunch, Economic Crisis and Possible Recession - Managing Uncertainty - Leadership Strategies.  Client event for HR directors and Finance directors of large multinationals (for Hewitt).  How to survive the credit crunch.  making sense of confusing radar signals. Focus on what matters.  Managing risk. Seizing opportunity with agile leadership, scenario planning, dynamic strategy and bold cost cutting - reshaping for future growth.  Longer term outlook for global economy. Credit crunch rescue package explained.  How to motivate teams through the crisis - engagement with passion and purpose.  Keys to keeping teams together and strong during rapid mergers and acquisitions.  See also videos on credit crunch impact for business and leadership strategy and videos on banking trends.  Also videos on risk management and leadership" target="_blank">leadership videos.

Future of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.  Household goods, food and drink trends - for The Leading Edge Strategy Group client event in London.  Impact of recession on household demand, wholesale, manufacturing and retail.  Managing risk and seizing opportunity in fast moving consumer good sector (FMCG).  Changes in consumer behavior and mood.  Impact of global warming and climate change concerns.

Future of Satellites, Broadband, Communications and Mobile Phones.  Client event for SSL (Loral) in San Francisco on satellite industry trends in manufacturing, servicing, launch, space communications, mobile phone networks, broadband, mobile internet, video on demand, video streaming and the future of the internet.  Global online bandwidth forecasts and impact of high definition TV on satellite bandwidth demand.  Commercialisation of space.  New satellite technologies and capacity forecasts.  Future of geosynchronous satellites and low orbit satellites - in meeting demand in mature markets and emerging economies / Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care Trends - for ICPM - medical directors of research in Pharmaceutical companies on innovation, new patterns of health care, challenges in drug development and drug discovery. New regulations, government and insurance remuneration policies. Patient expectations and unmet needs.  Over the counter therapies and prescription only treatments.  Health care costs, patents, generics and manufacturing, patient safety and future of clinical trials.

Leadership in an Uncertain World - European School of Management and Technology.  Challenges and opportunities - Six Faces of Global Change and what they mean for your business.  Keys to success in downturn and beyond.

Future of tourism, travel industry and hospitality sector - leisure and business trends. For Portuguese Tourist Board - impact on Portugal and wider region.

Future of the Energy Industry - for General Electric. Sustainable energy and other issues specific to clients of derivative gas turbines division.

Stan Am Rheim Leadership Forum 2008 - key global trends and impact on leadership / strategy following credit crunch and global economic chaos.  Managing uncertainty, reducing risk and maximising opportunity.  Credit crunch in broader context of global trends and economy.

Future of Conferencing and Corporate Events - 4,500 people watched this fast-moving, entertaining and provocative, multimedia opening keynote on a massive 80 foot by 20 foot screen - staged in the largest ballroom in the world (Las Vegas). Audience: members of MPI who are all involved in creating corporate events. Some slides only - video to follow soon. See also blog on future of conferencing and YouTube videos by Patrick Dixon.

Future of utilities: energy, water, phone - for clients of Black and Veatch - Santa Fe 2008. Sustainable leadership and climate change. Challenges and opportunities during current economic instability. How utility companies need to change to keep pace with future consumers and regulation.

Preventing Future Conflicts - with special reference to Asia Pacific. Keynote address for 500 US military (US Pacific Command senior leadership) and guests. Wide ranging presentation on global trends, impact on international tensions, ways to increase co-operation and understanding, and why new approaches will be needed in military strategy to be effective in building international peace, security and prosperity for all.

Future of the Paper, Cardboard and Packaging Industries - keynote conference opening sesssion for 1,500 people in Stockholm. Future of forestry, logistics, energy reduction, carbon use, recycling, government policy and related issues.

Future of Food and Drink Industries - for Bord Bia, Irish Food Board. Impact of global trends on food and drink sector, retailing, manufacturing and farming.

Future of bus and rail companies - impact of climate change - keynote conference presentation for Stagecoach - global leadership team and board.

Future of insurance and wealth management in South East Asia - internal event for senior leadership of leading global insurer.

Future of mobile telecom and wireless networking, business digital trends - for O2. Internal event for UK sales and marketing teams with O2 CEO.

Investment trends, risks and opportunities - for board of UK Church Commissioners (pension fund). Global trends, emerging markets, geopolitical issues, climate change.

Future of Dentistry in a Digital Age - client event for 3M - audience of some of the world's most innovative dentists, Professors in dentistry etc. Future of dental practice: insights from health care, digital technology and other industries. Patrick Dixon's Future of Dentistry video

Future of corporate real estate - intelligent buildings, climate control and global warming - for ARBS Exhibition Conference Melbourne 2008 for architects, builders, developers, planners, regulators, air conditoning engineers, heating system manufacturers.

Impact of Climate Change on Electricity Companies - for senior leadership of Vattenfall - power generation and sustainability.

Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management - for Deutsche Post / DHL senior leaders

Reducing Risk in Financial Services - risk management and investment banking. Keynote for global risk management team of Investec.

Sustainable business - leadership issues - global warming, climate change, wider environmental issues, risk management, personal and family sustainability.

Future of Global Health Care and Women's Health - keynote for female senior business leaders.

Future of Banking - wider global issues and impact on IT-related issues. For global IT team of LLoyds TSB.

Human Resources - war for talent and related issues in context of global trends. For Global HR team of Unilever.

Future of Telecom - customer focus - for STC 200 senior leaders, Saudi Arabia and wider global telecom-related trends. Mobile, landlines, broadband, online services, corporate telephony, web communities, video

Future of dentistry and dental / health care trends - for Henry Schein CEO event - dental manufacturing and supply chain

Emerging markets - important issues for every business - London Business School MBA elective presentation on 10 key emerging market growth-related issues. Practical day-to-day challenges of operating in emerging markets. Opportunities and challenges for multinationals in nations such as India, China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil.

Future of the Aviation Industry - client event for Dassault Falcon, attended by 800 pilots and aviation specialists at NBAA in Atlanta. Covers major trends affecting airlines, charter companie and privately owned planes, plane manufacturers and related industries

leadership-trust/index.htm" target="_blank">Future Leadership Challenges - annual conference keynote for The Leadership Trust.

Future of Institutional and Investment Banking - RMB annual gobal leadership event

Future of Panama - client lunch-time event for HSBC Panama on the future growth of Panama economy, free trade centre trends, social and political issues, Panama canal, banking and financial services, tourism. See also HSBC Panama internal presentation including strategy development, innovation, leadership and change management. Also video comment on future of the Panama canal, plus video comment from the HSBC event on future of Panama economy.

Future of mobile phones. telecom and consumer lifestyles - MTN global leadership event with focus on Africa, Middle East and Asia

Future of public services and impact of new technology on customers - for Govnet London Connect conference

Future of telecom and related services - Telenor client event

Futurewise - future of Brazil and wider trends - Portugese language leadership event for 1,500 people in Porto Alegre - Fronteiras do Pensamento sponsored by Copesol

Future trends in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and rest of region - Russian language presentation for PrivatBank

Future of the global insurance industry - for HSBC Insurance global leadership team

Future of health care and the pharmaceutical industry - internal event for senior leaders of Wyeth (UK)

Future of Business - Key trends for South Africa and beyond - leadership event

Building a Better Business - the key to management, marketing and motivation - and the $20,000 challenge. Leadership training for Barclays Bank / ABSA bank (South Africa, regional focus, Middle East)

Innovation - seven dimensions to a dynamic future senior executive event

Future of high technology companies in a rapidly changing world - client event for Infosys, who train over 25,000 new IT professionals each year

Insuring a Rapidly Changing World - major trends relevant to life insurance and health cover underwriting - for clients of Munich Re

Future of the Energy Industry - aiming for sustainability. Client event for Vattenfall on challenges and opportunities for global energy companies.

Future of the Petrochemical Industry - supply chain management and logistics: presentation for EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), looking at major challenges to the industry in the EU, current inneficiencies and major opportunities for cost savings.

Future of the Brewing Industry - Carlsburg event on trends impact on beer consumption, manufacturing, distribution and wider socio-demographic / political / lifestyle issues

Future Lessons from 3000 years in Ancient Greece and Rome - cruise lecture. What would Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Apostle Paul and Julius Caesar have made of today's world and our future challenges? Central issue of sustainability - personal, corporate, community, political and global. For YPO (Young Presidents Organization).

Creating Sustainable Enterprise for Impact conference. Global trends impact on business. Big issues such as global warming and how organisations are responding. Cause-related marketing. How corporate values bring competitive advantage. Corporate and Social Responsibility, winning the war for talent, HR and leadership issues, workplace motivation.

Making Things Happen - Welsh Assembly (Parliament) presentation for leaders in national and local government, health authorities, social services and other statutory agencies on leadership, motivation and change management

marketing/index.htm" target="_blank">Future of Retail Marketing - Envision event in Denmark for retail chains and entrepreneurs. Innovation, creativity, design and good marketing will contribute to business success but the most successful organisations will go further in understanding how consumers will think and feel, and will develop new products and services as a response. Huge market opportunities are being lost because of failure to understand fundamental shifts - for example the growing economic power of women, and of those over the age of 60, together with the explosive development of emerging market consumers, with 1 billion children becoming adults in the next 15 years.

Does Europe have a Future? Future economic outlook for the European Union and the impact of new technology on future productivity. SAP event for their top 50 clients - joint session with SAP's CEO at Saphire 2006. Reasons why EU productivity has grown so slowly compared to the US. Can the EU catch up and at the same time maintain a manufacturing base in the face of severe competition from China and India? Why information technology will play such a key role. Challenges for business and government leaders.

Future of Schools and Education - how do we prepare the global citizens of tomorrow for the future? Keynote for the US-based National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). The future is changing faster than you can change a curriculum. Watch video on major challenges to schools in helping students develop the right skills to survive and succeed.

Future consumer trends in Europe - how European consumers are changing, winners and losers in retail. The impact of technology, demographics and social trends on consumer behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle choices. How manufacturers, service providers and retail outlets will have to change to survive.

Future trends in innovation and technology: client event for Unisys. Audience of Cheif Technology Officers (CTOs) and Chief Operating Officers (COOs) on global trends and their impact on business / IT strategy. Why so few CTOs make it to board level, and why most CEOs fail to take full advantage of what technology can deliver. Intregrating next-generation information technology into every dimension of future business development.

Global Trends and their impact on the insurance industry - Munich Re event for clients from Asia. How the insurance industry will be affected by wild cards (low probability, high impact events), why demographic forecasts for ageing and pensions liabilities are incorrect, the development of insurance industry in emerging markets, single issue activism and a rethink about business ethics.

Future of Banking, Management, Marketing and Motivation: Two day leadership seminar for Barclays Bank / Absa Bank - senior leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa. Day 1: Issues facing banking and African business development. Socio-demographic, political, technology and other factors including sustainable business development. Scenario creation - and using scenarios to test strategic assumptions. Day 2: Building a Better Business: the Future of Marketing, management and motivation. Also includes managing yourself and how to increase team productivity by up to 50%.

The New World Order - global trends, national governments, interest rates and other issues of importance to central bankers. Presentation for BNP Paribas clent event - audience of central bankers from more than 20 countries.

Why bother to change a corporation?: Business School MBA elective programme on Strategic Transformation. The crisis of purpose in business today and why most people don't care about your strategy or the future of the corporation. How to persuade people to change. How to connect with the passions people have for a better life. Reasons why people don't change. How to create effective leadership and ownership of your corporate strategy.

The Future of the Netherlands and wider global trends. Event for Young Bilderburg: young leaders who will shape the future of the Dutch economy.

Future of Real Estate Investment - issues which will drive real estate investment in both developed and emerging economies, with an analysis of the UK housing market. Client event for ultra-high net worth families and family office teams - for Strategic Real Estate Advisors (Stratreal).

Future of Travel and Tourism - impact on North West England economy - Blackpool, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and the Lake District. Consumer trends. Business travel and the future patterns of corporate events. Impact of ageing and emerging markets. Client event for Northwest Development Agency.

Future of Manufacturing, Engineering and Innovation - impact of IT and wider trends - client event for Microsoft. Winners and losers in the outsoursing race. Virtual teams and virtual organisations. The future of manufacturing in Europe and other developed parts of the world.

Future of Telecom and Techniology Innovation - for AT&T client event. How consumer lifestyles, fashions and fads will be shaped by new personal technology, and why the future is about emotion. Industry examples of innovation and why radical divergence of product design is the route to future success. Risks of building strategy on imitation, in a race to converge on price (falling) and quality (ever more complicated multi-enabled devices).

The Future of Technology and Management - Watch video and slides of event for 2,000 CIO and CEO clients of Fujitsu Siemens on wide range of issues impacting business over the next decade - special emphasis on technology, innovation, fashions and fads, social changes, lifestyle issues, impact of demographics, outsourcing, motivation and leadership.

Future of Business: major trends, management, marketing and motivation - for Ruling Companies in Italy, with a particular focus on the Italian market, selling Italy as a brand, deomgraphic changes, consumer behaviour, Italian manufacturing and the future of the national economy.

The Science of Ageing - for Fixed Income Division of AIG. Why life expectancy forecasts are wrong and how science may be able to slow down the ageing process. Stem cells and cellular mechanisms that are linked to growing old. Socio-demographic and economic impact of longer life expectancy. Impact on every aspect of life including product design and service delivery. Contrasts with younger emerging economies with their 1 billion new consumers in the next 15 years.

Life after Convergence - Why so many companies are unprepared
Telecom companies become media houses. Food retailers become online banks. Computers become phones and video stores. However, while we will see convergence in products and services on price, features and quality, we will also see huge new investment in diversity. Where the future lies in product innovation.

The Future of Air Travel, Air Freight and Tourism - for Executive Board of Virgin Atlantic looking at a wide range of issues that are likely to shape airlines, business and personal travel and related expenditure. What will be the shape of airlines in future? How will airlines adapt to market pressures in a deregulated world which is increasingly dominated by short distance budget operators? (Some slides have been removed).

Future of Food and Drink Industry - for clients of 3i. Special focus on Central and Eastern Europe and broad trends which are likely to impact the economic development of the region. Fashions and fads in food retailing, RFID technology impact on distribution / wholesaling. Why regulations will continue to change. Winners and losers in the rapidly consolidating food retail sector.

The Future of Insurance, Pensions, Fund Management, Health and Life - Internal event for senior team members of Allianz looking at opportunities and challenges from such trends as new technology, demographic shifts, emerging markets and lifestyle choices. What will happen to life expectancy and the latest on ageing.

Investment Trends, Risks and Opportunities - for AIG Fixed Income global team. Issues to watch, including wild cards such as mutations in bird flu (economic impact). Demographics, geopolitical uncertainty, radical activism, reputational risk, compliance trends and emerging economies such as China and India.

Future of Corporate Communications, Branding and other Issues in the Insurance Industry - presentation at the International Communications Workshop organised by Group Corporate Affairs team of Aviva, to coincide with launch of new branding and core messages

Integrating the Supply Chain - Watch Video of client event / slides for 700 IBS clients on the future of management, logistics, manufacturing, wholesale and retail supply chain integration. Impact of RFID technology with major savings in every aspect of supply chain operations, including stock reduction and theft control. See also article on the future of logistics.

How to Manage Yourself - personal and business survival guide. The crisis of purpose in most corporations, where it is all going, why it really matters and what to do about it. The elusive secret of personal happiness. How to increase your personal productivity by up to 50% by using the 80:20 rule - and have more free time. Discovering your personal agenda. How to manage stress and how to listen to what your own body is telling you. How to make great things happen at work, at home and in your wider world.

The Future of Car Recycling and Vehicle Disposal 10th anniversary client event for ARN on this rapidly growing industry. Impact of new European regulations on disposal of 9 million vehicles a year. How the Netherlands will continue to lead the way with advanced shredder technology, with competition from Central Europe as well as China - already taking 50% of all UK recycled plastic bottles.

The Future of Distribution: postal services, couriers,and other logistics issues - for Swedish Post (Posten). See also video of similar presentation for IBS.

Futurewise - Futurepeople: Future of Management and Motivation - Keynote for IBEC (Ireland) on aligning people with business strategy in a rapidly changing world where strategy itself is often overtaken by events. Trends for HR professionals to watch out for. Connecting with passion to get the best out of teams.

The Future of Telecom: mobile phones, broadband devices, convergence of multimedia, video-on-demand, consumer behaviour and other lifestyle issues. Impact on customer expectations of telecom call centres and retail outlets / service centres. Internal event for TDC. Grib din fremtid - in Danish language.

Challenges for CIOs: Technology Innovation and Business Strategy - Keynote for 700 of IBM's major European clients. Why the future is not about technology, but about emotion. Why so many IT projects go wrong. How to make sure you get the best from technology partnerships. Why the future of technology is about emotion. How consumers and managers are changing. Future-proofing your IT projects. The importance of total integration at every level of IT issues into long term business planning.

IBM keynote summary: "The global business environment will continue to shift faster than teams can adjust code, while next-generation technology will itself radically alter products, services, markets and management. Success in IT innovation will depend on CEOs having a far deeper grasp of IT complexities, and CIOs having a far broader understanding of the possible ways in which the business environment could change. It will also depend on choosing the right technology partners, attention to detail in the early stages, and careful step-wise implementation. The result will be visionary, lower cost, more reliable, modular systems, at the heart of business strategy, which allow for rapid evolution, staying ahead of the needs of the whole organisation."

The Future of Advertising and Marketing Agencies - and who on earth is going to make any money out of it all? Will agencies be paid on commission or ideas? Intellectual copyright. Why the industry is going to face major restructuring. The threat from radical new players like Google Adsense and what corporations are going to want from agencies in future. Marketing trends and opportunities. Keynote for MCCA conference.

Compliance in IT systems design - banking and financial services - IDC keynote for CIOs of large banks and insurance companies

Future of Private Banking - how high net worth client needs are changing, and wider trends affecting private banking relationships, expectations, products and services - the special role of privatebancassurance in wealth management - for Lombard.

Challenges to Fund Management Industry - presentation to the executive board of Morgan Stanley Investment bank on major issues likely to affect how the business operates, and the wider investment climate. Why actively managed retail funds are so unpopular amongst fund managers themselves as a home for their own money. Another mis-selling scandal in the making?

The Future of Global Legal Firms - for Linklaters, looking at major issues that will affect multinational professional organisations and the clients they serve. How legal firms are going to have to change to keep pace with client demands. Why narrow compliance is dead except as a defensive strategy to keep board members out of prison, and why legal firms in future will need to provide broader ethical guidance as well as compliance advice, based on an assessment of where public opinion and legislators are likely to go in future.

HSBC Chairman's Leadership Summit September 2005 - Opening keynote at event for HSBC senior leadership on issues likely to impact the bank, for some of the senior HSBC global leadership team.

Global Trends in Banking and Financial Services - executive training programme for senior teams at Credit Suisse, covering a broad range of issues that are likely to affect the bank and personal / corporate clients.

Future of Fund Management, Instutional Asset Management, wholesale and retailn investment products, risks and opportunities - Keynote at client event for Credit Suisse Asset Management, for large institutional investors eg pension fund executives.

ABN AMRO Executive Education - Six Faces of the Future - What major trends do banking executives need to watch? Wild cards, managing uncertainty and creating new business opportunities. Impact of outsourcing, globalisation, ageing and emerging market issues.

The Future of Fund Management - major threats and opportunities in asset management, wealth creation, insitutional investment and private banking. Keynote address at Monaco ICBI Fund Management Conference. Why actively managed retail funds could be set for a major mis-selling crisis, with potential impact on reputation of whole industry. Also video.

The Future of Credit Unions and other financial services trends - presentation for Board members of Credit Unions based in the US - at London Business School.

Future trends - ABN AMRO client event for top Australian CEOs - Making money in merging markets, China, India, outsourcing impact, future of marketing, consumer trends, demographics, next-generation technology, geopolitical changes and management challenges.

Marketing Future of marketing, management and motivation - and why your company could disappear in a week ICBI opening keynote at customer relationship management event. 10 steps to marketing success. How to capture and keep customers. Why customers are fed up with direct mail and what to do about it. How to build powerful customer tribes. How to keep your customers coming back for more. How to connect with passion. The ultimate marketing slogan and the $20,000 marketing challenge.

Future of Health Care - workshop for UK NHS National Primary Care Trust (communit health care) looking at health trends, future of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology innovation, demographics, lifestyle choices and performance enhancement, unmet medical needs, government policy.

The Future of China - economic, social, deomgraphic and consumer trends in China - historic data and projections. What will be the future of China? How should large corporations develop effective strategy? What are the risks and opportunities in business ventures? Impact on rest of the world of China's continued economic growth.

Emerging Markets - Future Challenges and Opportunities in places like India, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Czech Republic, Thailand. Why everyone is looking to India and China, yet few are making money there. Business school presentation for MBA / Executive MBA elective: practical issues facing local and global investors, risk avoidance, staying ahead, outsourcing. The Three Es of Emerging Markets. Ethical issues, compliance, global branding, harnessing people-movements to develop new markets and sales teams, social networking, developing the bottom of the pyramid. Using business to create a better future. Where the greatest business opportunities are in emerging markets and practical steps to long term success.

Venture Capital Investment - in high tech / biotech companies. The next big investment opportunities in new technology, biotech and related areas. Event for 500 bankers, analysts, private equity investors, business angels, start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capital fund managers, scientists, government leaders and media - for Vaekstfonden, Denmark

Managing risk in an uncertain world - Risk management client event for Zurich Financial Services in Lucerne Switzerland. How to manage risk more effectively, with clear vision of future potential liabilities and "wild cards". Many of the greatest risks are the hardest to measure - for example loss of brand value, reputation, sales and share value following high profile scandal. Risk management is becoming more complex and new strategies are needed, including better early warning systems.

Impact of Global Trends on Your Marketing Plan - Direct marketing, TV, radio and press campaigns, interactive marketing, e-mail and online promotions, viral marketing. Changes in consumer behavior, lifestyles and values. Event for 900 senior marketing executives and CEOs of advertising agencies sponsored by Post Danmark. Closing session on marketingplan/index.htm" target="_blank">10 ways to improve your marketing plan. Also presentation to the Portugese Marketing Federation.

The Future of Ageing - Slides and Video. Why the first 150 year old human being could already be alive. Science, demographics, politics and society impact of a society that could see huge increases in life expectancy over the next 50 years. Keynote for senior leadership of AARP - US action group representing over 35 million people over the age of 50.

Interactive Marketing - Direct marketing in a digital world: iDTV, PDAs, SMS, mobile marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, opt-in e-mail campaigns - Keynote event for Skynet Belgacom high-level client marketing event. Low cost, high impact advertising campaigns - why interactive marketing is set to grow rapidly. Key marketing success stories and dangers to avoid.

Six Faces of the Future - HSBC Chairman's leadership event for senior global team of the bank, looking at major opportunities and challenges to the bank in a rapidly changing world.

Investment fund management - global issues - event for 700 Morley Fund Management executives. Future of fund management, why compliance is dead except as a defensive strategy, how investor behavior is changing and what it means for strategy and growth forecasts.

Trends affecting Sweden, Norway and Finland and beyond - Telecom client event for Teliasonera, on impact of new technology on business structure, virtual working, personal relationships, family life and consumer choices..

Future Design and Innovation - for Danish Design Centre annual awards ceremony. Why the future is about engaging emotion, rather than just technology. Impact of next-generation design on our lives. Innovating for a better future.

Future of Philips - consumer electronics and medical technology - event for senior global management team annual meeting. Winners and losers in the race for better technology innovation.

Future of travel and tourism - Tourism in Ireland presentation for global team. Trends in travel and tourism and strategies to encourage higher profile of Ireland as a preferred destination for leisure and business travellers.

Issues for Hedge Fund Managers - ABN AMRO client event for leading Hedge Fund executives on anticipating wild card risks, new technology, biotech, ageing, health and emerging markets such as India and China.

Managing Yourself - Business School workshop on self-development for executives including taking hold of your own future, staying healthy in body, mind and spirit, work-life balance,how to use the 80:20 rule to achieve more with less, and how to achieve your own life-targets.

Building a Better Business - how the latest book came into being, and why future success depends on showing how you are building a better world for your customers, workers, suppliers, shareholders and wider community. Presentation for the Transformational Business Network annual conference (TBN).

HSBC senior leadership programme - Business school presentation on the future for global investment specialists.

The Future of Estonia - Presentation to senior Estonia government officials about future trends and their impact on Estonia business, economy, society and political life - with particular focus on entry into the EU.

The Future of Food, Fashions and Fads - presentation for the European food packaging industry on the future of the food industry, food packaging, consumer trends, health issues and related topics.

The Future of Commercial Insurance Brokers - and related issues. Client event for Zurich Financial Services for their largest commercial insurance brokers in the UK, covering important insurance-related trends and risk management.

The Future of Digital and Biotech - dinner speech at technology awards evening for State of Connecticut, covering next-generation innovation, research and development.

Future of Self-Service - Impact of self-service technology on retail, airlines, rail travel, hotels, leisure, banking, customer relationship and online support. Kiosks, ATMs, self check-in etc. NCR client conference - audience from 20 nations, mainly retail and banking.

Future of Latvia - Presentation to business leaders in Riga.

Future of London - Presentation for Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) in London with a local view of trends affecting business, children, retired people, personal life and our wider world. This event was aimed at three generations, including children of successful entrepreneurs and their grandparents - with a 70 year age range. Similar presentations for YPO Houston Chapter and YPO Turkey Chapters.

Banking - new technologies and strategies for a rapidly changing world. Key issues affecting future of Deutsche Bank and other financial service companies. Presentation for senior IT managers.

Innovate!: Great Ideas for Radical Business Success - Innovation is fundamental to ongoing business health and product development. Macro-innovation and micro-innovation and why you need both. How to generate low cost, practical ideas that you can implement tomorrow at almost zero cost, with immediate support from management and rapid payback. Use the same process to find major innovations to transform your entire business..

RFID - the next technowave. Great business opportunity or brave new world? Get ready for more than 20 billion wireless barcodes a year, using Radio Frequency Identification Devices. Wal-Mart, Tesco and other chains push ahead. Huge impact on manufacturing, distribution and retail - with growing consumer concerns about privacy.

The Spirit of Success - Video and slides of Fedex / Times of India / Economic Times presentation for CEOs in Dubai on future trends and people issues (recruitment, motivation, retention, harnessing passion), that will underpin sustainable corporate success. Seminar repeated in Delhi and Mumbai looking at the future of business success in India.

Future of Insurance Industry and Financial Services - Business School presentation on major trends affecting marketing, products, services, leadership, risk management, change management, recruitment, retention, motivation and business ethics, plus some personal issues - for Aviva.

European School of Management and Technology - half-day on global trends and leadership challenges / maket opportunities.

The Future of Corporate and Social Responsibility - Business school senior executive programme presentation. Why the rules, expectations and ethics are changing for business. Why corporate and social responsibility is now a survival issue for all large corporations. How the right strategy for corporate and social responsibility can win customers, insure against media attack, strengthen your brand and build team loyalty.

Change Management and Strategic Transformation - MBA / Executive MBA seminar on future trends affecting corporations, and how to persuade people to change. Capturing passion to build a better world - and why failure to "in hearts and minds" is the most common reason for organisational inertia.

The Future of the Chemical Industry and Chemistry Education - Keynote speech at 100th anniversary of the Dutch Royal Chemical Society. Huge life-changing advances in biotech and in many manufacturing processes will be critically dependent on advances in chemistry and related scientific areas. The traditional chemistry industry cannot survive without radical change and chemistry itself has to be totally integrated into other disciplines in future.

The Future of Medicine, biotech, health care, pharmaceutical companies and medical technology - presentation for ABN AMRO corporate bankers

Techno-children: the Impact of New Technology on Children and Teenagers - Client event for Mobilcom Austria looking at ways in which children will use technology in future, the social and emotional impact on them, as well as on society as they carry new behavior into the workplace as well as into their personal adult lives.

Global Justice - fighting global poverty, Make Poverty History campaign, AIDS in Africa, coffee industry crisis, Christian action and church responses - for St John's Church, Ealing London

The Future of Frozen Food Industry - Presentation for senior team of Schwan's Frozen Foods looking at all aspect of food production, wholesale, distribution and retailing - and the future of frozen food / competing technologies.

Future of the BBC - public service broadcasting trends - UK TV, radio and world service - charter review. Presentation to 100 of most senior BBC executives. Sensitive client information has been deleted from this presentation. See also Future of BBC News Services - BBC World TV News, Global News and BBC World Service News. Presentation for senior news editors / executives.

Strategic Transformation - Business school executive programme presentation. You can have the best strategy in the world, the best change management methods and the most talented teams but if your view of the future is wrong you will just go even faster in the wrong direction. We need future-vision, to be futurewise, and to understand what the prime drivers of strategic transformation will be for the next decade. A single four-word phrase will be the basis of all strategic transformation, all marketing and mission statements and all successful leadership...

Corenet - The Future of Corporate Real Estate Management - closing keynote at conference for 2,000 people in Salt Lake City.... also similar presentation at Corenet Shanghai China / Asia event - one hour video - needs free RealVideo player - click below.

The Future of Europe - keynote speech for UNIDO looking at the impact of joining the EU for 10 accession countries, and also the effect of new technology on their economies. Audience: cabinet ministers of 7 nations, and other government leaders from another six, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland.

Real Success - Doing Great Things in the Right Way. How future changes in values will impact marketing, motivation, management, leadership, corporate governance and investor behaviour. Success Plus. - Day-long seminar for clients of UBS.

Futurewise CEO Summit - keynote address at Unisys client event for CEOs of some of Europe's largest corporations including Banque de France, on global trends, the future of Europe, changes in consumer behaviour, investor expectations and corporate ethics (Grand Prix / Monaco - co-themed multimedia presentation).

Future of medical technology and health care services - event for Siemens Medical. The future of medicine, health care and technology challenges / opportunities.

Future of the Petrochemical Industry - also covers future of the energy industry. Presentation on global trends for ExxonMobil Graduate Development Programme (business school).

The future of engineering and the engineering industry - Impact of new technologes and processes on the engineering industry, and how global trends will affect large, medium and small engineering companies. Keynote at UK engineering exhibition.

Future of Financial Services - Presentation for ABN AMRO executive traning programme on the future of ABN AMRO bank, global trends impacting all banks and other financial services organisations. Also looks at future leadership and personal challenges.

The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry - Global trends affecting large drug companies. What kind of pharmaceutical products will dominate in 15 years time? How will medicine be changed by biotech? What will happen to common disease patterns and the ageing process? Major ethical and political issues.

The Future of Health Care Technologies - Smith and Nephew presentation to senior leadership on factors that will impact endoscopy, orthopaedics and wound healing in the context of a medical revolution driven by biotech over the next two decades.

The Future of the Corporate Travel Industry - Slides and video of keynote speech to over 1,000 corporate travel executives. Winners and losers in the executive travel industry: what future business travellers will demand and how to develop market share.

The Future of Marketing - Finnish Marketing Federation - slides and video of keynote to 500 marketing executives. Get ready for another revolution in consumer values, expectations and behavior. Many messages that worked in the past will damage brands in future. A single four word phrase will be the basis of every new slogan, every marketing campaign, every mission statement and every leadership strategy that works... Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you.

The Future of Medicine - and the impact of genetics on health care - Slides and video of keynote to 150 biotech researchers, analysts, investors and media at launch of new biotech research facility in Zurich..

Aquavision - Future of aquaculture and fish farming - industry event for 400 CEOs and senior leaders in fish farming industry sponsored by Nutreco who "make" 70% of all fish-farmed salmon spawn world-wide.

The Future of Credit Unions - key trends affecting the future of US credit unions and the financial services industry in general. Business School presentation for CUES - 70 Credit Union board members.

Virtual management - Future of global long-distance teams in a digital age. Human resource management issues, strategic transformation, change management.

Future of the Energy Industry - ExxonMobil presentation (1/2 day) - business school graduate programme on global trends affecting petrochemical and energy industry over next 10-20 years.

Royal Mail - Virtual working / flexible mobile working - workshop for 30 executives confronted by complex management issues in a state-owned corporation facing huge change and aggresive competition.

Zurich Financial Services - internal event looking at low probability, high impact health-related risks and geopolitical changes as well as single issue activism - impact on underwriting policy and risk assesment.

Jaguar - Some global trends affecting future luxury car / auto market - strategy meeting for research and development team at Jaguar. Does not cover technology (different sesion at same event).

Tetrapak - The future of liquid food - global trends - client event for 600 people in the theatre of a cruise liner - followed later by singer Elton John. Video of this presentation is also available.

European Coffee Federation - Future of the coffee industry - reinventing a 300 year old drink. Why the taste of the future will be shaped by the values of the future.

Oasis Esteem - Sex Education in Schools - trends and research - HIV and AIDS issues - teenage pregnancy - a practical approach based on 16 years experience in many differrent nations of ACET International Alliance - the AIDS organisation started by Dr Patrick Dixon in 1988.

ESMT leadership day, Equipped to Lead , Holy Trinity Brompton church (HTB) - leadership event for 350 25-35 year olds on future trends and making a difference

Patrick Dixon's YouTube Channel - over 2 million video views.  Search 300 videos by topic.

Economics, Finance & Financial Services
Banking - many of Patrick's clients are global banks, investment funds
Economics issues - Patrick creates a big picture of global trends
Insurance - Patrick has worked with many of the world's largest insurers

Technology - Patrick works with many of the world's largest computer, software, telecom, internet and biotech companies
Online communities - Web 2.0 - how online communities will drive your business
Mobile phones - future of telecom, wireless devices, virtual communities, positional advertising
Convergence and divergence - why all competitive advantage comes from divergence
RFID technology - impact on retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing

Health and Education
Health care - key trends in health, ageing, biotech, hospitals, clinics
Pharmaceutical industry - impact of the biotech revolution
Education - future of teaching in high schools, colleges and business school

Leadership, Management & Strategy
Change management - a recurring theme
Risk management - preparing for the unexpected
Innovation - smart innovation, open innovation and crowdsourcing
Leadership - effective ways to drive organisations forward
Logistics and supply chain - critical issues in manufacturing and wholesale
Motivation - how to inspire people to make great things happen
Women at work - challenges for corporations in winning war for talent
Outsourcing - what is going to happen next

Advertising - why traditional approaches are dead in an online world
Customers - how customer demands are changing and why
Customer focus - why many corporations need a reality check, to succeed in future
Marketing - future of marketing and brand development

Travel, Tourism, Energy, Resources and Environment
Travel - future of aviation, road, rail, shipping - for business and leisure
Biofuels - food for fuel? Next generation biofuels.
Commodities - impact of emerging markets
Energy industry - future energy from oil, gas, coal, nuclear, renewables
Petrochemical industry - how the industry will change and why
Climate change - why the future is about emotion, not just the science
Sustainability - what does it mean for your business?

Other Topics and Types of Audience
Real estate - key trends in commercial and residential real estate industries
Retailing - developing the customer experience
Looking for other topics?  Search on Patrick Dixon's YouTube Futurist channel.


Future of consumers, online communities and corporations - 800 CEOs and senior IT leaders for ICT Belgacom - central podium with 4 screens surrounded on every side by pre-dinner audience. 50 minute keynote - 2007.

Future of the European Petrochemical Industry - logistics and supply chain - half hour keynote presentation for 400 representatives of the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA). This is an example of a highly customised presentation for a specific audience - 2007.

How the future of America will be dominated by older consumers, lifestyle choices and growth of financial and political power of senior citizens - presentation for national leadership team of AARP (American association for people over the age of 50) - 2005.

Take Hold of Your Future - Event for 2,000 clients of Fujitsu Siemens in Munich - shared platform with their CEO. 35 minutes keynote on technology and other major trends affecting the future of large cororporations. 2005.

Future of phones, computers, consumer choices and lifestyle changes in emerging markets - staged multimedia event for 450 of MTN's global leadership team - South Africa 2007. Interesting layout with huge screens, and raised walkways into audience.

Future of Education - one hour lecture for 100 Head Teachers of US High Schools (NAIS). What kind of education do tomorrow's citizens need? How does the way we teach people need to change? What kind of world do we need to prepare students for? - 2006.

Futurewise - Six Faces of Global Change and the Future of Banking - keynote lecture to 400 financial intermediaries of UBS in Switzerland, with focus on private banking clients, family offices, fund management, financial services and wealth management - 2006. 10 years experience of speaking at UBS events.

Future customer trends, consumers, marketing, products and services - event for 350 clients of Siemens, mostly Chief Technology Offices, or Chief Information Officers, from multinationals.

Future technology trends and what people really want - personally and in business - one hour video-linked seminar in small room for 25 leaders at Dimension Data in Johannesburg, audiences in three other sites - 2007.

How to Make Great Things Happen - one hour presentation for 250 government workers organised by the Welsh Parliament (Assembly). Participants from health, education, police, fire services, social services, transport. Keys to effective leadership, change management and improved productivity - 2007.

Other YOUTUBE VIDEOS mainly of lectures by Dr Patrick Dixon
10 billion computers the size of a grain of sand
Connecting with emotion of customers online
1 billion new consumers - future
Human cloning - part one - who is doing human cloning
Human cloning - part two - why investors don't like cloning
Future of genetic engineering
Future of Ukraine - economy and country
Future of Malaysia Economy
Future of Kazakhstan - economy
Future will be driven by emotion - take hold of your future!
Make It Work! Scandal: technology sold which doesn't work
Motivation, leadership, change management, passion
Mobile phone sales in emerging economies - bottom of pyramid
Why consumers won't wait - impatience online
Can we stop getting old - reverse ageing? New research.
Impact of ageing population in Europe and Russia
Secret of Change Management - by Patrick Dixon
Purpose of fund management - by Patrick Dixon
Fund Management Risks - Potential Crisis - Patrick Dixon
Wild cards - low probability, high impact events
Tribalism - greatest force in world today
Low cost mobile phones in emerging nation / Africa
Why market research gives wrong results - blogging
Mobile phone radiation - health risks - facts
Convergence and Divergence - future technology and consumers
Mobile phone impact on poorest nations
The world is changing faster than you can make decisions
Stopping spread of AIDS in Africa
Truth about global warming and practical answers
Future of Malaysia
Funny cartoon about US immigration - lessons for customer services
Funny cartoon about call-centre customer frustrations
Can we find a cure for diabetes?
Can we find a cure for rheumatoid arthritis?
Joint replacement for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Future of the pharmaceutical industry
What is a Futurist?
How do you become a Futurist?
Futurist methodology - research into trends
How do you keep up to date as a Futurist?
What have I got wrong as a Futurist?
Work-life balance - future working patterns
Work-life balance in emerging economies
Real estate and construction industry trends
Life insurance, pensions and life expectancy trends
Staying young: impact of anti-ageing research
Leadership and motivation at work
How business can reduce global poverty
Limits to economic growth and sustainability
Why ports, ships and shipping will dominate global trade
Global warming and sustainability
Global warming - why planting trees has limited impact
Water wars - and water shortages
More nations, rise of nationalism
Economic growth of former Soviet Bloc nations, Russia etc
Too late for outsourcing?
Outsourcing in India, China, Asia and Central Europe
Mobile phones, banking and financial services trends
Convergence and divergence
Power of tribes, clash of cultures and impact on consumer groups
Bottom of the pyramid - selling to the world's poor and making a difference
Microloans, microfinance, microcredit and future of banking
Motivation at work - leadership and passion
Intellectual copyright - protection of patents
Motivation at work - increase work place motivation
Business values - corporate and social responsability really matters
Global brands, mergers and demergers
Customer focus and call-centre disasters
Women consumers rule - female customer trends
Insurance market in India, China and rest of Asia
Online communities and impact on marketing
Migration, immigration and the ageing crisis
Future of the Petrochemical Industry
Sovereign wealth funds - investment trends
Commodity shortages and prices - global trends
Retail revolution in India
Demographic impact on business
Trust and business leadership, marketing and brand image
Market research - how to get results
Risk management - leadership in uncertain times - wild cards
People do crazy things under pressure - power of emotion
Managing speed of change - leadership styles
Six faces of the future
Institutional blindness
Future of education
Education trends in a fast-changing world
Future technology and education
Future education - instant knowledge

Archive - samples of older presentations - some as early as 1997: Biotechnology, BT Openworld launch, Corporate Real Estate trends, Credit Suisse Asset Management - leadership event, Future of Brewing and Beverages Industry, Future of Human Resources, Future of Business Schools, Response to 9/11, Future of Professional Service Firms and Law / Legal Trends, Future of batteries, shavers and related technology.Future of Technology - for Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. Swiss engineering company, POM, Future of Regulation and International Law, Future of Retail Chains and Department Stores, Future of Food, Clothing and Consumer Goods - Retail, Presentation for World Bank conference on economic impact of SARS . Future of Gas Industry - and energy companies (2002) , UBSPOM. Engineering trends.

You can watch a recent video of a one hour multimedia presentation on future trends / digital age (500 people) or a video of a less formal presentation on the Future of Ageing, longevity, fashions and fads to 550 senior leadership of AARP (a US association for over 50s with 35 million members).

Watch video of a high energy performance in a theatre to 700 people on Future Management, Logistics, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail. Watch video on the Future of Schools and Education for NAIS (US). Watch video on The Spirit of Success.(Dubai).

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All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately