Author Topic: Planned Portuguese Eco-City Is Controlled By A Central Computer Brain  (Read 4572 times)

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Planned Portuguese Eco-City Is Controlled By A Central Computer Brain
Ambitious green city project strives to emulate Silicon Valley's R&D culture
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 10.11.2010 at 5:27 pm

Urban Operating System Living PlanIT via Fast Company

A new eco-city planned in Portugal takes a cue from biology, using a centralized computer “brain” to control functions like water use, waste processing and energy consumption. It’s the biggest attempt at urban metabolism, which attempts to compare cities to living organisms.

PlanIT Valley, in southern Portugal near the town of Paredes, will use a network of sensors much like a nervous system to collect data and control the city, New Scientist reports. A firm called Living PlanIT is leading the effort, and aims to make PlanIT Valley a low-carbon city that also provides a European alternative to Silicon Valley.

The $19 billion city could be built by 2015, beating Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City by five years. As a centrally operated smart municipality, it’s more ambitious than Masdar or China’s stalled Dongtan project. Everything is connected through a cloud to an Urban Operating System, which acts as the city’s brain.

Cisco Systems, McLaren Electronic Systems and Accenture are among the project’s partners, according to Fast Company. Cisco signed a deal in June to build a technology innovation center in the city — the idea is that many of PlanIT Valley’s 150,000 future residents will work in R&D for Living PlanIT’s partners.

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