Author Topic: Military Industrial Complex traitors/shills freaking out over Pat Tillman news  (Read 5785 times)

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One of the biggest trump cards in my opinion that the elite have had in their back pocket is the brainwashed, engineered fake patriotism which has instilled the support of genocide and assassinations of innocent people for reasons that are 100% fabricated by think tanks like RAND and the CSIS/CFR.

The recent videos about Pat Tillman create a unique window of opportunity to attack scumbag traitors who can't stand their illegal war worshiping asses from being exposed, and causing even more people to wake up to the elite's complete lies.

I am urging as many of you as are able, to create a free account here with a different username, and wade in and help attack these enemy traitor piece of shit web bloggers who need to be exposed to destroy support for the terrorist defense contractors/Pentagon.

These are some of the most incredibly offensive pieces of shit you will ever see in your life.

If you want to help the infowar in a way where almost nothing you post will be preaching to the choir, then sign up and destroy these scumbag liars trying to hijack the meaning and cause of Pat Tillman's death to sickeningly twist it around to support more illegal genocide and more illegal military black ops.