Author Topic: "Law and Order:Los Angeles" selling you white al qaeda in America.  (Read 741 times)

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If this isn't mind control I don't know what is.

Tonight's episode is the most naked and depraved act of fear-monger predictive programming I think I've witnessed to date. In fact, after watching the arresting officers detain the whitest of white women and hearing her scream how America is killing Muslim women and children "and you all do nothing" I had to switch it off. I only wish flooding the producers with complaints (i.e. we know what you're doing, please stop helping the NWO) would accomplish something. Of course, the owners of the Law and Order franchise have to be billionaires through syndication at this point, and judging from their programs I suspect their loyalty is not with humanity.

I'm tempted to have my cable company block NBC from our household.