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Parallel to NAU's SPP: North American Forum
« on: December 12, 2007, 08:40:22 pm »

My  first thought  following the news of the secret meeting of  elites at Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 12-14), was that this amounted to a new group of insiders in the tradition of the Bilderbergers. This assessment turned out to be more precise than I had originally anticipated.

....yesterday and today actually, Canada, the United States and Mexico held the second session of the North American Forum.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the North American Forum, it sprang up as a parallel structure to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It was originally an effort to bring opinion-makers, private-sector leaders, university professors and presidents, and leaders of NGOs [non-governmental organizations] together with government officials from the three countries of North America to begin to talk about North American security and to begin to see if there was some way that together, the governments working with the private sector and universities and NGOs could begin to create a vision for North America and an understanding of what North America is as an entity and then how governments could be working better together to fashion more productive cooperation and address the kinds of problems we saw in the immediate aftermath of September 11.

There are three convenors or co-convenors for this. On the U.S. side it's former Secretary of State [George] Schultz [sic], on the Mexican side it's former Finance Minister Pedro Aspe, and on the Canadian side it's the former Premier of Alberta Peter Lougheed. The first session was held last year in Sonoma. This year it's held in Banff. Next year it will be held in Mexico.
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