Author Topic: Anyone know if a Solar Panel Installation company would be a good job to get in  (Read 6003 times)

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I've been thinking it would be a good trade skill for multiple reasons, one thing is I could learn about Solar Panels and the storage batteries they use, and also learn where and who has the cheapest Solar Panels. It's always been a dream of mine to be totally off the power grid, no connections to any Electric or Natural Gas company.

I've seen the prices of Solar Panels and even for the person who makes a lower-middle class annual earning, they are out of the question. To power my house I would need a system like this, and I don't have no $18,000 , but this is what it would take for me>

I'd still like to get on with a Solar Panel installation company if I could. When an economic crash comes , the power companies won't run for long.


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its a growing industry because of sustainable development and carbon credits

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You can certainly marginalize your trade into a narrow field such as solar system installation/integration and possibly make a few bucks here and there, but you might consider working towards becoming a master electrician.  Some friends of mine are journeymen (who typically work for/with at least one master electrician at a company) and as part of their skill-set do solar system installation/integration.

There is something to be said for a non-traditional approach, however.  Typically, certain municipalities create code restrictions.  Of course, most of time, such code restrictions/enforcement is predicated on the ignorance of home-owners and business-owners who apply for permits which are otherwise not required.  Keep in mind that more often than not, code restrictions/dictates/enforcement is imposed upon public buildings... not private homes or businesses (though if you rent, you're screwed).

For a non-traditional niche, you could offer consultant-level assistance to those wishing to integrate solar into their self-sufficiency plans.  I would highly advise avoiding any regulatory programs such as journeyman or masters licensing if you go this route.  The pros are many... you could build your own panels, charge lower rates (quantity + quality = competitive edge), and provide a much-needed service for those who may not otherwise have the means to afford a traditional setup.  Also, code restrictions for on-grid homes and businesses are no longer applicable.  Transfer switching can be of your own design.  Those hiring this type of "consultant" would have to understand the situation and avoid permitting.  They may feel more comfortable if you're bonded in some way, but that would be difficult as well (without some form of regulatory licensing).

One of my journeyman friends tells me that a typical setup for a home for total self-sufficiency (via solar) requires around 50 panels... at upwards of $1000/panel, this is very cost-prohibitive.  However, you can build panels for $200 or less, add whatever cost to the price to compensate your labor/time/skill, then bill at an hourly rate.  The end result would be a far cheaper solution than those offered by electrical firms.  After streamlining your assembly process, I can easily see providing the same power levels at a 30% savings over traditional installations... transfer switching and a battery solution included.

The best way to judge which way to go would be to build some panels yourself to see just how easy it is.  If it ends up being too much trouble, go the traditional route.

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Using a solar panel to preheat the water before going into your hot water tank is extremely economic

electric solar panels are not economic

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You do know that you can make your own Solar Panels-
with Chemicals screen-printed on glass, right?
It is always better to be in business for oneself,
if one can.