Author Topic: Why I think Google Trends is important, and you should too  (Read 6583 times)

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Why I think Google Trends is important, and you should too
« on: August 14, 2010, 04:13:41 pm »
(check link first) True, it seems a phenomenon that is not, but if that were so, why is it censored? Could it be Alan Watt is onto something? If we all are thinking the same thing, "You thought that too?", it's not coincidence. A nudge to be so. Possibly how society was meant to be, and why the establishment is so afraid of us. A defense mechanism as old as we are, that taps into what should be, ought be, rather than is. Things being pushed on us at a faster rate because it is losing its effectiveness.  OK, I have a question for skeptics and trolls alike-Can you explain this effect using normal science? Ever wonder why answers that don't agree are shouted down? Why a mass effect is needed for brainwashing to be effective?

My model of the world is sustained by what I can observe. What if I observe AND influence it? What then? The wishful thinking model of Schrodinger's cat says it has to be both ways until I observe it, then the possibilities shrivel up until one is left. Scientific method is a way of sorting out fact from belief by feedback from the real world against the model we believe in. Now suppose it doesn't work that way, that expectations somehow flows into it, and changes the outcome. Wouldn't the establishment try to monopolize it and control it? Harness it for itself? Would we want Big Brother mucking around with it anyway. It would be great if we could mass effect opinion, and I think we already do. If they were all that effective, they shouldn't rely on oppressive force as much as they do. Matrix. Men who stare at goats(too much). Eyes wide shut. I think intent has an effect already, but don't use that as excuse to be lazy.

I propose some mass scale effect we should be able to measure and account for, might only be above background radiation level, but if I am thinking this, others have as well, and they aren't paid to be nice to us. I think those removing google trends know if enough thought is invested, it manifests. I wouldn't mind tipping scales in our favor for a change, and it seems we do that already. I think its in the kook bin because there is something to it, kooky or not, just like 911 or food additives or "medicine".
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