Author Topic: Mosquitoes, Eugenics, Dengue Fever, Big Pharma, and Bill Gates' Flying Vaccines  (Read 1958 times)

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These two stories occured within 24 hours of each other...

Genetically modified mosquitoes lined up to tackle dengue fever

First Dengue Fever Case In Miami Since 1950s
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Wow... such coincidences...

Mon Nov 15 2010 06:01:34 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
New Vaccine for Malaria and Cholera Developed Using Plants!

A biomedical researcher at the University of Central Florida, (UCF) has developed the first low-cost vaccine capable of eradicating malaria and cholera. He accomplished this feat by using botanical techniques to grow the vaccine, which was later injected into experimental mice. The use of plants to develop the vaccine made it very cheap to produce, which is great news for peoples of developing and underdeveloped countries, who will not have any problem buying this vaccine, (UCF). The plant-grown vaccine is very cheap to develop because it requires less labor and technology, (UCF). (continued)


And just in the nick of time....


Florida asks doctors to be vigilant for signs of cholera after outbreak in Haiti,0,5219940.story
November 4, 2010

Florida's health department is asking doctors statewide to be prepared for possible cholera cases here as Haiti grapples with the dual calamities of Tropical Storm Tomas and a waterborne outbreak that has sickened 4,649 and killed 305 on the island.


Affordable cholera vaccine closer to reality
9 October 2009 | EN | FR

A cheap cholera vaccine is getting closer to international distribution after proving safe and effective in a large clinical trial.

The results, published today (9 October) in The Lancet, build on last year's encouraging results of a pilot trial of the vaccine (see Cheaper cholera vaccine passes pilot trial).

About sixty-seven thousand people aged one year or older living in cholera-prone Kolkata, India, completed the trial, receiving two doses of either vaccine or a placebo.

After two years, the vaccine had reduced cholera cases by around two-thirds in vaccinated people, was equally effective in all age groups and had no serious side effects.

Oral vaccines for cholera, which is caused by Vibrio cholerae bacteria, are available but often too expensive for endemic countries' public health programmes.
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I KNEW IT!!! I must be like psychic...

We have these fliggin robotic mosquitos here in brazil... I hate this place.
I'll be cleansing my body when I get back to California... I use Paranix Klenz kit.
Detox your bodies ...

For Cholera, use sovereign silver... I had sent a case to Mother Teresa when she
was alive in India...
Make it so!