Author Topic: An analysis of the present day oil industry scenario  (Read 3647 times)

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An analysis of the present day oil industry scenario
« on: October 14, 2010, 01:29:09 am »
Even when the world focuses more on alternative energy, the demand for oil and other traditional energy resources remains the same. Increasing use of oil resources has always made researchers to focus their studies on the use and supply of oil resources.  These study reports are the most discussed Oil Industry News stories these days.

One among the study reports is the 476 page report published by National Petroleum Council, which says about the hardships that the oil energy industry faces these days. The report gives many proposals and suggestions to improve government and industry policies. This detailed report was published with the assistance of 350 members, 19 governments, and tips from about 1000 other people. The contributors of the report include leaders and consultants from various industries like fossil fuel related industries, academic institutions, banks, government agencies, leading brain trusts etc…

The report says that global energy consumption will increase more than 50 percent in the next 25 years, and dismisses all the predictions related to the fall in demand for oil. Yet it predicts some limitations on the supply of cheap fossil fuel fuels. This happens due to the mounting up risks such as increasing costs, geopolitical obstructions for extraction and shipment, and increasing regulation on the emission of CO2.
The report doesn’t support emission of CO2, but treats attempts to ward off global warming, as it has sufficient plans through which the global energy industry can help in addressing the issue of global warming, by a proper storage of CO2.

The council recommended many tips for countries to employ measures to decrease petroleum consumption, by increasing the fuel efficiency standards of vehicles.

Though the report gives a favorable nod to alternative energy sources, it eventually encourages the dependence on traditional energy sources.

Experts also say that an improved collaboration across and within the oil companies around world will help them to move forward with the diverse projects that they have in hand. Individuals and companies speaking about the challenges that can appear in the supply of oil in future always stress the possibility of a healthy collaboration with the leading oil companies, in bringing out successful oil projects, which can help in maintaining the demand-supply balance of oil and other traditional energy resources.