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William K. Zabel : Columbine, 10th Anniversary
« on: October 31, 2010, 08:38:12 am »
William K. Zabel : Columbine, 10th Anniversary
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Re: William K. Zabel : Columbine, 10th Anniversary
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2010, 09:10:34 pm »
It's been deleted.  Now I am curious as to what he had to say.  Dig did you watch it and if so, what was the gist of what he was saying?

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Re: William K. Zabel : Columbine, 10th Anniversary
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2012, 11:47:43 pm »
William Zabel has been a graphic designer since 1996, working mostly with post production graphics for television and film. He also worked as an actor in a variety of tv shows and films including "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane." Perry Mason, Father Dowling Mysteries. Played a doctor in the entirely Denver based film, "Nomads."

He has spent twenty years doing political research into government corruption, murder, mind control, and government waste and abuse. He has researched abuse by military and civlian law enforcement including the Panama Invasion, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City Bombing, as well as the Columbine massacre, and Virginia Tech massacre.

He has also researched many paranormal events including the strange events at Denver International Airport, hauntings in local Denver buildings and historical sites, and spend time with his UFO friends (some MUFON) staring up at the sky at night.

His website is

We start out with our usual jumping off point: the bio/background and we find out how William got interested in the Columbine shooting in the first place. We then bring folks up to speed on the Columbine shooting and have William detail the official, mainstream, version of events from April 20th, 1999. From there, William tells us when he began to feel there was more to the story than what the mainstream was telling us and he talks about how he'd heard conflicting reports of the events of Columbine from different people in the area, since he lives, and was working, relatively close to Columbine at the time.

We then begin trying to untangle the Columbine story, starting with a phone call that was received to a local hospital that warned about and/or predicted the shooting, hours before it took place. William then contrasts the official version of events at Columbine with what he thinks happened there that day. He begins by detailing how his findings suggest that there were more than two shooters and that the school was actually beseiged by shooters. He also details how witness reports have shooters wearing entirely different attire from what purported shooters Harris & Klebold were said to have been wearing. William also goes over how the weapons said to have been used by the shooters contrasts with the witness statements of some of the Columbine students who were there during the shooting.

William then goes over the physical descriptions of Harris and Klebold and how the witnesses, both police and students, described shooters who looked vastly different. He then tells us about the alleged rooftop shooters and talks about how his information from eyewitnesses suggests that there were several different people on the roof and not a lone maintenance worker, as the official version states.

Going off on a tangential element to William's version of events, we find out, from him, what became of these other suspects once the shooting ended. He goes over three scenarios as to how these alleged additional shooters ended up escaping. Binnall then plays Devil's Advocate and puts forth the question of why the government and police would just allow these additional shooters to escape if all of these witness reports conflict with the official version of events. William, in turn, details why he believes there was some blackmail involved in keeping the police from doing anything about these suspects.

Extrapolating on that thought, William details Harris & Klebold's earlier arrest for breaking into a van and how he thinks it was a set-up by the police and the brutal treatment of Harris & Klebold by the police at the arrest was the information used to blackmail them into letting the other suspects go. William also responds to Binnall's skepticism that the knowledge of the police beating could lead to a cover-up of the school shooting, since they are vastly different crimes.

Binnall then challenges William's theory by asking why, if there were additional student shooters that got away with it, none of the other students made any noise or raised the issue after the events happened and the suspects were allowed to resume their normal lives. This leads to some discussion on how many students in the area knew something like the shooting was going to occur and that foreknowledge may have been used to keep them quiet about other shooters after the event.

Bringing the discussion back to the events of April 20, 1999, we get William's take on just when the shooting began in Columbine, since the phone call, and some police reports, seem to suggest that it started much earlier than the mainstream version of events says it did. William details the admission by the police that they "destroyed the timeline" surrounding the shooting and he explains what exactly that means. Given that the evidence from the event was destroyed, according to the police, we find out, from William, what his take is of the footage that has surfaced from the event, as seen in the film Bowling for Columbine.

Jumping back into the discussion of the timeline, William details some of the suspicious elements surrounding the witnesses statements with regards to the issue of just when the shooting started. This leads to Binnall asking the skeptical question of why the government would change the start time of the events in the witness statements but leave the parts about additional shooters still in the documents.

William then details his opinion that the shooting took place either much earlier in the morning on April 20th or, in a completeley mindblowing twist, actually began on April 19th and was more of a hostage situation. He explains his evidence for this, based on some police reports stating that the event began on April 19th and how there are issues surrounding the autopsies of the Columbine victims which suggest that they died earlier than the official events of April 20th. This leads to William suggesting that the reason behind the widespread cover-up by the local residents of the area is because they are all former government employees and that the town is a "safe community" for former government intelligence agents.

After that side tangent, we go back to the events of that day and William details how there is a 45 minute gap of missing time in the documents and witness reports regarding the SWAT team inside the school. He talks about how witness reports say that there was much more gunfire and activity inside the school after 12:15, which is when Harris & Klebold allegedly killed themselves. He then details some of the strange activity going on inside the school after the shooting allegedly ended, including an FBI HRT team presence inside the school before the SWAT team entered, shootouts between apparently two different factions inside the building, the presence of officers with NATO written on their shield, and the emergence of an armed four star general from the school later in the day.

Trying to sift through the events that William alleges to have happened inside the school on April 20th, he explains how he thinks there were three groups of "bad guys" inside Columbine high school that day purpetrating the crime. He explains how he thinks the event was allowed to happen to be used as a special ops training exercise and PR effort by the government to forward gun control legislation.

Taking another skeptical look at William's theories, Binnall asks why the death count was so low if this was allegedly a lengthy shoot-out. He explains how many of the people injured were not classified as victims of the shooting due to a loophole in reporting procedures. William then details how his research indicates that there were many more deaths at Columbine than were reported by the police and mainstream media. Binnall then asks how it is even possible for there to be a cover-up of additional deaths, when there are parents involved and they surely wouldn't stand idly by while the police cover-up their childrens' deaths and William responds.

We next get into some of the high strangeness surrounding Columbine, beginning with the memorial service which William attended following the event. At this point, William lays out his big picture thesis on what Columbine really was and it is so wild that we are omitting it from the recap. Binnall takes the Devil's Advocate position and asks William if perhaps he is trying to ascribe rational reasons behind the irrational acts of Columbine and maybe connecting dots that don't really connect.

Continuing to look at the high strangeness and paranormal connections to Columbine, William tells us about odd supernatural events, like hauntings, around the area of the Columbine school. He shares his own supernatural experience near the Columbine school and details how many people who enter the Columbine school say that they have the eerie feeling of "being watched" by some presence there. He details some other ghostly activity that has been reported at the school. He then makes a shocking revelation about the land where the Columbine high school was built.

We then cover some of the mysterious deaths and disappearances related to Columbine and William details some of those for us. He talks about some of the witnesses who saw things different from the mainstream version of events and, subsequently, died mysteriously. We then pose the classic conspiracy skeptic question to William: if there was a conspiracy and they are killing witnesses who speak out, why haven't they eliminated him yet? We also find out how the survivors, parents, and government officials in the area have reacted to his work researching a potential Columbine conspiracy.

We discuss the lawsuit brought by Columbine parents against the police department and find out why they never mention the possibility of additional shooters or a cover-up. This leads into some discussion on theories of mind control being involved in the Columbine event and we get William's take on where he stands regarding that issue. We also find out why William seems to be the only researcher looking into the Columbine shooting and that there aren't any other conspiracy researchers investigating the event.

Heading towards the close of the interview, William tells us about the autopsy reports from the event and how he thinks they are critical to his theories surrounding something suspicious happening at Columbine. We wrap up our Columbine conversation with one final bizarre tidbit that William shares regarding two Columbine survivors that ended up going to Virginia Tech and also survived that shooting incident as well. He also talks about another mysterious disappearance related to Columbine and how it is just one of "two dozen" such kids that disappeared from the area after the event.

Closing out the interview, we find out what's next for William Zabel, his other conspiracy related website, and other projects he is working on now.

I'd be weary of this, though. I no longer trust Bill Zabel, and nor does researcher Evan Long (Columbine Cause), who has - like myself - had some direct contact with him.

--He stated that Robert Perry, Nate Dykeman, Chris Morris, and Joe Stair all had at least one parent in law-enforcement. Because I trusted Zabel and knew that Morris' mother was a police officer, I stated this as if it was fact on Super Columbine RPG. I was immediately called out by Amanda Stair, who stated that neither of their parents had served in law-enforcement. She did, however, note the interesting fact that her father served in the Air Force.

--In his Vyzygoth interview, he states that witnesses had placed the Splatterpunks inside the school at some point. In his Binall Of America interview, he states that the Splatterpunks are innocent of any actual involvement in the massacre. As part of his argument for this conclusion, he states that no one had seen them inside the school at any point in time.

--In his Binall of America interview, he states that Jonathan Vandermark died in an airplane crash after seeing three bodies in a stairwell. While we know that Vandermark saw three bodies where they should not have been, he did not die in a plane crash. Zabel is mixing Jonathan Vandermark up with Jonathan Ladd.

--In his Vyzygoth interview, he states that Jonathan Ladd saw men in black chasing one another down the halls. Ladd didn't mention this to the newsmedia, and he was on the phone with them. Zabel didn't mention this in his "Mysterious Deaths" chapter, in which Ladd is discussed.

--In his interview with Binall of America, Zabel states that the airplane crash in which Jonathan Ladd (not Vandermark, as he says in the BoA interview) died in was suspicious because SWAT blocked the firefighters from responding to the scene. Zabel claims that this caused an uproar, and was reported by the mainstream press. In my search, I haven't found anything like that about the plane crash. Furthermore, it wasn't mentioned anywhere on Zabel's "Mysterious Deaths" chapter. Zabel further states that Vandermark (Er.. Ladd) and the other person on the plane with him were still alive after the collision, and were crying for help. This seems extremely unlikely, and wasn't anywhere on his "Mysterious Deaths" page.

--On Binall of America, Zabel asserted that the shooting may have started on April 19th. To prove this, he states that rigor mortis was gone from the bodies when they were examined, which suggested that some of them had been dead for more than 72 hours. This isn't mentioned at all in his "Autopsies" page, which, by the way, is up (Forgot to give you this one):

--He identifies the "white-shirt" suspect as a West Metro firefighter named Nate Marshall with little evidence. All of the available evidence suggests that this suspect was Brian Sargent.

--He identifies Mashall in a blurry-as-hell photo of "something" in the library, and states that one can "clearly see" a man with a mustache, graying black hair, a white dress shirt with shoulder patches, and a badge. It takes a biased eye to even make out a person in that image!

--Zabel states that a Tony Martinez lost two of his daughters after Columbine. He states that they were not listed among the casualties and was told that they probably ran away from home. I've found no evidence of this, which is odd to me, since Zabel claimed that Martinez made a fuss about this. There is a "Tony Martinez" who had a daughter (Cori Martinez) at Columbine. On Page 2035, this is discussed. She is not "missing". At the time of the interview (June 1, 1999), she was still living with her father. She was, according to the relevant document, found in the science wing by SWAT at 4:00 PM. There is no mention of any Martinez having any other daughters who are "missing".

--Zabel claims that Judy Greco used a "Ledya device" to put her class under a mind-control trance. He claims that this is a well-known device that was used in the MKULTRA experiments. Strange, then, that I can't find a single hit for it.

--Zabel claims that witnesses saw Nate Dykeman in the main office with a weapon. This wasn't in his "Accomplices" chapter and I do not know of a single witness who identified Dykeman as being in the office area with a weapon.

--To back up his accusations against Nate Marshall, Zabel cites James Middleton, a skiing instructor who sent an e-mail to authorities reporting that, five years prior, he had met a young, 13-14 year old kid who "may have been Klebold" (but the TV news picture didn't match the boy's face). The boy told him of a plan to blow up Columbine High and kill the jocks. He also referred to the Trench Coat Mafia as a large organization. From the thoroughness of the described plot, Middleton deduced that "someone older" was helping them. When he was interviewed by an ATF agent, his story evolved -- the boy was now certainly Klebold and told him about having an adult's help in the plot. Zabel doesn't mention the fact that Middleton's story changed, and presents him as a credible witness.

--Zabel claimed on Binall of America that news reports stated 9mm fire went off in the school at 4:30 PM. The latest reports I've heard of are from 3:45. When Zabel posted news clips, he didn't post this one for some reason.

--Zabel claimed on Binall of America that a four-star general exited a sewer pipe that led out of the school. According to Zabel, he was confronted by police. I've heard no CRTF source or news-watcher saying this. John Quinn, who was closely tracking the reports of a military general at the scene, somehow missed this. A two-star general was on the scene. A four-star general? Zabel's Binall of America interview is the first I've heard of this. Such a "smoking-gun" clip would have certainly belonged on his "videos" section, but it was never present there.

--Zabel claims that there were opposing parties shooting at each other inside the school. I've seen no evidence for this in the released documents. Furthermore, he states that Adam Foss said that he saw two men dressed in black exchanging fire at armed, trench-coated suspects in a hall. Foss didn't mention this to CNN, and distinctly stated that thought he saw "three guys".

Binall of America provides this biography:

William Zabel has been a graphic designer since 1996, working mostly with post production graphics for television and film. He also worked as an actor in a variety of tv shows and films including "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane." Perry Mason, Father Dowling Mysteries. Played a doctor in the entirely Denver based film, "Nomads."

He has spent twenty years doing political research into government corruption, murder, mind control, and government waste and abuse. He has researched abuse by military and civlian law enforcement including the Panama Invasion, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma CIty Bombing, as well as the Columbine massacre, and Virginia Tech massacre.

He has also researched many paranormal events including the strange events at Denver International Airport, hauntings in local Denver buildings and historical sites, and spend time with his UFO friends (some MUFON) staring up at the sky at night.

His website is

Zabel is alleged to have been an actor in the 1990 film The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine. I can't find his name anywhere in the published lists of the film's cast/crew:

I can't find a shred of evidence to suggest that he acted in Perry Mason or Father Dowling Mysteries either. If the evidence existed, it would not be difficult to find.

I could find only one Denver film called Nomads, and Zabel is not listed as having played any role in it. Furthermore, there doesn't appear to have been a "Doctor" role at all.

In addition, Zabel is not listed anywhere in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). No matter how obscure you are, you can be found in the IMDB if you ever played any creditable role in any TV show or movie. My media arts teacher, Louis DiFlorio, can be found.

Classic disinformation is very shocking, intriguing, seemingly credible, based on some kernel of truth, and appealing, but is completely unverifiable and leads absolutely nowhere. It just so happens that this is a perfect way to describe the vast majority of Zabel's "research".

Is Zabel a disinformation agent who was sent to hijack and destroy Columbine research?