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Berometric Bombs?
« on: April 18, 2016, 04:17:53 pm »
This is new information to me, the barometric bomb stuff at least:

Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down

Moreover there are also signs that advanced barometric bomb technology, which uses triggering devices derived from the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program, was also deployed in the attack — technology which incorporates gaseous elements in a “yellowish, brownish combustible mixture” and uses Aluminum Silicate Red Oxide and other ingredients” that would have surrounded and permeated the air around key structural columns on all floors before being triggered by a “specific high-voltage pattern” which the element combination is responsive to....

Some videos there.

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Re: Berometric Bombs?
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2018, 07:25:30 am »
This is really interesting stuff, originally researched by Ted Gunderson, an LA-based FBI division chief.  Once I finally found pics of the remains of WTC6, I thought that it seemed destroyed in the same mode as the Murrah Building.  That is, notice how both seem to have a cylinder of destruction that goes more or less in the same shape from ground to the top; but the backs of both buildings are still in place, and the sides of both are still partially there.  Strange, how a fertilizer truck-bomb parked on the sidewalk seemed to take a cookie-cutter section out of each floor all the way to the top; as opposed to the blast force weakening near the top, which is farther away.  What ever happened with those bombs the news was reporting were found in the Murrah building?  Both buildings were said to have been cleaned up by the same demolition company: Controlled Demolition, Inc.  (CDI).  According to (which I don't fully trust, but who knows?), CDI was subcontracted by one of four cleanup contractors, which started 9/22. doesn't tell us, e.g., that cleanup started THE NEXT DAY, according to a firemen's magazine.

If WTC6 was destroyed in the same way as the Murruh building, then chances are it was also either the same way, or at least an important part, of how WTC1 & WTC2 came down.  Gunderson and that page, finds a witness who reports a sudden brown gas in the lobby, and then quickly afterward, an explosion.  The lobby was described by many as looking totally blasted out, with all the glass shattered.  I'm not sure if this can explain the "9/11 Spire" and other beams you can see "dustifying" in mid-air, or not - if we can even trust such video.  Can nuke detonation-style technology do that?  Make no mistake, real or fake, the "9/11 Spire" video doesn't show beams falling, with a dust outline lingering on.  It is either fake, or steel beams are "dustifying".