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This is Your Brain On War
« on: October 02, 2010, 01:06:48 pm »
Barry Eisler
Former CIA, novelist, blogger

Andrew Sullivan's defense  of President Obama's claimed power to have American citizens assassinated nicely reveals much of the illogic behind, and many of the dangers inherent in, America's Forever War. Let's examine it point by point.

1. Assassination of American citizens, even if arguably extreme, has only been ordered applied, so far as we know, to four individuals.

When the government attempts to claim some controversial power, it tends to establish the alleged principle behind that power through the facts most convenient for its case. It's no coincidence, therefore, that the government has used Anwar al-Awlaki, whose name and face are a perfect fit for the popular image of Scary Foreign Terrorist, to make its case for a presidential assassination power. From a public relations perspective, it would have been more difficult to establish the power through the announcement of the impending assassination of someone named, say, Mike Miller, a white Christian. For the same reason, Jose Padilla was a good choice for the test case the Bush administration used to establish its power to arrest American citizens on American soil, hold them incommunicado in military facilities, and try them in military commissions. Similarly, the CIA was careful to introduce the news about its torture tapes with a low number -- just two or three -- and then, once the principle of the tapes had been established in the public mind, to mention the real (as far as we know) number, which was ninety-two.

Imagine you're a top West Wing spinmeister discussing how to recruit influence-makers into supporting the president's power to assassinate American citizens. Would you claim the power as broadly as possible, right up front? Or would you soft-pedal it, by initially attaching the power to one man with a dark beard and a scary-sounding name? The answer is obvious. Then, later, once the principle has been established, you can use it more expansively, knowing the influence-makers will have a hard time reversing themselves because, after all, they've already supported the principle, and knowing that the public will go along because now it's been properly inoculated against the shock of a full-blown admission.

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Re: This is Your Brain On War
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 12:02:53 pm »
I almost had my father assassinated by the government.  I ended up reporting rogue computer hacker IP addresses to the FBI cyber task force for illegally putting viruses on my computer and shutting down my computer network.  I was trying to prove that I do not want anybody monitoring my internet connection including terrorist.  I have nothing to hide I just wanted to be a true patriot and report computer crime.  I am a college student in computer tech support and preventing hackers coming in on computer networks.  I was about to prosecute when my dad was given a viral agent and he had to go to the hospital because of a heart attack.  He is normally a healthy person.  When the viral agent was in his system, it also caused him to have intense pain in his back.  He could not walk very far.  About 1 month ago he was cured and the doctor said it was a viral agent they could not detect when all charges I made were dropped.  Kind of a fishy coincidence huh?  His heart is back to normal without medication.  Oh yeah while I was trying to prosecute I came under extreme duress and paranoid.  I decided to go to the hospital to get my brain slowed down when my stress was getting toxic.  It was a bad call I was re-conditioned or re-educated through an illegal hypno-therapy session.  When I got out of the hospital I was obsessed in following the law and I watched to make sure even to the point to report myself to the police with the littlest activity.  When I exceeded the speed limit, I wanted to go to the police department and pay a fine or go to jail.  That was nuts huh?  Thankfully, I had my family stop me.  I hate being physically and mentally oppressed by the government!  This is part of my story.  My handle at is Madlax if you want to know.